Procedural Schoolgirl Intrigue: Black Closet Out With Demo


Long Live the Queen had players fend off armies and sea monsters, but all those pale in comparison to the viciousness of a private girls’ school. That’s the setting for the latest from LLtQ developers Hanako Games, Black Closet [official site], which came out on Sunday.

Black Closet’s about mystery, scandal, secret societies, crime, and romance afoot at the illustrious St. Claudine’s. As Student Council President, you must keep things in check and save the school’s reputation by investigating procedurally-generated intrigue, and hey, living a life of your own too. It has a demo, so you can see for yourself.

While LLtQ had well-established branching to learn (and you did need to study it!), Black Closet procedurally generates its cases – stolen lockets, cheated tests, and so on – and you investigate them by using assets and sending out your minions, other schoolgirls who are on your side. Or who appear to be on your side. Oh, they might be traitors, and then you have secret societies with agendas of their own, and… Student Council President sounds like a difficult and time-consuming job. Still, you can make time to form friendships and seek romance.

I’ll have a crack at the demo this evening, but I’m definitely into the idea.

Black Closet is out now on Windows, Mac, and Linux for $19.95 (£12.75), available direct from Hanako. That’s also where you’ll find the demo.


  1. Ejia says:

    Time for another wildly inaccurate X meets Y! This time, it’s Long Live the Queen meets Nancy Drew with a touch of Academagia!

    • NotGodot says:

      And for an accurate one: Floor 13 meets Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble

  2. AngoraFish says:

    THIS is how these types of games should be made. Procedurally generated, rather than forcing the player to reverse engineer spreadsheets of improbably branching event trees.