Land Ho! Windward Comes To Port On May 12

Windward [official site] (also known Sid Meiers Pirates: The Shippening, also known as You Sunk My Pirate Ship) tells a simple story of a man, his ship, and their attempt to systematically destroy everybody else within walking distance of the beach. Now after three years in development, the isometric ship-em-up, which is being developed by indie outfit ArenMook, is at long last getting an official release on May 12th.

Finally, a game that lets me use the term “ramming damage” in the correct context so I can bellow it loudly at enemies and passersby and follow it by a cheeky wink.

RPS afficionados might remember we played the game in alpha back in 2012, setting sail with our old faithful Titanic 2 in a fearsome battle against the ocean’s greatest foe: Fartzilla. These procedurally-generated oceans have come along since then, with ArenMook promising a fully modifiable map that changes as you establish new digs and raid towns. You can also go the peaceful route and focus instead on diplomacy, if like me you have a deep interest in role-playing as Canadian bureaucrats.

Here’s an introduction to how Windward works from the developers:


  1. sendmark says:

    Who doesn’t have a deep interest in roleplaying Canadian bureaucrats, I full out LARP them.

    Review scores on Steam are ‘Very Positive’ which is promising, looking at the few negatives they only criticise that there is a grind element to it and even then accept the combat is fun.

  2. BTAxis says:

    “isometric ship-em-up”? That’s clearly a perspective camera.
    Yes yes, pedantry, I know. Feel free to disregard.

    • ButteringSundays says:

      You’re not the only one – I was also wondering about that.

      Emily, this isn’t what isometric is!

    • Hypocee says:


      The word that best describes this kind of camera is ‘oblique’, or ‘oblique overhead’. The decades of misuse are understandable, but it’s about time for this to end. I was trained to draw isometric objects.

  3. SuicideKing says:

    Well, definitely considering picking this up. Looks lovely, especially the little animations like the sails and seagulls.

    • ButteringSundays says:

      I like those little touches. The way the trees sway is mesmerising.

  4. Didero says:

    I’d love a new take on Pirates!, but this looks more arcade-y.
    Not that that’s necessarily bad, I’d just prefer the combat to be a bit… slower, more methodical.
    Still, more pirate games is always fun, and at least there’s no dancing mini-game here :P

    • Ham Solo says:

      What I did was scale the combat damage down to 60%, which makes engagements longer. But I’d love it if you could scale the ship’s speed down, too.

  5. Siimon says:

    You can build your own towns? Very nice

    • Hypocee says:

      Well, be careful. You can establish town nodes on the map, and level them up, but they’re just menu screens for trade and quests. You don’t get to fiddle with houses or roads or anything. Just wouldn’t want you to be disappointed.

      • Siimon says:

        Thats a real shame, but understandable. Thanks for the heads up :)

  6. Hypocee says:

    My more-or-less review of the game as of October last year, in the comments of the previous RPS post. TLDR, just an overall nice way to spend some time at your computer. Nothing major has been broken since then, just lots of mechanics fixes, bugfixes and new content. I mistrust and resent progression mechanics in general; I nevertheless find this ARPG satisfying and rewarding.

    • Hypocee says:

      Wow, my word today is ‘just’. What brought that on?

      • Ham Solo says:

        Just don’t worry about it, I just noticed it after you mentioned it.
        Also, my word is “it”.

  7. anHorse says:

    Sid Meiers Pirates: The Shippening

    I really need to stop hoping for another SMP every time I see the word pirates, the magic’s never quite there

  8. Borodin says:

    Bought it — £10.99 on Steam — and loving it. The music is superb

  9. Banana2000 says:

    This a great game. I bought it back in November and it’s been loads of fun. Looking forward to final release and seeing more players online. Plenty of public servers to choose from. You can always play local too, but teaming up with a few friends and conquering an instance is a blast! The dev has done a great job with updates and adding some cool things that make this game very worth playing for a while.