Rainbow Six Siege Breaching PC On October 13th

ANOTHER raid from the Federal Boobie Inspectors? Agents, we assure you, everything is in order here.

Here’s a thing not to do: don’t write “SIEGE TIME!” in your calendar on October 13th. Given the degree of governmental snooping going on, who knows what sort of list your excitement for Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege [official site] might get you onto? Concealed in that unfunny joke was a fact: Ubisoft have announced plans to launch their hostage-holding FPS on October 13th.

I’m quite keen to have a crack at Siege, charging around tight spaces with a shotgun and popping holes in walls and floors. Pip and Graham had a crack at a closed alpha version in April, and I dug hearing what they thought of it. I am also very much into the idea of whipping out a sledgehammer to crack down a wall and open up a new path. It sounds like Siege might be one of the few games with destructible bits where that fancy tech actually means important things for the game.

There will, of course, be a DLC season pass. I’m sure you don’t need me to tell you that nowadays.

The trailer Ubisoft whipped together to accompany this announcement is a pointless load of pre-rendered guff so pfff, I don’t know, here’s the old definitely-not-spontaneous gameplay demo from E3 2014:


  1. Heavenfall says:

    “Damnit guys, they got me.” “Where are they?” “The hallway.”

    That dialogue just straight up does not fit in a close-corner FPS with destructible environment.

  2. slerbal says:

    Watching this just makes me sad that there has never been a sequel to the awesomely brilliant SWAT 4 :(

    • XhomeB says:

      Or RS3: Raven Shield for that matter.
      Such a shame the “realistic” branch of the FPS genre is completely and utterly dead, ArmA aside.

      • Jerkzilla says:

        Well, there is Ground Branch, but it’s moving very slowly. They recently got a tech demo out.
        Oh yeah, and there’s also Squad, but the scale will be close to Battlefield.

      • Evil Pancakes says:

        Well, there’s Insurgency for more ‘realistic’ shooty-banb-bang, but not as hardcore simlike as ArmA.
        But yes, there’s two brilliant spaces in the shooter genre that seem to have almost entirely died out. The ‘realistic’ sort in the vein of the older RS6 games and SWAT. Then there’s the super over the top shooters ala Quake/Unreal. Everythign nowadays seems to fit in this weird space in between the two extremes. I want both back, I don’t enjoy this middleground nonsense which has none of the appeal of either side.

        • slerbal says:

          Agreed. So agreed :(

          I think SWAT 4 is the most fun I’ve had in MP. We even had little debriefs at the end where we had to justify any use of lethal force. Arma is the closest to that experience and is also great but it is also very different. This middling ground of unrealistic shooters claiming to be authentic experiences is… not for me.

  3. Yokorose says:

    As soon as i saw this i thought what happen Rainbow six… your no longer about taking your time and becoming another fps thats just like all the others out there.

  4. hamilcarp says:

    I recently learned they won’t even have doors in this game. Unbelievable. That, along with all the other heresies, this appears to be Rainbow Six in name only. I hope this game flops.

    • Synesthesia says:

      Wow, that’s properly stupid if it’s true. This was a hard one to botch huh?

      And god, I really hope the guns don’t have the feel they show in the video, cause i’ve shot laser tag guns with more heft than that smg. Ridiculous.

      What was the name of that other game that seemed to understand this genre better? The one with very basic graphics, and a proper planning phase?

  5. Jerkzilla says:

    Due Process

  6. slerbal says:

    Totally different style of game, but I highly recommend Door Kickers. It is top town SWAT 4-style action (with many doors!) and is really good, though it does encourage the OCD perfectionist in me :D

    Seriously, no doors? Were they born in a barn?

  7. Cross says:

    The bit i’m annoyed with about this game is that the designers are indecisive. If you’re going to make a hardcore, slow paced and thoughtful shooter, up the recoil and take away the ridiculous gadetry that serves only to undermine tactics. If you are planning to go full cod, it’s already too late. This could be a cult classic and a brilliant game to itself, but it’s so watered down in its mechanics in order to “Appeal to a wider audience *Dry heave*” that it might just totally and utterly undermine itself.

    • kevinspell says:

      Don’t be. There is no point. This game will need uplay to work. That means it wont work for the first month and after that it will have to few players for it to be a balanced competitive experience. No matter how well balanced the gameplay will be it will be it will fail simply because Ubisoft.