Gravitational Pull-Em-Up: Interplanetary Launches May 12

The last time we wrote about Interplanetary [official site] was two years ago when it first hit Steam Greenlight. On it’s surface it’s basically a game about hurling stuff into space, but as Graham said at the time it’s more DEFCON by way of Universe Sandbox.

And it’s come a hell of long way since 2013. The devs at TJR Games are just now introducing save games and match customization for Interplanetary’s official launch on Tuesday, May 12th. You can check out the team’s new trailer for a run-down on what you can expect for next week’s release.

This is the sort of ridiculous, macho space-fantasy that I love. Develop a planet, then calculate your way through constantly shifting gravitational pulls so you can throw nukes at other planets, then grow a¬†world of evil laboratories to research new and more potent lasers. As the trailer says, only one can remain so y’all look out for Planet Canada and her crazy fleets full of nuking power.


  1. Challenger2uk says:

    It actually looks fun, I really like how the planets gravitational pull changes the trajectory of missiles.

  2. LogicalDash says:

    Is the game named Interplanetary or Interstellar?

    • int says:

      Their first choice was Intergalactic Planetary Planetary Intergalactic.

    • vahnn says:


      I played the beta a while back, right before the Dev team started streaming public games with players. Excellent game, super fun. My favorite was eventually being able to pull an asteroid from orbit and hurl it at an enemy planet and just annihilate it!

      I definitely need to check this game out again, I had no idea it was going full release!

  3. nil says:

    Kerbal Space Pogrom?

  4. BlueTemplar says:

    That made me think of Iron Sunrise by Charles Stross :
    link to
    Hopefully they’ll do a Interplanetary 2 : Interstellar with relativistic speed impactors and star-killers? :D

  5. LexW1 says:

    Oh my god!

    We basically designed this game verbally in art class when I was about 14-15 (me and the other programming nerds), but none of us could actually make it – but here it is! Exactly the same ideas we had, made real.

    Now if only some of the other ideas could come to fruition – if Just Cause 3 has fun deathmatch that’d be one for sure.

  6. Mctittles says:

    And this is why we don’t send people away to start their own colony on Mars.

  7. Cronstintein says:

    Bought this one on release day and feel great about it. Super cheap price-point (~$12 US) for a really fun little strategy game.

    The shooting mechanics are the highlight for sure. Landing a badass hook-shot around a sun/planet is extremely satisfying. The intel/counter-intel system is actually important. With good counter-intel you can prevent your enemies from being able to target key infrastructure with their aim-able weapons (lasers and missiles).

    I warn you there are still some freeze bugs when playing online, which is a bummer. I hope they get those ironed out because playing against humans brings extra evil-joy when you land a bombardment.