Battlefield 4 Spring Patch Will Add Guns, Guns, Guns


It’s no surprise to see DICE continue to support Battlefield 4[official site]. If you compare its stats with those of the more recently released Battlefield Hardline, it’s clear BF4 is the PC owner’s Battlefield of choice. With the upgrades made in the upcoming Spring Patch, releasing “late May”, those players will probably be sticking around a while longer.  With rebalanced weapons across the board, this could feel like an entirely new game.

Other upgrades include new guns, improvements to the original guns and a new game mode. Called Gun Master. Anyone else sense a running theme, here?

The new weapons include a few fan favourite, because if there’s one thing people love it’s playing that thing they loved five years ago with better graphics. Also sniper pistols. All the weapons in the game have been rebalanced too.

“In the Spring Patch, we have also revamped the damage, falloff and suppression model. With this pass, we’ve touched every single weapon in the game – and how they play,” DICE say. “Our goal has been to create distinct roles for the weapon classes, and award skill of the player through increased recoil and by bringing back the 2-bullet headshot!” You can find more information about the rebalancing over at the BF4 test subreddit wiki.

Gun Master is a game mode originally found in Battlefield 3: Close Quarters, which constantly switches out your weapon as you gain kills. The PC version of the game is also more stable and the online play should be a lot smoother. Not bad for free.

Check out the blog post for more info and keep an eye out for the full patch notes, which should land closer to its late May release.


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    Grizzly says:

    Gun Master is secretly actually Gun Game for the classic Counter Strike (not sure what the GO variant is called nowadays), but I must say it never worked on Battlefield. Counter Strike’s extremely heavy recoil and extremely lethal bullets ensure quick death, whilst Battlefield’s pace is slower. BF3’s gun game was a team based affair to boot, but included no mechanics for kill assists. It was defenitely the least thought out game mode.

    That being said, battlefield’s gunplay is interesting enough for me to give it another go, but I do hope they fix some of the more awfull isseus.

  2. Clavus says:

    It’s nice to see how they also upgrade the netcode from a minor disaster to the best in the series, especially now that they’re experimenting with higher tickrates on the Community Test Environment.

  3. Paxeh says:

    What is this 2-bullet headshot?

    • Askis says:

      They’re increasing the headshot multiplier.
      Right now, a headshot doubles the damage, so a weapon that does 24 damage per bullet at close range(most Assault Rifles) will leave an opponent with 4 health after two headshots.
      With the patch they’re increasing it to 2.5x afaik, so being able to land headshots at close range is going to drop an opponent slightly faster.

  4. Edlennion says:

    What’s the verdict on BF4 these days?

    Specifically, is it worth picking up now? I enjoyed the last 2 battlefields I played (BC2 and BF3), and I notice that the Premium (i.e. full) Edition is “only” £27 at the moment on Origin.

    Worth picking up?

    • Banks says:

      I think It’s terrible. It forces long-ranged combat so often that 90% of the time It plays like an ant shooting simulator. The other 10% are messy bottlenecks.

      That’s pretty much It.

      • TormDK says:

        You know those scopes you can get, use them? :P

        Battlefield 4 has been a pretty good experience overall for me personally. So far I’ve spent over 600 hours on it since release.

    • Bull0 says:

      I hated it until recently and then two things happened – I bought a new graphics card, which improved my performance significantly and thus made the game feel better to play, and Dice did loads of development to improve the responsiveness of the whole thing which in turn made it more fun. I’m having loads of fun with it now. To the extent that news of this rebalancing troubles me slightly, although I can see how two headshots with an AR not killing someone is pretty ridiculous.

    • melancholicthug says:

      For me it crashes after 20 mins of playtime, so my advice is that if you buy it you test it extensively and if you experience the same you use Origin’s refound policy.

    • Cross says:

      I love Battlefield 4, personally. The sheer diversity of interlocking gameplay makes it a lovely thing indeed, that is IF you’re playing with a group of buddies. Playing with pubbies on your own is a nightmare.

    • go4brendon says:

      I really enjoyed it in terms of multiplayer. Singeplayer wasnt as good as BF3 but it is a great game now that alot of the bugs have been ironed out.

    • der_Zens0r says:

      Yeah buy it if you enjoyed bf3 and bc2. I never got a problem with bf4 and always thought that it’s better than bf3, but maybe I’m strange. It runs a lot smoother on my pc, thats for sure.

      I guess I will try it again after patch release. The only thing that prevents me from playing more often, is that I need two days to be “in” the game.

    • Unclepauly says:

      It has improved massively since launch. It really is a joy to play now. Imo the best medium/large scale shooter out there. All of the major issues have been patched up and now you can just jump in and enjoy some battlefield.

    • simulant says:

      It’ remains my go to, current gen shooter though I think Bad Company 2 was the pinnacle of the series.
      The bitching & moaning is overwrought. My biggest complaint would be the community’s maturity level and the fact that despite all the DLC and game types, you will, more often then not, end up running around in circles on the same handful of maps.

    • mhcastrillon says:

      Yes. I’ve played every single one and this has become, after much yelling at it and even if sometimes I still yell at it when it crashes on me, a pleasure to play when everything clicks into place.

      Once you find a set of reliable servers to play in and learn the maps’ quirks, the 64 player bouts turn EPIC. DICE has stamped most of the most annoyinbg bugs and while it still remains a barely controllable and frustration mess at times, it’s not as bad as it was at release, when its bugs clearly outweighed the fun you had.

    • clom says:

      It depends on how you like to play.

      I only played rush mode in BFBC2 (most fun I’ve had in multiplayer ever), which there was less of in BF3 and you almost won’t find anyone playing rush in BF4. And the rush maps that are there are shite – my opinion. I’ve never enjoyed conquest mode that much, so almost never touch BF4 anymore.

      And one of the most annoying things: all the guns and gadgets are so slow to unlock, it’s clearly done in a way to entice you to pay for weapon unlocks. They should have gotten a lot more flack for that at release IMO, along with all the flak they didnt get for releasing a product in Alpha state.

  5. Synesthesia says:

    Wow, those are the slowest bullets in existence. The two soldiers in the screenshot are maybe 100 meters apart?

  6. EkoAzarak says:

    Battlefield series is complete trash. milquetoast arcade trash. BF4 is now the new CoD standard of shit. EA can go die in a fire.

    link to go here. and get ready for the best military FPS ever.

  7. cylentstorm says:

    Having spent hundreds of hours with CoD-ified BF4 alone, the news of this latest “upgrade” has rendered me unable to manage a decent facepalm.

  8. clom says:

    “Not bad for free”

    Jem here obviously didn’t pay ~USD 100 for BF4 + BF4 Premium, for what was essentially BF4 Early Access for the first 9 months after release.

  9. tonicer says:

    I had this crazy dream about the next big BF4 patch.

    It had dedicated server files so i could easily host my own server and it had really decent bots and offline play.

    In this crazy dream i played BF4 with bots on a long flight and it was an awesome way to make those 5 hours just fly by.

    But i guess thanks to some weirdness this will always just be a dream.

  10. Malibu Stacey says:

    If you compare its stats with those of the more recently released Battlefield Hardline, it’s clear BF4 is the PC owner’s Battlefield of choice.

    Under 30k players at peak makes it “the PC owner’s Battlefield of choice.”?
    CS:GO gets more than half a million players simultaneously every day.
    Not bad for a 2.5 year old game.

    • shadybearfaced says:

      As much as I agree with you that CSGO is a far superior game, there’s one problem with your post. CS isn’t a Battlefield, is it? :P