Reanimated: Dead State Hefty Overhaul Patch Released

Dead State [official site] may have launched out of Early Access in December, but it’s just received a hefty update bringing the sort of stuff I’d expect from a final pre-launch polish-o-rama.

Developers DoubleBear launched the ‘Reanimated’ update arrived yesterday, bringing overhauled combat balance, smarter AI, better pathfinding, new combat sounds and animations, a hardcore mode, new areas, new random encounters, bug fixes, and more to the zombie survival RPG. Cass grumbled about a few of those areas in her Wot I Think, so that’s good to hear.

DoubleBear say:

“We’ve spent a couple of months of solid development time making Dead State stronger, smarter, and faster, and we’re happy to say that the results are fantastic. We’ve brought new life – or is it unlife? – to every aspect of the game. This isn’t just Dead State anymore – this is Dead State: Reanimated! DS:R isn’t just an update – it’s our definitive enhanced edition with brand-new content, full of improvements and fixes requested by you, our community!”

The changelog has the full run-down on what’s new. It sounds like a pretty big update, but also sounds like a fair few things that should’ve been sorted before launch. AI and pathfinding are fairly big. Still, better late than never.

Here’s a video going over the main features of the update:


  1. Chris Cunningham says:

    66 hours in this, 62 in Wasteland 2, and it looks like I’ll be starting both again. Ho hum.

  2. Nibblet says:

    While these changes all sound good, none of it seems to address what initially turned me off the game.
    The highlight of the game was supposed to be interacting with the people in your shelter, but for the most part they just stand in place repeating the same lines ad nausium. None of them are particularly interesting or well written either.
    Outside the shelter all you really do is loot random containers over and over again while occationally fighting off one of two enemy types. If combat was not so shallow and boring that may have been fun, but it is simply repeatitve and drawn out.
    Turn based really only works if it is challenging with lots of tactical options to consider, whenever that is not the case it just becomes a tiresome waiting game. Sadly, that was the case here.
    The new ai improvements may help, but i do not think it will be enough.
    While i do not regret backing the kickstarter i doubt i will ever reinstall it.

    • klops says:

      I agree. The character interaction is bad. I think they said that there’s simply too many characters in the game in order to make more content for the character interaction. And this is understandable since the idea was that you’d lose your characters like it usually goes in the zombie lore. The outcome just didn’t work that well.

      Still, continuing from this could lead to a much better game. Dead State 2 in 2020?

      • Nibblet says:

        Would definetly back a sequel to this as the premise itself is pretty good, and the team are clearly a dedicated and passionate bunch.
        I believe failure (imho) of this game was a result of them experimenting with various system ideas and possibly some funding issues.

    • PegasusOrgans says:

      If you find the new AI with Iron Man, Player Infection AND Hardcore turned on EASY, then you are not human… or you just haven’t even tried this and are being ignorant BUT you just read there was an update including this so you’re ignorance is inexcusable IMHO.

      BTW, show me a game that has this many joinable characters but has the amount of dialogue that you think is appropriate, because I don’t think such a game even exists and you are comparing it to an unrealistic and fictitious idea of a game I doubt would be better than Dead State anyways. How much dialogue do characters have in Suikoden? Take a guess.

    • varangian says:

      There was a free w/e for Dead State a while back and that’s exactly what put me off playing it more than an hour or so. I’d read a bit about it being centred around developing your base and keeping people happy and thought/hoped it was going to be a kind of Sims with zombies with a bit of Dwarf Fortress thrown in. So I thought people would be wandering around fixing stuff up, getting happy/sad according to how well things were going and rushing to defend the perimeter when zombies or bandits try to break in. Instead your base chums were all nailed to the floor, even the one who’d been badly wounded didn’t leave his post by the door to go to the infirmary. Nor did he ever mention how much pain he was in, just banged on about deodorant or something if you talked to him. And the turn-based combat wasn’t too hot either. The basic idea is great but a far more dynamic approach is needed to make it work for me.

  3. clockworkrat says:

    I had no idea this was a TBRPG. Silly me.

  4. klops says:

    After the first day, this was a disappointment for me and the update does not seem to concentrate on the points that needed fixing the most: Bugs, UI and the grind. New animations? Whoaaa! New levels to increase the grind? I can crack the sculls of another 500 zombies from behind? Why not?

    For a looting game, the item handling is horrible. Armor and weapon rebalance is a much needed fix, though. Once you got the military gear, you were invulnerable. …at least in February, I haven’t touched the game since.

    Still, the game has a promise and in some ways I liked it a lot. I hope they’d continue working on a sequel as well. Hopefully with a “less is more” approach. Less characters, less grind, less floors on a hospital to make the level unplayable.

    • OscarV says:

      “I can crack the sculls of another 500 zombies from behind? Why not?”

      You won’t be able now, enemies and zombies react way faster now, and are more aware of their surroundings.

      “Once you got the military gear, you were invulnerable”

      Not anymore.

    • PegasusOrgans says:

      Welcome to every game EVER. Almost every game I have played with trophies/achievements has “kill x enemies”. Games are all about endless killing. I love when games get criticized for elements that are inherent to gaming.

      I guess the UI could use work, but I’ve never had an issue with it, it gets the job done and is easy to understand and use, with hot keys everything’s one click away.

      As for bugs, y’know, some of us have never experienced the lion’s share of these bugs, it seems to be a minority that has, and while that is no excuse not to fix the bugs, they do fix bugs with every update. Hell, there are triple A games where the publisher has publicly stated they won’t be fixing any more bugs and those games made better returns than Dead State so I don’t get the hate. It seems hating on indie developers is a new, cool bandwagon to jump unto because you can actually ruin an indie dev. Those big devs/publishers just don’t feel it when you try to do it to them.

      • klops says:

        1. You really need to widen your perspective about games.
        2. There may be games that are all about killing. In those that I like the killing part is done better.
        3. Actually the UI in general was fine, I meant the item handling UI. It sucked. And since looting is essential you are doing it all the time.
        4. Perhaps the game has been patched from the state it was in when I played it. I still find your claim about only the minority experiencing lots of bugs in Dead State hard to believe.
        5. I’m not hating indie devs. But I play games to enjoy them, not to give sympathy for developers, be they indie or AAA, men or women. There were many things that I didn’t like in this game and I’m very sure I’m not the only one by the reviews I’ve seen. Of course, it might be because I’ve jumped the “inde hating bandwagon” you invented, but I honestly don’t think so. Indie games are the ones I play the most.

        Like I said, I like many parts of the game and played it intensively for a weekend. I don’t feel my complaints as hate. Between hate and fanboyism there is this thing called “critique”. I understand you like the game very much, but I just felt distant with it after more time spent with the game and named the reasons why.

        • klops says:

          of course, critique can be hate or fanboyism as well. I meant justifiable criticism.

  5. Poppy_Moss12 says:

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