But Can He? Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition Stuff

The Devil may cry, but only if he has twenty bob spare. With Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition [official site] a bit over a month away, Capcom have been sharing more about the snazzed-up re-release of 2008’s demonic murderfest. A price, for starters: £19.99/24,99€/$24.99. A trailers and gameplay videos demonstrating new characters added to this release, for the main course. And for dessert, bless them, they’ve even bumped the PC release up a day to match consoles: June 23rd.

The Special Edition brings higher-resolution textures, balance tweaks, extra skins and costumes, a Turbo Mode that makes everything 20% faster, and three extra characters from other DMC games. Trish and Vergil have been playable in other DMC games before, but it’s a first for Lady.

I’m a latecomer to hack-and-slashing beat ’em ups, only getting into the genre through PlatinumGames, so I quite fancy giving this a go. But it’s frustrating to buy a game knowing I will be awful at it but could muddle through on a lower difficulty if I tried. Games tolerating weakness tends to make me lazy, even if I dream of mastering dodges and parries and cancels and combos and all the other wonderful tricks of the genre. To draw a lazy comparison, I liked that Dark Souls (a different type of game, to be sure) forced me to learn.

Anyway, here’s your general-purpose ‘gameplay’ trailer:

Here’s a look at how Vergil works in DMC4SE:

And here’s an introduction to Trish’s style and moves:

The third new character, Lady, is due a showing-off today on a livestream at 4pm Pacific. That’s midnight UK time, and frankly I don’t recommend action at bedtime. No, I think you need a warm glass of almond milk and perhaps a gentle Scandinavian murder drama.


  1. Wowbagger says:

    I really enjoyed Devil May Cry 4 so this is a no brainer for me, I’ve never played as Trish before though. What game was she playable in?

    • pixl_man says:

      She was playable in the awful Devil May Cry 2.

      • Wowbagger says:

        Aha! That must be why it is not present in my memory; I had it expunged after that dreadful piece of tat.

        Thank you kind pixl_man.

      • Vayra says:

        I did really like the arena/survival style bonus content in there. The story however was dreadful.

      • sassy says:

        2 wasn’t bad. If it had have been the first in the series then it would be fondly remembered as an absolute classic. It’s only remembered poorly since it was a step back from the previous game

    • Synesthesia says:

      Yeah, I’m very on board with this one. It’s high time for another run of DmC4.

    • Viroso says:

      I’ll play this video game with my video game controller on a television.

      • Wowbagger says:

        Jolly good?

      • Cronstintein says:

        *Definitely* a controller game. I can’t imagine playing this with m&k nor do I want to.

        Very cool game though, I liked it quite a bit. The level design, especially, was a real stand-out. The way they moved and how the two worlds meshed was quite enjoyable. Dante was a bit of a douche but I can deal with that.

        To Alice: I don’t know you personally but I bet you can probably play it fine on normal, it’s not very hard. The difference between skillful and poor play is more in the scoring than survival.

        • Cronstintein says:

          ::Edit that’s not an edit, grr::

          Also, I think you can actually change difficulty part way through on this one so if you get stuck you car restart a stage on a lower setting.

          • Cronstintein says:

            Whoooooooops, reading comprehension fail. I thought this article was about the DMC rerelease (which is also happening!) I never played DMC4, is it any good?

          • Geebs says:

            It’s a shedload better than DmC. Much, much harder, but much more rewarding. Also Dante is a much more entertaining douche in this one.

  2. shaaaaaake says:

    Twenty bob is one pound.

  3. EhexT says:

    Interesting that they’re going for Virgil, since his big flashy signature moves (except the summoned-sword-related ones) were available to Dante in standard DMC4 already. But judging by that video they piled on a lot of unique mechanics and weapons on him (mostly returning ones DMC1 and 3) so that’s cool.

    Trish looks a little light on mechanics by comparison. More the Nero level of complexity than the Dante level. I expect Lady to be similar in that respect – she’s been a very one-note character when it comes to fighting style in all her appearances. There’ll probably be lots of grappling hook moves (again, similar to Nero), tons of AoE and a decent amount of slow(ish) moving homing projectiles.

    All in all the whole package looks like a no-brainer for people that don’t have DMC4 yet (the best DMC) – or don’t have it on the PC yet (for DMC4, hands down the single best platform, with tons of extra features even in the old version – a beauty of a port).

    But if you’ve already got it? 25 € is incredibly harsh for what is essentially a high res texture pack combined with a character DLC. They should really have a hefty discount for owners of DMC4.

    • EhexT says:

      And it should be added that “high res textures” is essentially a non-content addition. DMC4 had good resolution textures, that more importantly had a great art style. The only textures that were noticeably last-gen were the ground/building textures (ironically, going by those video splashscreens – they didn’t get improved!) – all the characters were perfectly good looking already.

  4. Phantom_Renegade says:

    25 for a game I’ve already bough on several different platforms? This should be a 2,5-5 euro upgrade if you’ve already got it.