Fallout 4 Rumours Resurface On LinkedIn Profile

As another E3 approaches, hopes rise anew for Fallout 4. With Bethesda hosting their first ever E3 press conference this year, chances are high they have something exciting to show us and, if a LinkedIn profile found by VideoGamer is to be believed, Fallout may be top of the list.

The profile in question belongs to a freelance 3D artist who has previously worked on Far Cry 3 and Elder Scrolls cinematics. He also worked on Forza 5. At the top of his CV is a listing for “Fallout 4 cinematic trailer”, which he allegedly spent four months working on at Mirada Studios. This gig ended in March, which seems perfectly timed for a reveal at E3 next month. If not before.

That’s assuming any of this is true, of course. Anyone can create a LinkedIn profile saying anything. I have one saying I’m an Olympic gold medalist archer SLASH assassin, which I update on rainy days. Doesn’t mean all of that is to be believed. We’ve seen hoaxes before too.

But let’s be honest here, we’ll probably be seeing Fallout 4 pretty soon. Besides it being way overdue (has it really been seven years since Fallout 3 was released?), this isn’t the first rumour of its imminent emergence we’ve heard this year. But we won’t know for sure until E3, so until then it’s best to keep those fingers crossed.


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  1. John O says:

    I'm wondering why no modding community as a whole has taken to making something in Unity / UE4 yet. Other than the Unreal Tournament thing.
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    Qazinsky says:

    It will be interesting to see if the success of Skyrim will lead to them making some bolder changes in FO4, gameplaywise.

    • Wowbagger says:

      Yes indeed – like if it will be a top down isometric CRPG with an interesting story and turn based combat.

      • druise says:

        I don’t care if you’re trolling, shut up.

        • jrodman says:

          Contribution: nil. Hostility: palpable.

          Expressing a snarky view is not trolling, and a response like this to it is definitely of negative value.

          • Premium User Badge

            Aerothorn says:

            I think you’re overpolicing here, jrodman – I read that as “oh my god I want this so much it pains me to hear people speak of it.”

        • Wowbagger says:

          That was a very hostile response to an actual opinion. I for one would like it to return to form, fallout 1 and 2 may have been ‘cult’ hits but they are very well regarded these days at least.

      • dethtoll says:

        You’re just mad because FO3 was Oblivion with guns instead of Ultima with guns.

    • rabbit says:

      Sorta doubt it. And if it does I hope it doesn’t learn from the success of Skyrim … beyond the initial novelty I thought that sorta sucked. The systems of the game were streamlined almost into nothingness.

      • Ejia says:

        My inner min-maxer threw a tantrum about not being able to allocate stat points anymore.

        • hungrycookpot says:

          I see you like wearing pauldrons. Let me just permanently sew those onto your armor for you.

    • XhomeB says:

      Because Fallout 3 was such a DRASTIC departure from the gameplay formula established in Oblivion. Oh wait, there’s a reason everyone calls it “Oblivion, only with guns”… Fun fact: Skyrim took Oblivion and dumbed it down further.
      Abandon all hope already, we’re getting another Todd Howard-approved TES. Only more stupid.

  2. tk421242 says:

    Any rumors on the setting yet? Fallout 4: Pacific Northwest…. I would like to explore the ruins of Portland and slaughter lots of hipsters riding post apocalypse fixed gear bikes.

    • NotGodot says:

      VA Audition sides were leaked to Kotaku a while back. Sides usually don’t reflect the actual plot in any but the vaguest of ways, but they suggested that it’d be set in and around Boston, and that the protagonist would be (ugh) voiced.

      • Bing_oh says:

        Too many hints in Fallout 3 with the Institute and the Commonwealth (ie, Boston area) for them to not follow through with it at some point. They can feel free to pass on the protagonist being voiced, though.

        • NotGodot says:

          The storyline they set up in the sides is so aggressively dumb that I’m sure it has to be fake and purely for the purposes of auditioning, which is common, but the style of the dialogue on one of the sides (which involved the character delivering player-character dialogue in multiple tones) suggests to me that they’re seriously rolling with it. Which is a shame because it’s a huge waste of money that artificially limits the project.

    • RuySan says:

      I like this idea, but it would be even better if it wasn’t in the US.

      • rabbit says:

        Fallout has been a pretty America-centric game for a reason I think …. do you not think it’d be … they’d have to tear out and replace a lot of the themes which have remained a steady and much loved part of the series so far? I don’t know, I’m just posting my gut feeling here really but it’s always seemed to me that Fallout and the US of A go hand in hand.

        • basilisk says:

          Yes. Fallout has always been a pastiche of various bits and pieces of Cold War and present day Americana. A spinoff taking place on another continent might be interesting, but a main game will inevitably have to take place in the US or it wouldn’t be Fallout at all.

        • Bing_oh says:

          Considering the cultural references are such an integrated part of the feel of Fallout…especially since Fallout 3…I don’t see them taking the setting out of the US. I mean, it wouldn’t make alot of sense for you to be playing in Europe or Asia but keeping the retro American 50’s/early Cold War theme that they’ve made such a part of the game.

          • ribby says:

            I agree that it probably would work best in the US

            But I do want to see more apocalyptic London…

            Also- why is apocalyptic historical settings never a thing? Say, apocalyptic Rome or apocalyptic Victorian London?

          • jrodman says:

            @ribby: well it’s tricky to imagine a victorial apocalypse without going metaphysical, but I suppose one could be cooked up. There are certainly plenty of World War 2 timeframe apocalyptical gaming creations, such as Hot War the tabletop rpg.

        • Fnord73 says:

          Fallout Paris or Prague would be… amazing.

        • John O says:

          What about asia? That could work, right? Maybe somewhere in the mountains in china, lots of propaganda opportunities?

          • John O says:

            Not that I care about the setting, engine or voice overs, I only want it to be good. (And I want it to keep the combat mechanics. That one is not negotiable.)

          • Bing_oh says:

            China seems more like an expansion pack idea. Honestly, I’m kinda surprised they havn’t done one, considering that China is the Fallout universe’s Cold War Soviet Union.

      • Zenicetus says:

        At the risk of being a US-centric US-ian, I don’t think locations outside the US make sense for this series. The aesthetic is based on a specific style of 1950’s sci-fi B movies and atomic bomb paranoia. Not that this didn’t exist in other places, but I don’t think it would resonate the same way, or have as much source material to work with.

        Maybe a post-apocalyptic Russia setting might work? But then they’re rubbing up against S.T.A.L.K.E.R and its derivatives like the Metro series, which deserve their own space.

        I hope it’s the Pacific Northwest, or maybe somewhere in the deep South. Boston or NYC would be too much like the D.C. setting for Fallout 3.

        • Mordaedil says:

          I kinda hate this argument, since I am actually from Norway and I feel like explicitly excluding nations besides America because you have no idea how culture from abroad was like, just feels like pissing all over my expectations. Nobody complained when Skyrim stole plenty of culture from us to fit into their game then, what’d be wrong with transporting that 50’s feel to something like London, or maybe even all of Southern Scandinavia?

          It doesn’t look that unique to me, I’ve played all of the Fallouts and I don’t feel like there’s anything inherent to the 50’s style that wouldn’t work in an abroad setting besides peoples unawareness of what it is like in foreign nations post war.

          • Bing_oh says:

            Besides the retro-50’s American aesthetic arguments, it really wouldn’t make sense from a story standpoint. I mean, how could you have Fallout without things like the Forced Evolutionary Virus or the Vaults or the Enclave? They’re major plot points that have been established as uniquely American in the timeline of the games. They’re unlikely to scrap the entire established background story so they can base the game outside of the US.

          • Zenicetus says:

            Well, again I think it comes down to how much source material there is to work with. I’m sure Norway had its own version of Cold War paranoia, but as a country with a much smaller population, it wasn’t cranking out the volume of movies, TV shows, and literature based around Cold War paranoia and science geekery that the USA was at the time.

            I’m also not sure the feeling of being directly targeted was quite as strong outside the principal players of the USA and the Soviet Union. That will always tend to drive post-apocalyptic scenarios based on nuclear war. I’m an old guy, so I remember things like a childhood friend whose house had an actual purpose-built Cold War bomb shelter. Every time I hear about “the Vault” in a Fallout game, I think about that underground shelter we used to play in as kids. On Saturdays at noon, a big air raid siren would be tested on the roof of the local movie theater. That lasted until sometime in the early 70’s. I dimly remember “duck and cover” exercises in schools too. It was just a huge part of the culture here in the USA during the 50’s and 60’s… a feeling of being directly targeted for A-bomb attack. It resulted in a tremendous amount of pop culture material to mine for a game like this.

            A distinctly European (and not Russian) post-nuclear apocalypse game would be fascinating to see, and I would play that. But I think it would need a completely different flavor from the Fallout series. Why not room for both?

          • nanophage says:

            But then what would be “foreign” about it if all they did was use the same faux 1950’s aesthetic? I think consumers of Fallout are smart enough, and the developers creative enough, to realize that the whole world is not stuck in that look. Relocating the story to a non-US land would be interesting in that we could see what the developers come up with but I think it would no longer feel like Fallout. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if they wanted to take the series in a new direction. If . . .

          • Solidstate89 says:

            Fallout has been since the inception of the game, a pastiche – even sometimes bordering on satirical – of 1950’s Americana and “Sci-Fi” beliefs coming from that era.

            I don’t know why you think that kind of style WOULD work outside of the U.S. If it wasn’t explicitly exclusive to American style, culture, and beliefs, it wouldn’t be called 50’s Americana.

            Claiming that Fallout should just take place outside of the post-apocalyptic United States, is like saying we should just base the next Elder Scrolls game on a continent besides Cyrodil. It just doesn’t work with the lore, the message, the art, and the entire purpose of the game’s existence. You need to stop thinking this has anything to do with being against foreign countries. It doesn’t. It’s just that Fallout has always been about a bastardization of 50’s American culture. That you’re too blind to see how intertwined it is with the game is your fault.

          • asmodemus says:

            Just popping in to say…
            Who are you kidding? Fallout has always been, since the very first game, massively reliant on the world building of Mad Max. The entire concept of the wasteland, the scavenging for basic items in a desert environment, the possible post nuclear setting and all the rest. With that said, Mad Max is Australian. Sure, they added a bunch of suburbian 50s Americana to the furmula but all that stuff existed in various forms in Australia too.

            So anyway, all I’m saying is… Fallout in Australia?
            Er… do they just get sued for that?

    • Powderhorn says:

      I’m looking forward to Boston, personally. And if not America, what would everyone be armed with? Our large quantities of military hardware in both government and civilian hands makes it a post-apocalyptic playground!

  3. ribby says:

    This seems quite likely to be real this time

  4. Mungrul says:

    Calling it now: it’ll still use the Gamebryo engine, and building interiors / dungeons will still require a transitional load.
    Bethesda need to get with the times.

    • rabbit says:

      pleeeeeeease tell me it ain’t gunna be using gamebryo :c

      • Mungrul says:

        I’d love to see them prove otherwise, but I suspect they don’t have the programming chops to create a modern engine from scratch that would give them the same perceived flexibility as Gamebryo. And they’re too cheap to license something better that would require re-skilling the workforce.

        • basilisk says:

          I’m personally hoping that’s where the seven years went. They must be aware of the fact that the creaking and tired engine is by far the greatest weakness of their two (immensely popular and hugely profitable) properties. But it is a very faint hope.

        • Zenicetus says:

          Well, if they can’t create a better engine, then I hope they at least have the sense to avoid scenarios that expose the limitations as badly as New Vegas did. Like casinos and hotels with huge interior spaces, where they could only show five or six NPC’s at a time. Skyrim is a little better, but the villages still look barely populated.

        • nanophage says:

          Geez could you imagine though if they announced they were making the game on Unreal Engine 4 (which is still being developed) or Unity. I wonder what everyone would say.
          If they ARE making or have or using a new engine they better put as much thought into the modding tools or there is going to be even more backlash then there was with paid modding.

      • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

        Since we can absolutely take for granted that at least another TES or Fallout are going to come up in a while, we have two options:

        1) It’ll take far more time than expected, they’re still working on the engine.
        2) One of them is coming out relatively “soon”, and the absence of any boasting from Bethesda about some new superclever engine that will power future games is a good reason to start worrying.

    • TillEulenspiegel says:

      With 8GB of RAM in current consoles, there’s a tiny chance that Bethesda might actually make an engine which takes advantage of it. I seriously doubt it, though. They still haven’t changed their awful scripting language.

    • nanophage says:

      I would be fine with dungeons requiring a transition load since they are larger spaces, but houses should for sure be more open to the outside world – if it isn’t a huge hit to performance
      I think the games limitations has always been in the AI though. Having everything open to the world means more AI running around, even if they just spawn when you are near a building.

    • rabidwombat says:

      Seeing as Skyrim is powered by a newer, in-house engine, I’d assume that FO4 would use something similar. It seems odd to predict that they’ll revert to older technology.

      • mwoody says:

        They claimed it was a new engine. It wasn’t. The Creation Engine, once you dig in to it, is GameBryo with a new graphics engine duct-taped on.

        • NotGodot says:

          Yeah, it’s basically forked off of Gamebryo because the company that does Gamebryo died.

  5. STJamie says:

    Jem! There’s a name from the past, very glad to see you on RPS from the news site of my youth that was Joystiq. I hope to see more articles from you =]

    • Jem Alexander says:

      Such kind words. Thank you! Always nice to find an ex-Joystiq regular. :)

      I’m back tomorrow, too. Just covering news while Pip’s away.

  6. Lars Westergren says:

    Bethesda and Obsidian are proud to announce: Fallout 4. Level design, art and AAA budget by Bethesda, writing, world building and dialogue by Obsidian, shared companion and quest design responsibilities. (Pretty please?)

    • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

      I imagine their QA teams would have quite the stories to tell one another.

      • nanophage says:

        I demand a GDC QA post-mortem!

      • Ejia says:

        I was actually pleasantly surprised New Vegas did not in fact set fire to my HDD.

        Er, well, it did die, but it had nothing to do with NV. Probably.

  7. YoungSeal says:

    I never knew Olympic archers and assassins stayed in on rainy days. Kind of makes them more relatable.

    • Jem Alexander says:

      Nobody wants to be murdered in the rain. I’m not a monster.

      • marak830 says:

        Because then there would ve tears in the rain. . . . Ok ok ill let myself out.

  8. Ham Solo says:

    The thing to keep in mind about bethesta games is that you need to wait around 1 year after the initial release until it is patched into a working state and until there are all the mods you need (to get rid of dusgusting console menus or tweak this and that and fix bugs the devs don’t).
    But still, I’m looking forward to it.

    • onodera says:

      Until you can afford all the mods you need, you meant to say.

  9. lnsertnicknamehere says:

    The news:
    Yes, there is going to be a Fallout 4. Yes it is going to be soon.
    But we will only develop and sell the Construction Kit, the content will be delivered by the modding community via paid mods only. We were thinking a 45% cut for us.

    • John O says:

      I’m wondering why no modding community as a whole has taken to making something in Unity / UE4 yet. Other than the Unreal Tournament thing.

      • Stropp says:

        Well, it’s not really a mod then, it’s a standalone game.

        Unless you’re modding against a game already built in Unity, you’re developing a new game against the engine and framework provided by Unity.

        But, you’re essentially right, if a group of people are skilled enough to code and mod an existing game, they should be skilled enough to develop a game in Unity.

        • John O says:

          Well a game, especially a single player game, is a coherent whole. What modders could make would be mods forming the basis for more mods. You might eventually package some of the maps and characters good and bad, and call it a game of sorts, but the fun in modding was always changing parts around.

  10. XhomeB says:

    Yaaay, another mediocre The Elder Scrolls in a post-apo skin designed with the lowest common denominator in mind – from a creatively bankrupt studio. Rejoice!
    Give the rights to Fallout to some talented people, Bethesda – its corpse doesn’t deserve this treatment.

    • GunnerMcCaffrey says:

      I, too, hate enjoying things

      • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

        Me too, i hate mildly enjoying things that could have easily turned out five times better.

        • nanophage says:

          I’m curious what you two would have done differently.

          • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

            Less streamlining of pretty much any mechanic related to character creation/development, less of a be a guild master of all the guilds without nothing happening, less of the guards apparently knowing everything about you but playing dumb regardless, more of the world responding to you in general, less bethesda writing and more understanding that the best TES/FO will only come if Beth makes the world and Obsidian the writing.

            I think i could go on for hours.

    • Mordaedil says:

      You’re not looking at it correctly. They are developing an engine that Obsidian can later make a better game with a few years later.

      We just get to see what it will look like a little early.

    • drygear says:

      If not for FO3 there wouldn’t have been a New Vegas. Bethesda can make as many Fallout games as they want and however they want and I’ll be happy as long as they let Obsidian make more games.

  11. pilouuuu says:

    New engine, pretty please, Bethesda!

    • Widthwood says:

      Skyrim already had a new engine, I bet they will use it again for F4.

      • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

        This posts unsettles me, my sarcasm detector is broken.

      • NotGodot says:

        Assuming you’re not being sarcastic, Skyrim’s engine (Creation) was a version of Bethesda’s Gamebryo fork but with basic shit like working occlusion culling added in.

  12. dethtoll says:

    Seven years since FO3, five since New Vegas, and four since Skyrim. We are indeed way overdue.