Conquist No More – Expeditions: Viking Announced

2013’s Expeditions: Conquistador was an interesting idea, an expedition into the New World mixing exploration, party management, RPG bits, and turn-based combat. It was pretty fun, our Adam thought, but had a fair few problems too. Now developers Logic Arts have returned to announce another voyage, or more a series of raids.

Expeditions: Viking [Facebook page] will see that beardy lot cruising for a bruising and perusing for a pillaging, trying to lead a clan into a bright future.

This time around, your gang are centred on a home village they’ll launch from and return to between expeditions. I say “expeditions” because it’s not all pillaging – you can be nice and trade if you’d like. You’ll need to build up your village and maybe protect it from would-be pillagers, mind. Also new since Conquistador is your character being an actual avatar in the world during travel and combat. Those two layers of play are rolled into one now too, with free exploration transitioning into combat when fisticuffs start.

Here’s how Adam summed up his Wot I Think of the original Conquistador:

“Expeditions: Conquistador is far more than a reskinned King’s Bounty, exploring a historical moment with confidence and skill. The combat system is effective and while some aspects of management become a chore, the focus on stories and characters means that there is almost always at least one interesting plot on the boil. The maps will be the same if I play again, so I doubt I’ll revisit but if there are more Expeditions to come, I’ll certainly pack a bedroll and hop on board.”

Better pack your Sou’wester too, young Adam.


  1. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    I do not approve of people using facebook pages as their game’s main website and source of information. I don’t know why, I just don’t like it.

  2. Orija says:

    I still haven’t found the perfect viking game. The closest was Total War: Attila with the Viking Forefathers pack.

    • BathroomCitizen says:

      Wasn’t there a Mount&Blade expansion that dealt with Vikings?

      Although I seem to recall that it didn’t sell to well.

      • Vin_Howard says:

        link to

        It looks like a good game; really shocking to see there are no steam reviews for it, though…

        On a side note, it’s still in active development with a “100% free major update” having been announced 5 days back. See: link to

        • Anguy says:

          Reviews seem to be down for every game, which is most likely the reason there doesn’t seem to be a review of this yet :)

      • Hanban says:

        I played it for a while. I bounced off it pretty hard, and returned to playing Warband. On release it was buggy to the extent that it was far from enjoyable.

    • ulix says:

      Crusader Kings 2 with the “Old Gods” expansion is a pretty gread Viking game. This here is obviously more focused, and really sounds intrigueing.

  3. Tayh says:

    Hel yes!
    I always Thor’t a viking setting could make for a good rpg. So happy to finally see someone do it, it almost brings a Tyr to my eye.

    • Llewyn says:

      Yes, I’ve always found it very Odin deed that more developers don’t explore this period.

      • BathroomCitizen says:

        For how long will we have to keep Loki’n for more viking-based rpgs?

        Hel, I wish the Devs pantheon would listen to us.

        • Bereil says:

          If this game follows its predecessor, I think it’s Sif to say not too long.

          • sektor666 says:

            I hope they go ahead and make some Baldur design choices this time around.

  4. TormDK says:

    I enjoyed the Conquestadors title, so will be looking forward to this one as well.

  5. David Bliff says:

    Conquistadors captured many of the themes of 16th century Spanish colonialism more than any game I’ve ever played, and while I know a lot less about Vikings than I do about the 16th century, I’ll be happy to support any dev who pays so much attention to historical details and debate.

    • Lacero says:

      as this video starts with a burning longboat I wouldn’t expect too much historical accuracy.

      • RedViv says:

        Well, El Dorado and the Fountain of Youth were a thing in the game too. Keeps it fun!

        • David Bliff says:

          I said it captured the themes, not that it was necessarily an accurate representation. They clearly read a lot of actual history books, and avoided a lot of pop history bogus stuff.

      • hypocritelecteur says:

        Burning a ship was a common practice… It generally happened on land though.

  6. RuySan says:

    I still listen to the conquistador soundtrack often. It’s that good.

    The game was also memorable.

  7. MrNash says:

    Ooooo, color me interested. Conquistador was great. Would love to see them take a stab at vikings. =)

  8. ZIGS says:

    umm, a new game from Logic Artists, huh? Where does that leave Clandestine, currently in early access?

    • Atomic says:

      Clandestine is exactly where it is meant to be, still in development and moving forward. We’ve made all the story mode levels– now we are working on getting the cut scenes and voice over in, and balance and flow of the game right. If you are an Early Access owner of Clandestine, you will be seeing patch 0.7 out in a few weeks, but we are currently testing and stabilizing the build. There is a lot going into it, including: a load of optimization and improvements, a new tutorial/the first level of the story mode, our HQ and much more. You can check out a patch notes teaser on Steam.

      As we continue tightening up the gameplay and flow in the patches beyond 0.7 Early Access folks will see a bit less because we are not really sharing the story mode (besides the tutorial level and HQ) so as to avoid spoilers before the proper release.

      During this stage of the development cycle we start on a new project, otherwise we would have to fire the half of the team for whom the Clandestine project is over, and we are not gonna do that, we love them and they do great work. We did the same thing when finishing Expeditions: Conquistador, when all of the art and level stuff was done we moved people to start Clandestine.

      Hope this answers your question about the state of Clandestine and gives you a bit o’ the insight into our workflow and development reasoning. And thanks for being interested!