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The 25 Best Puzzle Games Ever Made

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So, there you go – every great puzzle game you can think of, and not a single one left out… Well no, of course not. We limited the list to 25, so of course there will be other games you think deserve to be up there. That’s where there are comments below, so you can name what you wish you’d seen, and most importantly, write why. Why Braid should have been in there! How DARE we have left off Fez?! Essentially, add your own entries to the list. They’ll be wrong, of course, because our list is right, but that’s okay.

What we hope most of all is that this will be a list to inspire you to pick up a puzzle game you’ve previously never tried, or return to one you’d forgotten you love. Puzzle gaming is such a special genre, so bursting with imagination, and as this list shows, so incredibly varied. Leap in and check out something new. Your brain will thank you.

The Complete List

1 World Of Goo
2 Portal
3 Hexcells Infinite
4 Puzzle Quest
5 Lemmings 2
6 Peggle
7 Scribblenauts
8 The Talos Principle
9 Gunpoint
10 Bookworm Adventures
11 SpaceChem
12 Shanghai
13 Gateways
14 10000000
15 The Misadventures Of P.B. Winterbottom
16 Hoshi Saga
17 Mystery Case Files
18 Tetris
19 Drawn Series
20 The Tiny Bang Story
21 Sokobond
22 Tetrobot
23 The Room
24 The Bridge
25 Bejeweled

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Jigsaw image by James Petts.

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