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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Perfect Pain


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Exercise is hard. Throughout my life, I’ve suffered a hate-loathe affair with physical exertion, which is especially problematic because I try to do a lot of it. (My most recent obsession is muay thai. My shins regret this obsession.) But the thing I don’t get is how some people latch onto the punishment. My training partner routinely coos about the glory of exhausted muscles. This does not compute. While I endeavour to understand why some people love being so tired you could barf, have a bunch of bargains in a bucket. (This week’s plushie is a repeat because I’m desperately trying to prepare for classes after this. But new plushie photos are always, always welcomed.)

Broken Age
Almost everyone loved the first installment. Second one? Not so much, although the jury still seems to be partially out on whether it is a case of questionable production or the consequences of high expectations. Whatever the case, Double Fine’s Broken Age can now be acquired for a decent albeit not mind-bogglingly low price. (There’s a voucher for use too, if you’re inclined: pcgames5off)

This War of Mine
11 bit Studios surprised me years ago, when they came out with their Anomaly franchise. Then, they surprised me again with This War of Mine. I remember expecting a shooter, something akin to a smaller scale Call of Duty. But, that obviously wasn’t what came out. It’s a slow, poignant title that isn’t without its little neuroses and niggling imperfections, but This War of Mine remains an intense reminder that conflict-based games don’t always have to be about the boom-boom-pow.

Hamilton’s Great Adventure
Some games have a way of sliding out of the Internet’s radar, regardless of whether they’re good, terrible, or just different. It feels like Hamilton’s Great Adventure didn’t really make a splash in social media space, despite being reasonably well-reviewed. (I could have just been living under the rock.) Regardless, the game is currently riding an impressively low price point. (Don’t forget to

Legend of Grimrock
My mild claustraphobia prevents me from fully enjoying dungeon crawlers as much as I should. (Similarly, aquaphobia keeps water levels from ever being a pleasure.) But I hear Legend of Grimrock is an absolute delight, if such things float your boat. (Bloody brilliant, even, according to our observations?) Make sure to use oldschool mode, for something properly challenging. (Alternatively, you could pick up Etrian Odyssey on a mobile platform?)

Also of note:

Goat Simulator -$2.54/£1.64/€2.26

A celebration of weirdness and barnyard life, Goat Simulator broke the Internet with its unapologetic embrace of its own flaws. There is nothing remotely serious about the title, although it has certainly made serious amounts of sales. If you’ve been wanting to try it out but have been reluctant to go for it at full price, now may be an excellent time to buy the farm? (Do not forget the code: SLICKD-EALS25-OFFEXL)

Dragon Age II – $4.62/£2.99/€4.11

The Dragon Age franchise is a place riddled with controversial opinions. For fear of having my nose bitten off, I’ll say this: some people really, really liked it. Others? Definitely not so much. You could always just formulate your own opinion, though, given that Dragon Age II is currently going for reasonably cheap. Personally, my vote goes for that final option. Whatever its problems, Bioware’s definitely got the right idea on creating potent characters.

The Chaos Engine – $0.99/£0.64/€0.88

The remastered version of the Chaos Engine wasn’t particularly well-received by the Internet, although it could be argued that the original only ever acquired an amiable shrug from critics of its own time. Nonetheless, if you’ve been curious about this top-down relic from yesterday, now would definitely not be the worst time to snag it. (Also of note: Mastertronic is doing a genuinely interesting sale right now. Not necessarily a great sale, but one filled with interesting games. )

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