Drop The Mic: LoL Pro Player Quits Team In 18-Page Letter

Professional League of Legends [official site] player Austin “LiNk” Shin has recreated that scene from Office Space where they dropkick a jet printer except instead of a trashing printer he has written an 18-page letter to the public about why his Counter Logic Gaming teammates are jerks.

You can read the treatise, which Shin released to Google Docs, in full here. It’s extensive. The letter covers his three-year career, including running away from home and dealing with the havoc of team drama, particularly from one Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng.

“One biggest problem I have is with double and him not playing as a team player,” Link wrote. “I mean he flamed the entire team and blame deflected after playoffs ended. To me that’s the biggest backstab anyone can do. You either lose as a team or you win as a team. You accept your loss and you move forward to figure out what you can improve. To blame your team and say there’s nothing you could have done = telling me you will never trust your teammates.”

In the textual equivalent of a mic drop, Shin concludes:

“so reasons for leaving:
-don’t know if i can give it my 150% next split
-too much work and burden on me and I doubt it’s going to get better
-only wanted to play 1 more split minimum and compete and do well at worlds (ideally win)

^ me being greedy and I recognize a team just doesn’t magically come together and win worlds

-i was promised change and there wasn’t going to be any so well me leaving is pretty much the drastic change. ( a coach doesn’t magically solve all problems i think )

I’m pretty much done with league. Cause NA is terrible and League of Legends is devolving into a game that I don’t even recognize anymore. No one even plays it properly lmao”

So far, Peng – who Shin singled out as problematic – has refuted the claims. Taking to Facebook, he writes: “A lot of the criticism lacks context, which isn’t something you can easily digest and circlejerk about.” He later suggests that Shin is simply deflecting blame, saying: “If I was the aggressive cancer on the team who didn’t trust anyone, I would have kicked one of our incompetent leaders out and taken charge myself.”

The former teammates appear to have sorted stuff out on Twitter since.


  1. Darkheart says:



  2. Crusoe says:

    Thank god he didn’t keep this to himself.

    The world needed to know.

    • D70CW6 says:

      Agreed. I’m just so relieved this finally came out. Haven’t been able to sleep for weeks.

    • aepervius says:

      If you don’t vent or make such problem public… How is it going to change ? Groups tend to bury such stuff as far as possible.

  3. Funso Banjo says:

    Has ROS become the official LOL and DOTA fan page?

    We get an article about these two games so often it’s ridiculous.

    • Freud says:

      Perhaps it drives traffic. They are very popular games.

    • klops says:

      Rock, Ostrich, Shotgun?

    • Chaoslord AJ says:

      This – I always skip those articles but hey if someone pays for it why not.

      Also a 16-page letter of “I quit”. Honestly even if the teammates are jerks that’s just pathetic. No professional athlete ever did that and there are a lot of sports teams in history who would be deserving of such a letter. E-sports still have their lessons to learn if they want to be taken seriously.

      • zarthrag says:

        If eSports are to be taken more seriously, maybe some kind of team structure is needed. Complete with drafting, contracts, trades, budgets, and free-agency rules, etc. It might clean up some of the drama/behavior by presenting an actual code of conduct and cohesive teams.

        Also, “eSports” needs games I’d actually want to watch and play. The obsession w/”lanes”, a near-complete lack of randomness, and games that have just a few set maps that players train on…. seems like it could be so much more. I’d like to see games of skill that test player/team abilities to think on their feet, or allow players to develop truly unique playbooks/strategies that play to their strengths – like irl football (american) can be equated to a war where each play has a significant effect your next set of choices – requiring leadership, teamwork, *and* all the talent you can afford.

        • Spluff says:

          You could use all of the things you have stated there to describe professional MOBA leagues. Yes, they play on the same map – but to use your comparison, so too do American Football teams. Yes, players stick to their lanes and roles, but similarly, American Football teams have very strict rules dictating who can do what. Professional MOBAs have very emergent gameplay with a huge focus on good tactics and strategy, good leadership, great teamwork, and talent.

          I don’t watch (or play) them anymore for a number of reasons, but it is those things that you have claimed are lacking that ultimately led to them becoming so popular as e-sports in the first place.

        • honuk says:

          professional league of legends has contracts, it has free agency, it has team structure, it has coaches. about the only things it doesn’t have are a player’s union and enough age behind it to have more qualified people in management roles. the drama here, for instance, is largely because CLG’s organizational structure sucks, despite being among the biggest (and thus richest) teams around.

    • wyrm4701 says:

      For better or worse, DOTA and LoL are the current vanguard of competitive gaming. They’re newsworthy.

      • Sgt_Big_Bubbaloola says:

        That weirdly depresses me.

        • LionsPhil says:


          • Antonius says:


            What? You were all thinking it! :P

            Kidding. I’ve lost my twitch reflexes, but I do love watching them being played still. :)

          • Apocalypse says:

            Not before they solve the spectator issue ;-)

    • Dave says:

      Or maybe LoL is the most popular game in the world

      • trn says:

        Yup, isn’t it weird, a pc games website writing about the two most popular (pc) games in the world. What ever next?!

  4. Freud says:

    Teen drama. Teen drama never changes.

    Since the dawn of human kind, when our ancestors first discovered the killing power of rock and bone, blood has been spilled in the name of everything: from God to justice to simple, psychotic rage.

  5. quarpec says:

    who cares

  6. OscarWilde1854 says:

    There have been a lot of “fluff” pieces on RPS of late (and I mostly haven’t minded), but this one takes the cake. Who ACTUALLY cares about this? Is this the first time a child acted like a child and threw a tantrum on the internet..?

    TMZ posts more relevant ‘news’ than this… One person, stops playing one game, because some people were mean to him? This is probably every 5 minutes in CoD or something…

    • jack4cc says:

      Yeah, this really looks like random drama filler content. What’s next, the local fire department rescuing a kitten from a tree?

    • Stijn says:

      I’m slightly bemused as well. The letter doesn’t even seem to particularly juicy, just some dude not being happy with his team(mates). Too bad for him, but is it news?

    • Hideous Z says:

      It’s been a fairly major deal in the LoL pro scene. This is a guy who plays for one of the oldest teams that has had a lot of ups and downs, and it’s kind of stirred the pot. So yeah, it’s drama, but it is a fairly big news item for those who are into the scene.

      Which, in case it’s not clear, is a LOT of people. This isn’t a little game, and the pro scene is massive as well.

  7. SlimShanks says:

    Death to fluff, I say!

    • Sgt_Big_Bubbaloola says:

      But he’s already dead!!!

      *Please note: that joke only works if you are over 40, from the UK and have knowledge of deceased radio DJ’s*

  8. Phier says:

    Some day (not to far away) the average BMI will be well above obese, sports as we know it will be a thing of the past, and eSports will be of the level where some internal drama warrants TMZ style blathering.

    This is luckily, not that day.

    • Reefpirate says:

      Except obesity doesn’t seem to be caused by e-sports, and there are only a handful of obese pro-gamers I can think of… TMZ level drama is a daily occurrence in e-sports… And sportsball seems to bigger than ever.

  9. OmNomNom says:

    Waah people were mean. Waaah my e-peen got blunted.

    Get a job.

    • Jediben says:

      He says in the first page that EGO IS EVERYTHING to these little gimps. Sure they make money but they are clearly socially stunted and pretty much useless away from their fames. So just like real sports stars!

  10. Rymdkejsaren says:

    I’m pretty sure this entire article was satire.

    I mean even if the events described are real, it’s still satire. What I am saying is, RPS are pretending to treat this seriously, even though it is a big joke. So they are being satirical.

    You ARE being satirical, right?

    • Premium User Badge

      Earl-Grey says:

      I certainly hope so.

      Otherwise this prepubescent horse shit is not worth digital ink.

    • Frank says:

      Yeah, little doubt about that in my mind.

      • Jediben says:

        I don’t think RPS can do satire anymore after all those S.EXE articles and Dead Island torso – gate. They swing harder than a Common’s speaker’s wife.

  11. Chiron says:


  12. Doc Revelator says:

    Is there anyone reading this who actually gives a fuck? One thrust of a fuck, even? No?

    Each to his own, I grant you, but REALLY.

    • Caiman says:

      I doubt anyone really gives a single stroke of a wank, never mind anything as satisfying as a fuck. Some no-name brat kid playing some shitty game who gets upset, throws his toys out of the pram and writes an 18 page, barely-readable cry-fest? This is seriously Cosmopolitan-level who-gives-a-shit non-content. But as click bait it worked I guess, because I just had to check to see whether RPS was being serious.

      • tormos says:

        I found it pretty interesting. I am admittedly a MOBA player and esport fan but we’re not a small group

        • Tacroy says:

          Yeah I really don’t understand all these people complaining about this article – I mean I don’t actually care either, but there’s a few people who will, and it’s not like typing this up made RPS miss out on some critical time-sensitive gaming newz. It’s the weekend, chillax a bit.

  13. Barberetti says:


  14. Chaosie says:

    I’ll play Devils advocate here and point out that, as LoL is generally recognized as an esport with players who are in a capacity recognized as athletes, that when an athlete of a popular sport up and quits the game entirely it tends to be newsworthy. If a gaming site does not make mention of such an event in an esport, I fail to see who else will.

    • Freud says:

      RPS haven’t been an e-sport site in the past and if it’s going to be one, it’s one less reason to visit it for at least me.

      It’s their blog and they are free to take it whatever direction they want, of course.

      • montorsi says:

        I know, right. It’s oh so hard to skip the stories I’m not interested in in my feed. I shake my fist in your general direction, RPS. YOU HAVEN’T HEARD THE LAST OF ME

        • Freud says:

          I’ve visited RPS almost from the start and they have had, despite an eclectic approach to PC games, a lot of things that I couldn’t find elsewhere. If the read to skip ratio significantly change, less reason to visit.

          I’m not sure why this opinion led you to attack me with poor sarcasm. Perhaps some of that MOBA rage I’ve heard about.

          • Asurmen says:

            These are still in the minority of posts…

          • Premium User Badge

            kfix says:

            > I’m not sure why this opinion led you to attack me with poor sarcasm

            Hmmm. Passive-aggressive. Unable to appreciate the interests of others or let it pass without comment.

            Tell me about your mother.

    • Pizzacheeks McFroogleburgher says:

      This. I have no interest in the game/genre but this story raised a subtle belly smirk, paints a picture of a particular branch of the gaming gene tree so I think it was worth screen space.

  15. Senethro says:

    I want this content. I am thirsty for this content.

    Deal with it nerds.

  16. Doganpc says:

    an 18 page ragequit you say?

  17. Neurotic says:

    I like reading about LOL — the utter bullshit and am-dram hysterics surrounding it are almost EVE-worthy.

  18. ssh83 says:

    Emily, did you just copy and paste all the quotes from Kotaku? Rockpapershotgun = tumblr now?

    If you read this guy’s writeup and offer your perspective, that might be better.

  19. ssh83 says:

    IGN did a much better job reporting this. Reporting the facts objectively, not magnifying the drama or quote things out of context. Or exaggerated “burn all bridges” headline like in Kotaku.

    link to ign.com

    • Doganpc says:

      If RPS were about objective reporting… I wouldn’t be reading it.

  20. MrUnimport says:

    Not sure why everyone’s so mad, I’m not a MOBA player but I’m faintly amused to know this is a thing that happened. Worth the read for sure.

  21. Epicedion says:

    Serious question here: does anyone give a shit about LoL pro players other than LoL pro players?

    • ineatprophet says:

      The answer is a rather obvious yes. Audience is the only reason professional e-sports exist.

    • liance says:

      Yes. I can only speak for League of Legends, but there is a large proportion of casual League players that follow the pro-leagues. I know several friends who have stopped playing the game itself, but continue to watch professional matches for entertainment.

      There exists the stereotype of professional gamers as being disorganised lazy school dropouts with no work ethic. This is certainly true of some lower-echelon teams, especially in the amateur scene. But for the top teams, staying competitive means regimented practice and theorycrafting from 9 to 5 (if not longer hours). It is not a job I envy, but it is one I enjoy following.

      If you don’t play League, I’d expect the professional scene to be extremely obtuse and offputting. I understand this, and I think it’s the reason RPS’s League of Legends articles have a tendency to be poorly received.

      Even so, following competitive League of Legends is an enjoyable pastime for me – perhaps more so than playing the game myself. And there are hundreds of thousands of people who think similarly, if not more. But it probably looks a little crazy if you’re on the outside looking in :)

  22. Morcane says:

    I didn’t read the history part, but I did read the last 2 pages aka his reasons to quit.

    Yeah, still sounds like a crappy community.

  23. hypocritelecteur says:

    That intro paragraph is a mess. “Instead of a printer, he has written…” would nonsensically imply that someone has written a printer. Come on RPS, this is a middle school English as a second language lesson.

    • Asurmen says:

      Taking a quote out of context does imply that. Of course, that’s why you shouldn’t take quotes out of context.

      • hypocritelecteur says:

        No. Grammar is a constant.

        • hypocritelecteur says:

          In every context, the verb print must agree through instead. The long form sentence written here is “Instead of writing a printer, he wrote a letter.”
          This is bad writing, and bad editing. Its someone trying to ape RPS’s awkward bombastic writing style without knowing the basic rules of language that elevate the intentionally childish content.

          • Apocalypse says:

            “… Shin has recreated that scene from Office Space where they dropkick a jet printer except instead of trashing a printer he has written an 18-page letter to the public about why …”

            They seem to have edited this, because it does make now sense, well nearly ;-)

  24. hypocritelecteur says:

    Verbs cannot agree to disagree.

  25. aircool says:

    I quite enjoyed the read. It was a hard slog at times.

  26. meepmeep says:

    It’s like Riddley Walker on Ritalin.

  27. axt09673 says:

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  28. Eschat0n says:

    I don’t see the problem in RPS posting this article. I read the articles I find interesting and I would prefer if RPS didn’t make tons of shitty wannabe-retro game reviews. But I accept that other people find it interesting, so I don’t go on every article I can find with retro-shit and bitch and moan about how much I dislike these kind of games. I just avoid stuff I don’t find interesting, it’s not that hard.

  29. Thirdrail says:

    The average amateur League player has like six pages of insane complaints, so, yeah, eighteen seems right if you’re going to call yourself a “professional”.

  30. Retroblique says:

    Epic table flip.