Adventure Time Studio Making A Costume Quest Cartoon

It’s like something you’d heckle in a moment of drunk inspiration while watching Dragon’s Den: What if Double Fine and the guys behind Adventure Time joined forces for some reason?

Double Fine Studios’ Greg Rice has confirmed just that is happening. Frederator Studios, who you might know best as the folks behind Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors, are adapting Costume Quest [official site] for cartoon format. A jubilant Rice wrote: “Wooooo super excited to finally talk about how we’re making a Costume Quest cartoon with Frederator! Been a pleasure!”

No word so far on when the show will air or what it’s even about yet. The Costume Quests take place on Halloween night, and followed a bunch of kids who adopt the abilities of their costumes as they fight monsters trying to ruin the night.

“Here are Allie Urrutia, Aidan Sussman, Sinclair Dumont, and Issac Ryan Brown at this week’s recording session for an upcoming Frederator Studios cartoon (we’re sworn to secrecy at to what it is, but it’s based on a video game which sounds a lot like Mostume Mwest),” reads a message from Frederator. “Thanks for the aces work and a blast of an afternoon, gang.”


  1. JakeOfRavenclaw says:

    Given that I loved everything about Costume Quest other than actually playing it, this is great news :-)

    • Gap Gen says:

      Yeah, same. Although I played CQ1 with a fever so that might have made the game more of a challenge.

  2. commentingaccount says:


    I loved the first Costume Quest, though I’ve not had a chance to play the second yet. The universe expanding is good news to me.

    Now, I need to get a hold of the comic books…

    • instantcoffe says:

      I stopped reading and caring about what you said the moment I saw the word “fanboner”. Grow up and stop sharing your boners for stuff that is kids-related.

      • commentingaccount says:

        Holy crap, it’s just a turn of phrase used as a joke, dude. Lighten up.

      • Premium User Badge

        Aerothorn says:

        I stopped reading and caring about what you said the moment I saw the phrase “I stopped reading and caring about what you said the moment.”

      • hennedo says:

        fanboners and instantcoffe sittin in a tree

      • Gap Gen says:

        Please don’t share your boners with kids, commentingaccount. Neither they nor the authorities will appreciate this.

  3. thaquoth says:

    Well, Double Fine being Best Buds with Pendleton Ward is well documented, so it kinda makes sense, right?

    I can see the premise working really well with a cartoon made by those guys. :D

    • Gap Gen says:

      Incidentally the Steven Universe game Attack the Light is a pretty good adaption of the source material into a JRPG-like game. I think it might only be on phone/tablet, though.

  4. Cantisque says:

    Meh… Why Costume Quest specifically?

    Why not Shantae or Mighty Switch Force?