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The Best GTA 5 Mods: Drive Trains, Be Police And More

The San Andreas Modpocalypse


Ped Riot/Chaos Mode

By Trumple

Graham brought this one up a week ago but it’s well worth mentioning again, just because it’s so perfect. In previous GTA games there were cheat codes to enable a mode like this, where all pedestrians are homicidal and heavily armed, but the mod takes it a bit further. You can now organise gangs of “peds” (the slightly disturbing nickname the community uses for normally unarmed NPCs) into factions to work as teams and implement a bit of ordered chaos. Here’s what Graham managed to get up to:

Graham’s also using a smaller script, the Vehicle Cannon, which is part of our collection at the bottom of this page. Ped Riot is also the first of our apocalypse mods, a combination I’ve come up with that should create the most dangerous, least civilised Los Santos possible. But first…

Nice Fly

By chileno

It’s important to get a bit of perspective on things, as well as a quick escape route from the various horrors we’re about to deliver on ourselves. Even if you’re keeping it calm the Nice Fly mod does exactly what it says, giving you an easy set of hotkeys for taking to the skies. Good as much for digital photography as it is for moving quickly around the city. Here’s a taste:

Carmageddon V

By SonofUgly

No, not a high scoring mini-game for running down peds like an early evening police procedural’s idea of GTA, but a mod that does, well, this:

Cars: like angry metal pedestrians. You can see how this fits with suddenly armed and frustrated civilians into our apocalypse scenario.

No Water (+ Tsunami + Atlantis + Sea Life) Mod

By Script Mods

It turns out that the bottom of Paleto Bay is as lovingly rendered as the rest of the world, just normally only safely explorable via the clumsy minisub. This takes all that awful, life-giving water away and lets you walk or drive around the sea. Here’s what it looks like:

This mod also gives the option to cover the landscape in water, as well as plugins to delete the pedestrians so they won’t get in the way of your serene swim, O’Connor style. The latest update also adds more sea-life to Los Atlantis. It’s a standalone Day After Tomorrow to our cobbled together Mad Max. Since we’re getting so cinematic, here’s something to make it even more so:

Slow Motion/Bullet Time Toggle

By sakratt

This is a classic, modded into nearly every game engine eventually. I remember particularly well leaping through the air in slow motion, shotgunning Combine in the face while, for some reason, Ride of the Valkyries played. There’s probably a classical music mod out there somewhere, now I think about it. The GTA 5 version will let you speed up and slow down time as you wish.

The Rest

Along with all this bigger stuff, here’s some shorter scripts I found that provide little bonuses, add single weapons or fix small problems:

Vehicle Cannon by flocraftMods – Graham showed this off last week. It’s a gun that shoots vehicles. As effective as you’d hope.
Spawn GTA:O Heist Vehicles by PlasticTangerine – This spawns the unique vehicles from GTA Online heists around the single-player map to mess around in. Here’s one that does it for vehicles from missions.
Ragdoll On Demand by sakratt – Gives you a hotkey to immediately make your character model go limp. Works in cutscenes – just try it.
Army At Five Stars by PlasticTangerine – This causes the army to come after you once you reach five star wanted level, rather than only in the army base area of the map.
Object Spooner by MAFINS – Increases the options for spawning things in the world, letting you edit their properties.
Mobile Radio by LaikeGlove – Gives the option to listen to in-game radio while on foot. Actually my favourite of all the mods here.

And that’s your lot. What have you been adding to Los Santos to make it more unique? Any additions to our apocalypse combo you’d recommend? Are you a mod maker with your own slice of genius? Let us know below.

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