Saints Row, Darksiders, Metro Arrive On GOG DRM-Free

The ghost of THQ is still with us today as some of the publisher’s greatest hits find new life on GOG. Deep Silver and Nordic Games, who bought the rights after THQ’s demise, have released Saints Row 2 + 3, Darksiders 1 + 2 and Metro: Last Light Redux on the digital store, all at a discounted price until May 18th.

This is the first time any of these games have been made available completely DRM free.

Metro: Last Light Redux is an upgrade to the original gritty, dystopian FPS. Not as great an update as the strangely absent Metro 2033: Redux, but still good fun. Whereas the Darksiders games are less “depressing Russian wasteland” and more “colourful comicbook gods and monsters”. And Saints Row is what happens when you let Grand Theft Auto have too many sweets and then hand it a giant dildo. Hopefully at least one of those tickles your fancy.

Despite being an eclectic mix of genres and styles, all of these games are well worth the money. So if you somehow haven’t grabbed them yet, now is the perfect time. You can find them on the GOG website, or through their new GOG Galaxy standalone client.


  1. kud13 says:

    Have most of ’em (except Metro, I think) on Steam, but i’m gonna re-buy probably all of them, because I like the idea of having a DRM-free copy not tethered to Steam. Sweet move by GOG.

    • Eery Petrol says:

      I’m curious why you prefer not to tether. Steam supports DRM-free gaming, it sells DRM-free games from its store. (Here’s a list of them link to )

      • Carighan Maconar says:

        The games are by nature not DRM-free, as you need to run the Steam client, which at least every so often needs a connection to its servers.

        The Galaxy client is worlds better, doing what I had posted for years what I’d like the steam client to do. Namely it updates and installed and optionally allows me to run games and manage them. Or I can run them separately. Or install them separately then add them to the client. Or w/e, really.

        Steam is a forced layer of DRM. And not even a good one, as the client has some neat tricks but lack of competition has made it rather meh in overall development and speed and stability. Especially the latter, outside of core features (which granted, is where it matters :P ).
        I hope Galaxy ends up being the first “srs comp”, so that Steam at least has to improve for once.

        But as far as supporting games outside of it goes, yes, no DRM please. If possible. I buy my games already, check the people who copy them illegally, not me! -.-

        • Premium User Badge

          neffo says:

          The games listed as DRM free are the games that can be run without Steam at all. Specifically, this “means that you can copy the game folder anywhere you want and launch the .exe/.sh directly without being online or having Steam or a third party software running.”

          (Just as DRM-free as Gog in these cases.)

          • baozi says:

            It’s not the same. With GOG, you can download the installer for a game, and then GOG plays no role anymore. You can do whatever with it. With Steam, you can’t install a game without being logged in. Even if you install a Steam game and back it up, the next time you want to re-install it, you’ll need to be logged in for authentication. So, either way, if the Steam servers go down, you can’t install games. To me and lots of other people, that’s DRM.

  2. LionsPhil says:

    So the most interesting question here is if GOG managed to get any further fixing made fo Saints Row 2’s notoriously awful PC port beyond what the community have scrabbled together.

    • PostieDoc says:

      Well they claim to have fixed SR2 on the website.

      • Unclepauly says:

        If true I will buy it as I skipped it mostly because of bugs. Part 2 is less superhero and more gangbanger territory sim.

      • LionsPhil says:

        Hmm. What few experiences are on their forum so far seem mixed.

        • frightlever says:

          Seems people are still getting better FPS on SR3 than on SR2, and I watched a video of one guy’s livestream which looked sped up, another old school SR2 PC bug. Never did get too far with SR2, just too glitchy.

    • marach says:

      There’s a good chance CDPR went back to their own stored source and did some fixes since they did the original port…

  3. PostieDoc says:

    I own Metro 2033 on Steam but not the Redux.
    People on the GOG forums are asking for the original version of Metro 2033 to be added as it is the best version.
    I thought the Redux version was meant to be a big improvement?

    • Unclepauly says:

      Last Light vanilla already had most of the upgrades naturally as it was the newer game. Metro 2033 was brought up to the present day state of the engine so the upgrade was more dramatic.

  4. Yachmenev says:

    Saint’s Row 3 is pretty much the definition of a mediocre game, but Metro Redux is a bit tempting for that price.

    • thedosbox says:

      Saint’s Row 3 is pretty much the definition of a mediocre game

      Your sense of fun must be broken. Not every game has to be grim and gritty.

      • Yachmenev says:

        It’s mediocre fun. :)

        But really, it’s a game that doesn’t do a single thing better then mediocre.

        “Not every game has to be grim and gritty.”

        Nope, it doesn’t. Agree.

    • Spacewalk says:

      The worst thing about SR3 is that SR4 had to get released and do everything better.

      • Crafter says:

        I love how SR community is extremely divided on which one is the best :-) .

        • Spacewalk says:

          To its credit SR3 has more content and a default colour scheme that doesn’t make you want to claw your eyes out.

    • TheTingler says:

      Funny, I thought it was the best in the series and an absolutely fantastic game. And I know I’m not the only one.

  5. Kuddlesnot says:

    Jem, Darksiders 1+2 and the IP were bought from THQ by Nordic Games, not Deep Silver.

    Source: link to

    link to (under “Company”)

  6. rexx.sabotage says:

    hey, another new face. well you seem truly outrageous

    truly, truly, truly outrageous.

  7. Tayh says:

    I literally just gave away my retail version of Metro that I never installed because it requires steam.
    Time to throw some money at GOG!

    • Cantisque says:

      Just goes to show, you get what you want if you wait long enough.

  8. Papageno says:

    So I wonder why GOG’s not carrying the remaster of Metro 2033?

  9. Nixitur says:

    Did they fix there being no windowed mode in Darksiders?
    ’cause that was what annoyed me the most. In fact, it annoyed me so much that I quit the game in the main menu. It’s an absolute dealbreaker for me.