Facebreak Hotel: Check-In, Knock-Out

If I ever found myself double-booked in a hotel, I’d probably try to make a bed out of my suitcase and find a broom closet to sleep in so as not to make a fuss. Not so the player characters in multiplayer brawler Check-In, Knock-Out. Rather recklessly, in an attempt to claim the room they start lobbing the furniture at one another and end up tearing the whole place apart. Originally created as a school assignment, Check-In, Knock-out is being touched up for a full release. It looks like Smash Brothers with destructible environments.

Has there ever been a decent Smash Brothers type game on PC? I’ve always enjoyed biffing Donkey Kong off the side of the screen whenever I’ve found myself inebriated and in the vicinity of a NintendoCube. I once wrote an entire thesis (in my head) about the natural evolution from 1982’s Joust to Smash Brothers and it made a lot of sense at the time. Absolute cobblers, of course, being that Joust relies on its wraparound screen and Smash Brothers is a game primarily concerned with the deadly qualities of the playing field’s edges.

Check-in, Knock-Out isn’t a Smash Brothers clone, mind, it’s just the first thing that came to mind when I saw the video. The biggest difference is most likely related to the structure of the levels. Because the characters pick up and tear off elements of the scenery to lob at their opponents, the levels decrease in size as fights play out, which should make for some agonisingly tense finishes.

There’s no check-in date yet.


  1. Wowbagger says:

    Looks great! The smash bros clone I played the most was Onimusha blade warriors which was pretty good at getting the feel of both games combined.

  2. Rootboy says:

    I played this at PAX East and found it fun for a few minutes, but very repetitive and hard to understand. Hopefully they’ve built out the concept a bit more between then and release.

  3. Bugamn says:

    There was Megabyte Punch, it had some of the feel of Smash Bros.

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