Europa Universalis IV Adds A Little Common Sense

Common Sense prevails! At least in Europa Universalis IV [official site], since that’s the name of its new expansion. It won’t let you shrug off the monarchy like it ain’t no thang, but it will add “new tools so players can manage the growth of their domains”, and “adds depth to domestic rule and adds a number of major changes to diplomacy.” Come see a teaser trailer below.

I haven’t played EUIV since its original release which means I’m not familiar with how its expansions have changed it thus far, but I know that the original game was one of alternately economic tinkering and aggressive expansion – at least the way I played it.

It sounds like Common Sense aims to give you more to think about at home: building spaces in provinces is now limited by its terrain and ‘Development Value’, and the more developed a province is, “the greater the wealth and power you can squeeze out of it.” Like a big juicer but people are the fruit and pulp you discard and their money is the juice. The aim is to make your building decisions more meaningful by placing limitations upon them.

Other features mentioned are:

  • Parliaments: The English crown and other constitutional systems of government can now use their flexible system to pass laws through parliaments.
  • National Churches: Protestant kingdoms can customize their new faith and make it a true partner to the throne.
  • New Religious Systems: Buddhism and Protestantism both get fresh coats of faith-based paint.
  • New Options For Subject States: Once just tiny money faucets, recent expansions have made vassals and colonial nations more useful. Common Sense gives you new tools to exploit them or keep them in line.
  • Government Ranks: As you invest in the development of your nation, you can climb from a small duchy to a major empire, unlocking new benefits.
  • New Government mechanics: Theocracies will have new actions and mechanics to highlight their unique character, and the Holy Roman Empire can create Free Cities.

The expansion will be released on June 9th.


  1. iyokus says:

    Will the last person to leave Europa Universalis IV please turn out the lights?

    • BobbyDylan says:

      You mean blow out the candle?

      • Joriath says:

        How can the numbers of players owning the game decrease so rapidly? Is there a way of selling games on steam that I wasn’t aware of?

        • RedWurm says:

          I thought it was just me who had absolutely no idea what that particular graph was trying to say

          • teije says:

            That first graph is way wonky. The Audience graphs show consistent numbers over the past month. Which of course is too short a timeline to draw any meaningful conclusions from anyways.

          • P.Funk says:

            I don’t understand why the Y axis has price and owners on either side.

        • darkath says:

          Steamspy calculates the owners a of game based on a sample of a much smaller number of account. Like polls can estimate opinion of a country by asking a 1000 person or so. Because the calculations are a bit wonky in the case of steamspy, they number doesn’t show a decrease in the amount of owners, but a decrease in the estimated amount of owners.
          Assuming the calculation get better and better over time, the latest figures would be closer from the truth.

      • awetzel says:

        For a game like this these charts are really useless. I play the crap out of this game until i burn myself out. Then i shelve it for the next expansion. Take a look at the charts after each expansion hits and you will see the true numbers. This game rules the world.

  2. rabbit says:

    Is it just me or does it seem really jarring and inappropriate for the voiceover on this trailer to be talking yank speak?

    “Lahnggg Lihvvv the Kiyunggg”

    • Kruton says:

      Considering that a yank wrote Common Sense, it seems pretty appropriate to me…

      • RedWurm says:

        Since he’d only been in america for two years when he wrote common sense, it would be more fitting to give him a norfolk accent.

        • ExitDose says:

          Actually, *snort*, in the 1700’s, the British accent of the time was closer to modern American accents.

          link to

          • hilltop says:

            The article you linked to only details differences in rhotic vs non-rhotic speech, or pronunciation of “r”. The thesis that the overall accent was similar is pretty controversial and seems unlikely. No need to snort.

          • ExitDose says:

            Based on?

      • dsch says:

        He was born in England and emigrated in his 30s.

    • jdb says:

      Yeah. About that. “Kiyung” is not only not the way the narrator pronounced the word, you’ve got your sense of our linguistics backwards. *SOME* Southern American English dialects pronounce the word King in that manner. No “Yankee” dialects do whatsoever.

      Northerners are Yankees. And this term is most often identified with Northerners who hail from the region known as “New England.” Southerners do not really ever consider themselves Yankees. Calling them Yanks and referring to a Southern dialect as a Yank dialect sounds silly.

  3. farrier says:

    Keeping up with the DLC for Paradox games can be a real paine.

  4. mgardner says:

    There is a nice sale on EU IV DLC at the Humble Store this weekend, btw.

  5. LuNatic says:

    Does it give the AI common sense?

    I stopped playing the game when my AI ally, of maximum mutual relations whom I didn’t even share a border with at the time declared war on me and marched halfway across France to invade me, because he suddenly had a claim on a territory on the far side of my realm..

    • MaXimillion says:

      I believe they changed the AI so it now doesn’t take missions that require taking land from its allies.

    • Samjac0 says:

      Hate to break it to you, but it sound pretty genius to me, especially if they won.

      It’s what a play might do.
      That being said, their AI (though still exploitable and not perfect) is DRASTICALLY improved from launch

    • JamesTheNumberless says:

      You can’t declare war on an ally, they would have had to have broken the alliance first, which leads to a truce. So you should have been well prepared if you were paying attention ;)

  6. RegisteredUser says:

    Without trying to be controversial, but sometimes I can’t help but feel they are hurting themselves more than helping themselves with these constant content updates.
    Games of growing a nation for 100-200 years last a little while, and if 2-3 expansions come out in the time a full playthrough of “small german state” into “Greater Germany”, it puts you in the awkward spot of not wanting to abandon what you have, but at the same time also feeling like missing out.
    Its not that I don’t like that there is new stuff, but with a game with such huge story and game arcs, it feels like a tough thing to get right.
    To me at least. I don’t really know a great solution, either, because there’s definitely always room for better comfort, less bugs and a better management feature here or there.

    • JamesTheNumberless says:

      I’ve had this bite me a couple of times. First was an epic England playthrough during which I foolishly upgraded to conquest of paradise without fully understanding what the addition of colonial nations would do (almost all my income came from production and tax in colonial provinces) The worst one for me was the addition of several provinces in North America and the nerfing of same continent colonies (subsequently un-nerfed) which absolutely wrecked my Cherokee game.

      However, generally speaking, I play this game in massive binges shortly after expansions. My own Germany forming game was unaffected – although I did do it the easy way by being Brandenburg.

      Overall, I like the rate at which they patch it, it gives me reasons to replay nations again when it seems like the balance of power might have changed.

      • JamesTheNumberless says:

        The expansion I’d really like to see is the addition of a 1389 start date

        • JHVDH says:

          You could always try the MIEOU and Taxes mod. It moves back the start date to somewhere in the 1350s and makes a whole host of other changes as well. I’ve found it makes for a good change of pace when I get tired of vanilla + DLC.