Might Not Be Terrible Now – Orion: Prelude Free All Week

The last time we wrote about dinosaurs-versus-jetpacks multiplayer shooter Orion: Prelude [official site] it was 2012, after which I suspect we realised it was broken and rubbish and stopped paying attention. It’s three years later however and its developers haven’t stopped updating it in that time, and in canny fashion they’re now bragging about their support, noting their improved Steam user review rating, and making the game free to play all this week. Watch the trailer below.

Orion: Prelude was previously called Orion: Dino Beatdown and Orion: Dino Horde and pits players with jetpacks and dune buggies against dinosaurs. It is not the world’s most sophisticated game even now, and at launch it had glitches and bugs that rendered it mostly unplayable. Now it sounds like it is mostly playable.

I have seen developers try to do this before – that is, fall on their sword, declare everything they did previously as totes guff, and claim all will be better in future. Normally I scoff, but I actually like this trailer:

Sure, most of those mostly positive Steam reviews are saying, essentially, ‘Heck, it was only a dollar,’ but heck, it’s free this week if you want to find out if they’ve solved its problems. And if you like it, it’s discounted from the UK price of 79p to just 59p on Steam.


  1. Folly Incorporated says:

    I Recall getting for a dollar a while back and being impressed with it at that price point. If you get it for cheep its not bad at all. I think. maybe. its been a while

  2. Clavus says:

    Last played it almost a year back, and even then it was already a solid fun shooter to spend some evenings playing with friends. It’s a decent game, if you like the premise you should give it a shot.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Yeah, I had some fun with a friend in the suvival-y humans-defend-a-base AI-dinos-try-to-smash-it mode about that much time ago. It held together well enough technically for that to be possible even if it was covered in burrs and rough edges.

  3. swaboo says:

    Played it last year, too and it was pretty fun for the couple of days i played it.

  4. Anthile says:

    So it went from rex to riches?

  5. The_invalid says:

    It’s definitely not something I could ever call a ‘AAA’ shooter or anything of the sort. It looks kinda amateurish. It’s hideously unbalanced. It’s goofy in the extreme. It’s also fantastic fun to play and doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a great big dumb sandbox where you don massive guns and a jetpack and go around shooting dinosaurs.

    Frankly, it’s fucking great. I remember laughing out loud the first time I played it at the sheer absurdity of the setting, and it still brings a big dumb grin to my face every time my squad takes down a Triceratops.

    The game is an absolute steal at its regular price for what you get, and you can’t argue with free. Go get it. Now. Go on.

  6. bee says:

    My friends and I have been playing it together for a week or so. It’s actually pretty fun. There isn’t much depth to it but it’s still fun.

  7. Ashrand says:

    Top bows, and silly but fun vehicle physics.
    They are more than entitled to make a video honestly any lesser dev would have dropped it but they made good.
    love wave based survival myself, and particularly good in co-op

  8. theslap says:

    I’ll probably never play it but I bought it for $.74 anyway. I’m not sure why the Dev released the game in such rough shape to begin with, but I’m more than happy to support a Dev that support their games through thick and thin.

    • Jalan says:

      Also bought it with no initial intent on playing it (multiplayer, yuuuuuuck) but I may knuckle down and suffer through the torrential rain of badness that is people just to see what’s up in it. May.

  9. LuNatic says:

    Been playing this for the past week and a half. It’s a lot of fun, in a crazy sort of way.