Digi-Arcade: Play Star Citizen Without Playing Star Citizen

This is a weird one: A great little free retro-shmup minigame based on the art of Star Citizen [official site], which isn’t even properly out yet. But the twee factor on Hyper Vanguard Force IV is probably worth the kind of filthy lucre it’s taking to make its point of inspiration.

The whole thing is playable in-browser as part of a virtual arcade cabinet created by developers Dave Richard and Christine March, who turned Star Citizen’s original concept art into little pixel art designs. The plot follows pilot who’s attempting to take out the pirate who stole something from her, but it’s largely about shooting the shit out of space ships. You should play it.

Star Citizen has so far gotten over $75 million in crowdfunded dollars and is well on the path to $100 million by the end of this year. You’ve still got a while to wait for it though; It’s slated to come out sometime next year.


  1. Ignis says:

    SC funding is sitting on glorious $82 million right now. I’d love to see more coverage of SC here on RPS.

    • Marblecake says:


    • Cinek says:

      I’m not so sure of that…. almost every time they write something – their negative attitude comes out in every other paragraph. Seems like RPS made it more than clear on which side of that whole pseudo-issue of SCvsED they are.

      • Marblecake says:

        I think I understand where they’re coming from. CR is on pretty bad terms with the media in general and so CIG aren’t actively seeking out coverage, i.e. no sending out of specifically tailored press kits, press releases or free access to the game so far.
        This means that no one on the RPS team feels particularly inclined to cover the game. I mean, the reason I read RPS is because they write about stuff they care about. For some reason, the idea/dream of Star Citizen has not clicked with any of them…hence the lack of coverage.

        But that I don’t quite understand. SC could very well be the most “PC” game to ever be released: ambitious in scope and technology, offering meaningful choices across the board and actually letting you have your own servers if you feel so inclined. I…I just don’t get it.

        • mr_barnacles says:

          They’re not writing about it because they’re Tory voters and Chris Roberts, what with his democratisation of space flight and anti-austerity measures, is clearly a left-of-Labour voter! It’s simple class warfare.

        • Wetcoaster says:

          I certainly understand their concern. Roberts’ visions have… a lot of scope. I’m reminded of Derek Smart and Battlecruiser 3000AD and the current arrangement doesn’t necessarily seem to have anyone holding Roberts in check. Add to this that while the dogfight module is out, the most visible portion of Star Citizen has been the creation of (some very gorgeous) ships and associated fluffy promotional materials… that are essentially very expensive DLC to draw more funding.

          I can’t be the only one who worries that this might end up half-baked like Freelancer – awesome ships there too, but little to do in the endgame, and while planets had different backdrops, there was nothing different to do whether you were on a capital world or some po-dunk backwater smuggler’s hole.

        • derbefrier says:

          probably because there is no space truckin yet, you know how RPS loves space truckin and a lot of them seem to have an aversion to competitive PvP which is what the game mostly consists of at the moment.

          • Marblecake says:

            The lack of space truckin’ might definitely be an issue.
            However, some really are into competitive PvP…I mean, Dota and LoL are definitely that, and Pip seems quite into those.

            Re: the whole SCvED debate:
            It’s not a debate. Not for me. Not accusing anyone of favoring of one over the other. It’s just that I’d like two of my favorite things, RPS and SC, to maybe find a way to talk to each other. It’s like having a party and two of your best friends take great to avoid each other although you just *know* they are destined to be together. At some point, you just want to lock them both into a room until they either a) fight or b) get it on already.

      • Alice O'Connor says:

        I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m certainly not on a ‘side’ – like you said, it’s a pseudo-issue.

        • nojan says:

          I’m not specifically about you , but every other SC article I’ve read (maybe this is the first , and it’s not directly about star citizen) , has a rather cynical tone towards SC , you guys can write what ever you want , i’m just pointing out my perspective , and i just don’t get why!

        • zentropy says:

          Not going to read through this whole debate again, just noticed the lovely red tinge above. But yeah, can’t say that I feel like RPS has “chosen a side”. The only people that seem to think so are the ones who clearly have themselves. I mean, come on. It doesn’t even matter which of the two they mention, one of the first 5 comments will undoubtedly be some salty remark about the other one. :3

          Besides, game isn’t even out yet.

      • metric day says:

        Well, you can’t blame them. E:D is rather spiffy and has a nice sense of British understatement which goes down a lot smoother than SC’s blaring marketing-obsessed gaudiness.

    • zentropy says:

      You do realise this makes you appear just as juvenile as a pre-teen “gamer” arguing PS4 vs. XBONE, right?

  2. derbefrier says:

    They just pushed out a big update that included a tutorial which should help ease new pilots onto the game. The real exciting part is the next major update will be the release of Star Marine( aka the fps module) which from the big update they put out on that on friday is looking quite promising.