Loadsa Money: Payday 2 Cuts Older DLC Prices

I’ve grumbled enough about being overwhelmed by the torrent of Payday 2 [official site] DLC, and feeling overwhelmed by it, that I should point out a cool thing developers Overkill have done. Or another cool thing, I should say, given how many content updates they’ve released for free.

As so few games do, Payday 2 has permanently cut the price of its older DLC. Gosh, I wish this wasn’t so rare. I would like to play those Mass Effect 3 DLCs, for example, but not for $10 a pop – and it seems EA will never bundle them up into one wallet-friendly lot. Oh, back on Payday 2, a new update brought another free heist.

Details on the Meltdown heist, fork lift truck and all, are this-a-way. Update 67 fixed a lot of bugs too, also detailed there.

But those discounts! Splendid! The base game, individual packs, small themed DLC bundles, and the GotY Edition with the lot are all cheaper now. Discounts range from 33-43%, which aren’t massive – they’re frequently on sale for less – but as new permanent price points go are great.

As attempts to extend a game’s life go, I’m digging what Overkill are up to. Yes, they do put out a lot of DLC, but none’s strictly necessary and you don’t need to buy DLC heists to play them if you join someone else’s game. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a paid game get so much support – and Overkill promise years more – as most games shooting for multi-year lifespans seem to be free-to-play nowadays. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the care Tripwire Interactive have lavished on their own games, like Killing Floor, but it’s not a competition, is it? Thanks for doing cool game things, cool game people.


  1. MrFinnishDude says:

    Payday, or in fact every game, need that loadsamoney guy in it, like in killing floor.

    • Troubletcat says:

      The fact that that guy is missing from Killing Floor 2 is the worst tragedy in human history. (alright, that might be a slight exaggeration, but I AM considerably upset)

      • Cross says:

        They did however rename the currency to Dosh, so he’s there in spirit.

      • LionsPhil says:

        This is the most promising thing I’ve heard about Killing Floor 2 yet.

        Sorry, I can’t stand Harry Enfield. Having repeateded references to the same intentionally-obnoxious character rammed down your throat was enough to make me mute the game and play deaf.

  2. airmikee says:

    Skyrim’s DLC is still $45, or $40 to buy the Legendary Edition of the game. It’s going to be a while before I get around to playing it.

    • SIDD says:

      You must be very unlucky, because Skyrim is constantly on sale … only a few weeks ago I saw Skyrim Legendary for less then £10, so if you really want it, rest assured within a month or two it will be on sale somewhere – if it isn’t already.

      • Jalan says:

        It’s on sale right now in the Humble Store.

        • Jalan says:

          (Since I can’t edit that) Just to clarify, I said “on sale” but I didn’t say it was “at a good discount”. It’s better than no discount all though.

  3. KDR_11k says:

    Unfortunately this only covers stuff I got like 80% off during the last Steam sale and most of the newer packs seem a bit light for the price. Especially the Overkill pack which only includes two weapons (and one mask and a car skin, compared to 4 weapons and 4-8 masks for most other weapon DLCs), both of them extremely situational.

  4. Toadsmash says:

    The irony of the Origin DLC problem is that despite EA’s long ago stated stance that deep discounts on the product “cheapens the industry” for all concerned, they VERY regularly put huge portions of their library on sale for large discounts, right up to their AAA flagship titles. Battlefield Hardline has already been up for a 40% discount! With that in mind, the omission of DLC discounts almost feels like an oversight on their part.

    I suppose one could take the cynical viewpoint that it might very well be a conscious strategy on their part to draw people in with the box price. EA’s talked a lot about how much of a revenue shift they’ve seen from retail to digital sales, but there’s been comparatively little recent coverage about how their microtransactions are doing lately, so anything’s possible. In all fairness to EA, though, they’ve been far more pro consumer in recent memory than they were a year or two ago, particularly around the spectacularly nuclear disaster of the SimCity 5 launch.

    God, was that really two years ago already? How the time flies.

    • TheSplund says:

      I’m vainly keeping ME3 installed until The Citadel drops in price, if ever…

      • Kruton says:

        I’ve been waiting ages for Burial at Sea to go on sale; I’ve seen the base game on sale countless times but never the DLC…sigh