I Herd U Lyk Throwbacks: Diablo III’s Cow Level

Happy third birthday, Diablo III [official site]. Why it feels like it was only yesterday you were a little tyke that wouldn’t load on my computer. Now look at you! All grown up and making, ah, cow puns.

In celebration of the anniversary, Blizzard are breaking the fourth wall, giving a cheeky wink to the camera, and calling upon something called The Cowpocalypse. Long-time fans of the series will know that cows have a place in the heart of Diablo. While Diablo III’s tooltips have previously stated there is no cow level, for a limited time players will be able to take a peak inside the Layer of Hell dedicated to Burger King executives.

Until May 21st, there’s a chance that encounters with special treasure goblins will trigger a Cow Level portal that will give you entry into the secret plane of cow men. So I guess if 50 is gold and 60 is diamond, then three is mince.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Earl-Grey says:

    Blizzard deserves a patty on the back for their efforts.

    • Xocrates says:

      Yeah, I herd they truly made the game much meatier by now

      • Ejia says:

        I’m sure someone will think this is a big misteak, though.

        • Premium User Badge

          Earl-Grey says:

          People on the Internet definitely can be quite bullish when oxentuating their beef with the way Blizzard run their business.

  2. BlueTemplar says:

    So, is it worth it dusting up Diablo 3 for this?

    • HopperUK says:

      It’s a lot of loot so if you fancy killing cows and getting loot, sure.

      • jacobvandy says:

        A lot of crap loot, unfortunately.. I counted about a dozen resplendent chests and at least twice that many normal ones when I went through it (all condensed to a map less than half the size of Fields of Misery), but without the buff to legendary drops you get inside Nephalem Rifts, you likely won’t get anything useful. It’s an okay novelty to play through once, but not nearly rewarding enough to hunt around for that unique mob spawn all week.

        • cpy says:

          It’s useless, it have one good use though, if you’re leveling your character with slower style (no boosting) then you get quite nice gear boost for your character to improve leveling, but other than that. it’s useless.

  3. Haxton Fale says:

    […]players will be able to take a peak inside the Layer of Hell dedicated to Burger King executives.

    I didn’t know mountains became equippable in Diablo III. Or do you take one there as a companion?

  4. commentingaccount says:

    limited time? :( I don’t own the game, and i’m too broke to buy a copy…

    • Mungrul says:

      Limited time… ish.
      While they insist there is no cow level during normal play, on incredibly rare occasions when doing rifts, you’ll get a Bovine Rift. And that’s generally pretty good for loot, as it’s a 10 level dungeon with unique bosses.

  5. kiwi12 says:

    Thats all Blizzard can do nowdays… recycle old stuff from their actual good old games.

    • Asurmen says:

      Man, I wish I was as miserable as you. If by recycle you mean a cheeky little harmless wink and nod to a previous game, then sure.

  6. Razumen says:

    My sister and I stumbled upon this in the second act, it was a nice surprise, though since we were playing on expert difficulty I wish the difficulty had been a bit…beefier.