Machineers Wants You To Think Like A Programmer

Do you remember when you first watched Robot Wars and every time the announcer called the contestants ‘Roboteers’ you couldn’t help but picture robots with giant ears sticking out of their face? What do you mean, “What’s Robot Wars?” How old are you? Do your parents know you’re using the Internet?

For anyone who does remember, you may have a similar experience with Machineers [official site], a new episodic adventure game that wants to teach you to think like a programmer.

From the looks of the trailer, Machineers plays like a cross between Lumino City (excellent) and The Incredible Machine (brilliant). Which feels like a no brainer now that we think of it. As a wannabe Machineer you’ll need to help out the people of Tivoli Town by solving mechanical puzzles and fixing strange machines. And maybe learn a thing or two about thinking like a programmer in the process.

Machineers started life as a Masters project at the IT University Copenhagen by Danish developer Lohika, the purpose of which was to develop an educational game that could teach programming theory without using any code. You may be interested to read their full Masters thesis for some insight into how they went about using “stealth learning” to teach without you even noticing.

A demo’s on the Machineers website. Two of the five planned episodes are available right away for Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam at £3.59 apiece, which seems like a fair punt to me. Machineers is also available on iPad and Android tablets, I guess. If you’re into that.


  1. ribby says:


    Er wait, what was this article about?

    • brulleks says:

      I’m still gutted Hypnodisc never won the championship. Worse than Jimmy White never winning the snooker Worlds.

  2. Suits says:

    Most of the time at my grandparents was spent playing TIM

    • Ejia says:

      Similarly, I hogged my father’s mac to play TIM and SimCIty.

      Now that I have my own computer I can play SimCity 4 (or Cities:Skylines) and Contraption Maker all I want.

  3. K33L3R says:

    Ah, robot wars :)
    Good childhood memories

    • frightlever says:

      All the sexiness of robots combined with the steely efficiency of Philippa Forrester… they should bring it back. The things people could do now with cheap on-board Arduinos and Pis.

  4. cylentstorm says:

    Robot Wars? Oh–that cheesy show that aired on TNN between “rasslin” matches and shitty country music videos. I was probably doing bong rips in a dorm room or somewhere in Japan at the time, but yes–I seem to remember it.

    As for Machineers, I played some version of it on an old tablet a year or two ago. It was actually one of the better puzzle games that I’ve seen–especially on mobile toys.

  5. Premium User Badge

    phuzz says:

    Someone told me the other day that someone filmed a new series of Robot Wars recently, I’m not sure if that’s true, I’m more concerned about the two new series of Red Dwarf they’re planning to make…

  6. toastengineer says:

    That reminds me of Untrusted or that clone-ish thing I made last year called INJECTION. I almost never see programming games made or talked about, which is odd since they’re such a compelling thing when implemented (hurr) properly.