Loudspeaker: Dying Light’s Bozak Horde Out May 26th

The first DLC expansion for Dying Light [official site] has now been announced, detailed and dated. It’s called The Bozak Horde and, judging from the teaser trailer below it has a touch of Saw about it, as you’re challenged to complete some sicko’s elaborate game to stay alive. We’re going layers deep into gameception with this one. Succeed and you’ll win a super-stealthy composite bow with magic lightning and explosive arrows.

Set in a new location at the heart of Sector 0, you’ll finally get to see where the zombie outbreak started. Progressing through the challenges will bring you closer to the mysterious Bozak who’s been plastering posters all over Old Town and learn more about him.

You’ll want to gather your friends before venturing forth, as The Bozak Horde was specifically built with co-op in mind. Developer Techland is making it as clear as possible that a full, experienced team will not have an easy go of it. Which is great if you felt that the Dying Light campaign lacked a bit of bite.

The Bozak Horde will be available on May 26th and cost £6.99 ($9.99/€9.99 if you’re one of those). If you’re a season pass holder, you can grab it for ‘free’, since you’ve paid already.


  1. Vayra says:

    Stealthy bow with lightning and explosions.


  2. Gwilym says:

    Bozak. What’s that?

  3. crazyd says:

    Bozak Hordeman!

  4. GAmbrose says:


    I’m sure I murdered that guys face in already.

  5. rustybroomhandle says:

    None too keen on a multiplayer-focused DLC so will give this a miss. I did have loads of fun with the main game though… well, up until the point where there’s suddenly a QTEs only “bossfight”.

  6. Christian Dannie Storgaard says:

    “Avaliable” *snicker*

  7. CelticPixel says:

    A few sites are reporting this as the first piece of season pass DLC, but I was under the impression it was the last. Am I misinformed?

  8. RegisteredUser says:

    For the zombie fans: Dead State: Reanimated seems to finally have put the game into a state approaching what one might consider first release and may now actually be worth giving a punt on the next sale. :)
    It would be neat to see if RPS could give it another go eventually as well. Now or maybe in another 2 months patch cycle when the summer lull hits. :)

  9. Matt says:

    Bozak, you say? I’ll just leave this here:

  10. go4brendon says:

    My only concern is performance with the last 2 patches making the game unplayable at times..

  11. DOHrps2015 says:

    There is an excellent mod for Dying Light. It is called “I AM LEGION”.
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