GTA 5 Pedestrian Riot Mod Is A Laugh Riot

Yesterday I wrote about and made a video of the Vehicle Cannon mod for Grand Theft Auto V [official site]. Today I decided I’d try out the pedestrian riot mod, which replicates a cheat from an old version of GTA by having angry pedestrians spawn with machineguns and rocket launchers and begin to fight you and each other. There’s a new video below – and, yeah, I couldn’t resist running it with the vehicle cannon mod on at the same time.

The Pedestrian Riot/Chaos Mode mod was made by modder Trumple. Much like most other GTA5 mod scripts, it requires ScriptHookV.dll installed in order to be able to run. Look here for instructions on how to install GTA 5 mods.

Once you’ve got ScriptHookV installed, getting the Ped Riot mod working is easy. You drop the RiotMode.asi and RiotMode_config.txt that come in the donwload into your root GTA 5 folder, which if you got the game via Steam will be something like \SteamApps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\. RiotMode_config.txt lets you tweak settings like the maximum number of rioters, their weapon accuracy and whether they only attack the player.

Warning: It looks like Rockstar are banning people who use mods from GTA Online/Rockstar Social Club, even if you’re only using the mods in the game’s singleplayer. I haven’t run into any problems myself so far however – and personally, I’m willing to give up GTA Online if it means I can reap the benefits of the mod community’s creativity. You may feel differently though, so consider it carefully.


  1. Luringen says:

    According to a PC Gamer article earlier today, Rockstar has said they are approving of singleplayer mods. You’ll probably get banned if you even accidentally launch online mode while modded though.
    link to

    • James says:

      Just be aware that messing with .dll files could wind up affecting things in online even if it only activates in singleplayer due to the wierd way mods can work.

  2. Distortion says:

    If nothing else had sold me on using mods in GTA5, the part at 1:32 in that video alone would.

    One rifle shot at you, several cars and at least 2 bulldozers in return fire.

  3. pyrosz says:

    I would love to run these mods, if the game didn’t use 99% of my CPU and cause massive stuttering… maybe someday I can play as per the video.

  4. SaintAn says:

    Wasn’t this a cell phone cheat in Saints Row 2?

    • Monggerel says:

      And in every GTA before IV.

      • LionsPhil says:

        In 3, if I remember correctly, “arm pedestrians” and “send pedestrians into a killing frenzy” were separate cheats. So this was the effect of both in combination, but you could also use just one or the other to make them very dangerous to bump into (or otherwise agitate), or to make them start fistfights everywhere.

  5. Monggerel says:

    Just read on Kotaku, R* gave their go-ahead to single player modding, saying something along the lines of how they’ve “always been supportive” of that kind of stuff (AHHAHHAHAHAHA YOU FUCKERS I LOVE YOU). Which is good, and certainly a step forward from GTA IV.

  6. Lovely Alexander says:

    And just in case you don’t want to trust the word of the publications above, here’s it straight from Rockstar that they haven’t banned a single player for using mods in singleplayer and they will continue in that fashion.

    link to

    • Monggerel says:

      yeah it’s pretty tough to trust them “publications” when they provide the same direct fucking link to the R* announcement on the offical site

      ETHICS?! ETHICS! ETHIIIIIIIICS!!!!!!!!!!!!1!1

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      I don’t know what’s the truth, but if it’s true that the FOV mod requires a .dll and other stuff, trying to bring it to the online portion might indeed trigger something.

      Plus there’s the moral compass issue: many people seem to think that such a mod is absolutely ok to use, yet it changes the first person experience and there are some game modes that, if the host wanst, can force first person on everyone, same goes for the first person heist challenge.

      Simply put, those with the mod will play different. How much different is irrelevant, the point is that you’re still knowingly bringing something that changes the game, even slightly, to a mode that should be clear of anything like that. I’m not against a FOV mod, i don’t really care where you use it, but people should know better or at least they should stop playing the dumb victim card.

      Off course there also are “genuine cheaters” that will use any excuse they can come up with, and they are just mad that they got busted. Last day i found people spawning huge money bags all around, maybe they felt it was “Necessary” because in their mind the game is balanced around shark card purchases and so it’s their moral right to change that.

      • Noxman says:

        I get that an FOV mod does ‘change the experience’. For the, though, it changes the experience from ‘headachey, eye squinty’ to ‘playable and enjoyable’. Changing the FOV is not an aesthetic thing done for pretties and an advantage, it’s to make playing in front of a monitor viable. The reason amending the FOV is so prevalent is that companies consistently refuse to include PC viable FOV options, all the ensure that no flaws are ever ever visible (some clipping issues when looking backwards in cars with a higher FOV) rather than focusing on making the game playable for a portion of their playerbase. GTA demonstrates this with the ingame FOV option being woefully inadequate, especially for first person.

        • Noxman says:

          *For me, though,

        • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

          I perfectly understand what you mean, but as much as it can morally be justified and as much as i indeed don’t care if someone uses it for his/her own preferences, point remains that you should not absolutely be surprised if it’s automatically detected as something bad or if Rockstar simply don’t want ANYTHING out of principle.

          It’s unfortunate that there’s no FOV slider, but i can’t complain too much if a company doesn’t want DIY fixes for that in the “Same-for-all” online mode, and that’s before mentioning that there might be other just as harmless mods in the future which might impact who knows what in some way or another.

          In short, a dev asking for it’s Online mode to be absolutely untouched still makes sense even if it’s sad that you won’t be able to do anything about the FOV. It’s not even necessarily all about “balance”, but even the logistics of evaluating case by case all the various injections, .dlls and so on that will keep popping up.

          • Fiatil says:

            There is an FOV slider, it just doesn’t go high enough for everyone’s tastes. I find it pretty tolerable at max (it’s equivalent to the 85 I play at in Skyrim apparently), but it would definitely be better if it would go up a few notches more. It also doesn’t affect the FOV in cars.

  7. racccoon says:

    This is exactly what PC modding is about FUN!
    & ROCKSTAR NEED a Rocket up their arse’s This is what its ALL about! FUN! man let it go!!
    RockStar can’t even make a proper Social Club Launcher/downloader and their SUPPORT well its just name!! they ain’t got any solutions but a word called “TICKET”
    The community including me “I” created solutions to their crappy launcher/downloader piece of rubbish! they still have no fix but we do!! The games a riot at times but the rest small easy stuff is so unbelievable it blows your mind. Its Rockstars flaw.

  8. heretic says:

    This looks great!

    Hopefully it will still be available (i.e. not broken by a patch) when I finally get around to buying this when it’s cheaper.

  9. dINGLE485 says:

    Woah, nice vid Graham!

  10. Premium User Badge

    Arnvidr says:

    Kind of disappointed that all the NPCs didn’t have the car guns as well. That would have been a riot.

  11. popej says:

    Top track in the video, try Sasha’s remix of it though: link to

    Just thought I’d highlight this.