No More Grand Theft Auto Online Heists Any Time Soon

Imagine if criminals became bored of crimes. No more robbery, no more murder, no more rob-o-murders, and a load of former perps playing tennis and swimming in mountain pools together. Oh, what a world! But for players of GTA Online [official site], becoming bored of crimes sounds awful.

Dearest friends and sweetest murderers, cherish your crimes. Don’t treat them as chores to rush through. Relish the time they allow you to spend with friends, high on adrenaline. You see, it sounds like it’ll be a while before any more Heists arrive. Other multicrime bits are coming, though.

Asked about new heists and uses for stolen wealth, Rockstar responded in their latest community Q&A session:

“To vens243 and others who are excited to show off their Heists spoils, beyond the many new vehicles and items that arrived to GTA Online as part of Heists, we are also working on another update coming soon that will feature some very cool new toys for you to enjoy and flaunt with your ill-gotten gains. For now, the screenshot above provides just a glimpse… For those asking for more Heists, please understand that Grand Theft Auto Online Heists were a tremendous undertaking so it’s not the sort of thing where we can easily create and publish additional Heists like other Job modes and missions. We are, however, working on other cool updates for GTA Online that you can expect over the coming months.”

Cherish your crimes, friends. Take pleasure and pride in your work, but remember that it’s really about the experience, the time you share with others, and the bonds that build with your crimepals. Also, it looks like you’ll be able to buy some really gaudy guns at some point.


  1. Miltrivd says:

    I like how they completely avoided the typical PR talk of “we are working on them”. Not sure if they are trying to avoid promises (understandable) or just don’t have new Heists planned at all for now.

  2. ChromeBallz says:

    I do hope they realize that heists are by far the most interesting part of GTA Online. They are a major draw for a game that offers not that much else in the multiplayer realm. A couple of new heists every so often can keep up sales as well, as people are bound to get others into the game to play heists with them who would have otherwise not have bothered with the game at all.

    I mean, try *knowing* about heists, watching Ocean’s Eleven and then not really wanting to jump online and do some :)

    • Ashrand says:

      It seems like they are determined not to just push one put as quick as they can, more would be nice but a dev that doesn’t just shit something out now and then fixes it up if they have the time later is worth it’s weight in gold

    • ssbmbeliever says:

      I do hope YOU realize the amount of effort needed to make heists work as well as they did. In single player heists are easy to think out, you just think of a job and do it. However for multiplayer they had to make sure no one got bored while doing their job. It’s very hard to think of 4 individual tasks for a person to be doing at every point in time, rather than just waiting around for the other guy to finish.

  3. lordcooper says:

    I have some ideas for other articles you could write.

    Valve has no current plans for Half Life 8.
    No Dwarf Fortress devlog today.
    Ubisoft haven’t put out a statement about adding mimes to AssCreed Unity.
    There will be no further patches for Crysis 2.
    GoG doesn’t have a sale on.

    • Pich says:

      >GoG doesn’t have a sale on.
      that goes against the very laws of physics! you’re a madman!

    • Ashrand says:

      it’s more like when Jason Rohrer came out and said that there definitely wouldn’t be a steam sale for the castle doctrine, that’s news and gets reported on accordingly, no need to be contrarian.

    • Bugamn says:

      >GoG doesn’t have a sale on.
      Actually there’s one going right now to celebrate the return of Nordic.

  4. Myrdinn says:

    Rockstar should make the creator more powerful and allow played-made heists and hybrid races like sea/plane. That alone would open up the game alot more imho.

    • ogopogo says:

      Yes. Yes yes yes this.

      Just something along the lines of what we can do with the ARMA games (though it would be a bit more limited, naturally) and there’d be a huge heap of user-made crime scenarios to enjoy.

      Making cutscenes or dialog probably wouldn’t work, but a series of scavenger-huntish tasks & prearranged baddies (played in a friends only session, say) doesn’t seem too crazy. I’d personally rather Rockstar spent their time on something like that instead of farting out a few “meh” expansions.

  5. cafeoh says:

    Yup, would they also provide the animation tools, modelling tools, highend microphone gear and studio, high end mocap gear and studio, …etc?

    Not ever going to happen i’m afraid

  6. Ashrand says:

    I think it’s ironic that many people go into crime because all they see for the future is incredibly hard work with no reward for the rest of their life and decide to take a shortcut.

    And rockstar have decided to model this by telling us heists are hard work, and they would rather be popping out an endless treadmill of work for you to go down in you life as a digital criminal.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      If you’re simply a slacker you wouldn’t turn to crime in real life either, not on any decent level anyway.

      Hard work is always needed, but in this case the payoff is different and you’re probably doing something more involved than pressing always the same button in a factory.

    • Monggerel says:

      “People turn to crim cuz they lazy”

      No. People turn to crime cuz they take the options they have, rather than suffer in ridiculous martyrdom in prostration before a society that made them destitute, often from the moment they were born.

      • Netkev says:

        Hush now, let the person live in their strange world where people always have many, good options at hand at all times.

  7. fish99 says:

    Surprised there hasn’t been an Episodes from Liberty City style expansion yet for GTAV. I guess the heists (and getting GTAV onto PC/PS4/Xbone) really were a lot of work. Personally I’m more interested in more single player story with new characters.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      The focus might shift now that they don’t need to actually make heists exist in the first place, something that was promised long ago.

      They’re already selling shark cards, quite a lot of them probably, the next gen version is out, the PC version is out, now they can actually focus on this kind of stuff. It does make sense for them, afterall i doubt they would offer single player DLC for free, so they have a pretty neat opportunity in front of them and it’s now more realistic to pursue now that they put most of the problems behind them.

      And off course, this is the perfect time to do the “big thing”, something they never done before: test the waters with a female character. Start with a simple DLC and see what happens.

    • cqdemal says:

      The voice actor and likeness of Frankling said in a YouTube video last December that he was working on a big GTA V DLC. He didn’t show up in the heists update.

      The episodes are almost certainly coming.

  8. w0bbl3r says:

    So because the heists were hard work, they won’t make more?
    Anyone else see how indicative that is of the industry just lately?
    I mean, the heists as they are tend to be pretty crap. Don’t get me wrong, the heists themselves are great, but the implementation, the netcode, the matchmaking, the stupid mechanics like “1 dies game over” nonsense, they just ruin the whole experience for me.
    And there is literally nothing else to do. Try a race… oh wait, you’re in the lead so everyone else quit because they are crybabies who are annoyed that they hit a wall because they were trying to ram you off the road and failed.
    Try some TDM. Wow, that sucks. Despite it still being just boring old TDM, there are literally dozens of games out there that do it 100x better.
    Try some missions…. oh sorry, I just started one and it’s finished already. Fetch a car, bring it here, done.
    Such a shame that such a promising idea was implemented by rockstar, who are lazy douchebags.

    • Asurmen says:

      Wow. Talk about entitlement. They never said never. They said they’re a lot of work compared to other additional content.

      Also can’t say I’ve seen people quit in droves over not being in first for racing.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      I can relate to some of that.

      In my quest to farm ( legitimately ) the 50 required wins to unlock everything and the chrome paint, most of my victories were made as a host.

      How? I disable collisions, so if you want to win you have to actually drive. Besides, it’s in everyone best interest to learn how to go fast in a reliable and stable way, otherwise the final heist will turn up like a disaster. I think that’s why most find it incredibly difficult, because it puts you outside the usual comfort zone, even the gunning part in wich you actually have to run and shoot fast, rather than hide.

      But really, i found many good activies, even the high end missions which are mini heists and sometimes even more fun, let alone the fact that doing a combination of those and survivals ( if you win ) is the fastest way to get a healty combination of RP and money. Heists can be better off course, but only with a “pro” team, otherwise you waste most of your time.

      Still, many races especially the most difficult airplane ones are great in my opinion, some captures too and a lot of other stuff. Then again everything is about taste i guess.

  9. SchmuckyZ says:

    From a `veteran gamer` (read: old cynic): Battlefield 1942 was the zenith of PC FPS imho. Yes, this is a slightly different kettle of fish, (more leaning towards MMO I think), but we have had so many games that offer very little in terms of variety over the years: the COD factory comes to mind instantly. I have to state: I have not played this game as I sold my gaming rig and I`m on a laptop (happily btw). :)

    I don`t know, maybe I have `outgrown` games, but I do like RTS (Homeworld 2 for example), but there seem to be very few people playing that, which is a shame. I do have a lot of ideas regarding content that could be thrown in, but I don`t think the technology or the netcode / server storage space plus the patience of modelling real crimes in real time is around (as a lot of people have said, there is the option to `ragequit` which does not happen in real life, unless you`ve really lost it and gone all flaky and have become a `loose cannon`).

    The other little thing is being able to afford yet another upgrade, and I`m just not able or willing to buy more hardware. If the VR thing ever takes off as a mass market product, I may have to think again, but the machine / screen / input device paradigm has been around since I was a boy (a long time ago).

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      Then again GTA is supposed to be many, many things, and it does a bit of everything in a decent way, the FPS part won’t ever top the best of the pack but i guess it’s still very good compared to the rest of the competition, just like i personally find that driving is better than many Need for Speed(s) and what have you.

      I mean, The Crew is all about driving a car in some beautiful scenery and it gets easily topped in it’s own specialization by GTA that is also about being an actual person that can do pretty much everything

    • Premium User Badge

      keithzg says:

      I dunno, 1942 was a very broken and wonky game. Don’t get me wrong, it was a ton of fun, but partially because it was so haphazard and chaotic at times.

      I’d more argue the zenith was ET:QW. In many ways it was as crazy and as fun as 1942, but it was far more balanced and cohesive for team play (lessons the devs had learned from the original Enemy Territory). Best of all perhaps, it had progression, but apart from stats and purely decorative ranks, the progression was per the series of maps. So if you’ve been playing medic really, really well, by the end of the campaign you’d even be able to revive yourself, but this would all reset at the end of a campaign of maps so longtime players wouldn’t have unfair advantages. And the fact that the multiplayer sessions had those campaigns made for really exciting times, especially in the final maps of each campaign as things could get utterly desperate in a way that evoked the fantasy of wartime action drama ironically far better than the more “realistic” and oftentimes far more expensive games that have come since. I remember desperately holding the final objective against the attacking Strogg on the final map, wave after wave of enemy players crashing against our defenses and slowly wearing them down as the clock ticked down, down, down—I think we might make it!…

      I wonder if anyone still plays Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. Sadly, if they do, they’re probably way too hardcore for me to have fun joining in. Alas, such is the temporary nature of online games.