BOOM: Dirty Bomb Key Giveaway And Exclusive Video

Splash Damage’s Dirty Bomb [official site] takes elements from Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and Brink, and combines them to create a vision of mercenary squads scrapping across a distressed near-future London. We have some keys to give away, which provide access to the closed beta, and you can watch a video guide to teamwork below. You’ll also get to see members of Splash Damage enjoying a pint.

Because RPS readers are scattered across the many dimensions of time and space (some of you are aren’t in our timezone) the keys won’t be given away on a first come, first served basis. Instead, register your email address below and we’ll gather them all together and randomly select the winners this evening (UK time). It’s a raffle and the prize is a multiplayer FPS rather than a Lindt chocolate bunny or a shabby cuddly toy.

You can read a hands-on report right here. Good luck!


  1. OmNomNom says:

    Tried this recently, not terrible but relied on very spammy / attrition style gameplay so even when you are top of the charts you don’t really feel like you are contributing much

    • padger says:

      Not sure I agree. I’ve found it pretty pacey and old school. It’s very similar to their previous efforts, and imo has their hallmark solidity.

      Splash Damage are one of those great studios that has never actually made a capital-g Great game. But they always make something that’s worth playing. (And I think Brink was simply unfortunate misstep, with a bit of Bethesda messing thrown in for good measure.)

  2. Marinetastic says:

    Got a key elsewhere a few weeks ago, it installed an anti-cheat thing without asking for permission. I’d at least like to be told why you’re putting crap like that on my computer, especially when it’s on Steam where I expect VAC to be taking care of anti-cheat measures.

  3. iainl says:

    Given May’s new Snooping Charter, -surely- they’re changing the name of this thing now?

  4. SupahSpankeh says:

    Nope. Nexon.

    The problem is not the _current_ game state, which I’m sure is fine, but rather what Nexon _might_ do with it.

    There are plenty of games where one can guarantee Nexon won’t screw anything up (by virtue of not being involved in the game), and I’ll be sticking to them thanks. This isn’t a comment on anyone who’s enjoying the game (indeed, more power to you) or even Splash Damage (who deserve a hit), I’m just not prepared to get invested in a game which is owned by Big N.

  5. clippa says:

    I remember playing the beta of this ages ago and it was great fun, never had any problems.
    Once it came to steam, the problems started, the anti cheat kept kicking me for no reason, tried closing every process going. Then when I finally got in for longer than 30 seconds, the game froze and fried my GPU.
    I’m not touching this again, at least until it’s out of beta, it’s already cost me 300 quid :D

    • Evil Pancakes says:

      Wait, so the anti-cheat actually can kick people from a game? That’s not something I have seen once yet, and I’ve seen plenty of cheaters so far (same people every time). So that is my biggest issue with the game right now, I can’t go an evening without running into one or two hackers.
      I know people who really like the game itself, but have stopped playing because the anti-cheat simply doesn’t seem to actually do anything.

    • Sinomatic says:

      Sounds exactly like what Punkbuster used to have a habit of doing when I played Wolfenstein.

  6. tangoliber says:

    I always get the greatest sense of “Team” from Splash Damage games, when it comes to short-form multiplayer games. Long-form multiplayer (where matches last longer than 40 minutes), has a bit more competition, such as Natural Selection 2.

  7. Menthalion says:

    A pretty solid fast tactical objective teambased shoote, which is every bit as enjoyable as Enemy Territory. Good (but small amount of) maps with multiple routes that are unlocked by secondary objectives, wall-jumping shortcuts that give a slight edge. Nice selections of mercs with their own playstyles/personality.

    However, there’s a few things that might let them down if not changed before release:
    1) Merc prices – 9,99€ for a single Merc is pretty steep. Granted bundles can make it better.

    2) Grind – 50K for a single Merc = 1 full month of doing dailies (excl. gold won in matches)

    3) Drops – Merc loadouts are based on collectible cards of different qualities (lead, iron, bronze, silver, gold), and consist of (up to) three perks plus primary, secondary and melee weapon. These are randomly dropped every x won games, and can be upgraded by crafting multiple cards of the previous tier into a better one, plus some credits.

    Getting a specific one you want from a tier is a crapshoot though (1 in ~6). Advice: since a Bronze is basically complete (3 perks), only upgrade Bronzes you absolutely don’t want into Silver or Gold. They’re basically the same (with the exception of 1 extra card per tier) with another skin.

    At the moment, the loadout system is a F2P mechanic you have to participate in even if you buy your Mercs, which some people might loathe.

    4) Cheats – Especially with beta key giveaways recently, the amount of cheaters has skyrocketed and the community has found response to be slow. Basically most Unreal Engine hacks seem to be available, and the xigncode anti-cheat system seems to be lacking, both in ability as well as in consequences.

    5) Nexon – Currently not pay2win, and grinding Mercs and loadouts is currently being tweaked. However, these are dials that might be changed just as easily after launch.

    • Rizlar says:

      They seem to have rebalanced the ‘grind’ since you played, it’s only 30k for a merc now. And according to steam I’ve only played it for 8 hours but already have over 30k, enough to unlock one. Since there is a guest rotation of playable mercs and you unlock loadout cards from playing I haven’t really felt an urge to spend any in-game moolah yet.

      Been enjoying it a lot anyway, the core game is just lots of fun.

      • Menthalion says:

        Last weekend was a double XP and credits weekend, so the support / combat / objective XP contracts (dailies) could be done in half normal time, and credits gained were doubled as well. I didn’t notice the Merc pricing decrease, which is a bit of a shame, but good on them if that’s not a temporary sale.

        • Rizlar says:

          I didn’t play last weekend. There may be an early boost for newbies though, your first few levels giving you bonus cash or something.

    • tangoliber says:

      Game is fun without buying any mercs, but I don’t think the prices are bad, considering that a merc gives you access to a skin, voice pack, ability, and access to certain weapons/augments that you may not already have. (F2P games usually lower prices of older content over time though.)
      I think the loot cards drop fairly quickly and crafting is easy… I find that getting a couple of fully upgraded merc cards (Bronze) actually takes less time than unlocking everything for a character in most Buy to Play games.
      F2P games try to overwhelm you with so many things to unlock that you feel stressed out trying to keep up, and resort to buying some stuff. So far, I don’t think Dirty Bomb is doing that so far….but I’m sure it will.

  8. mikmanner says:

    Ridiculous, not an ale among them.

    • Rizlar says:

      You can basically see the disappointment on their faces, that the marketing crew have served them all lager. I haven’t seen that many people with identical pints since, like, the 90s. :'(