Hack, Slash & Port: Samurai Warriors 4-II Announced


Japanese publishers Koei Tecmo have been pretty good about releasing PC versions of their games in recent years, though their ports can leave something to be desired. Still, good on ’em, and I’m glad to see Samurai Warriors 4-II [official site] is coming our way too.

Today they announced a western release for the latest in the semi-historical fantasy hack ‘n’ slash series, which is due a release via Steam on October 2nd. Expect more people in ridiculous costumes cutting through dozens of footsoldiers with one swipe, which is exactly what you’d want from a Warriors game.

Samurai Warriors 4-II is follow-up to 2014’s Samurai Warriors 4, though as that didn’t come to PC it’s even shinier and new for us. Unless you played it on console. Anyway, point is, the story of this Samurai Warriors game focuses more on characters than regions. Its thirteen chapters will revolve around characters from SW4, a few from earlier games in the series, and one new person. It also brings a survival/challenge mode called Endless Castle, and Koei Tecmo also say the game’s “battle, action and character development systems have been revamped”. Good-o!

More historical hacking and slashing from Koei is due on PC before this comes out, mind. Bladestorm: Nightmare was due in May last we heard.


  1. Baines says:

    Releasing on the PS3 as well as the PS4… That is a bad sign for the PC port. With Dynasty Warriors 8 and DW8 Empires, Koei Tecmo ported the PS3 version to PC instead of the PS4 version. (Which was followed by the Dead or Alive 5 being ported from the older arcade port of the PS3/360 version, instead of the PS4 or Xbox One version.)

    • Wedge says:

      I know I’m the only one, but really, you have no idea how happy I am to be getting Warriors games with legit PC releases these days now. Blahblahblah they’re not the PS4 versions blahblahblah it’s not like you can even tell the difference outside of cut scenes anyways. Now if we could just get Guilty Gear, Persona, Yakuza, and EDF onto PC I could mothball my consoles forever.

  2. Eleven says:

    It took me a second to realise he’s not actually holding a hang-glider.

  3. bv728 says:

    You know, I really hope this one has Naoe Kanetsugu’s real, historical helmet.

    Because nothing says “Badass” like riding into battle with a hat surmounted by the character for “love” done up a foot tall.

    • Baines says:

      Koei’s version of Naoe Kanetsugu includes having the kanji on his helmet. In Samurai Warriors, he’s had it since he became playable in the second game. Apparently the “love” helmet is also present in other Koei games like Kessen III and Nobunaga’s Ambition.

      But for badass proclaiming headgear, I prefer Koei’s version of Ieyasu. Koei’s version has a two or so foot spike attached to the top of the helmet. It now looks like a sword. But in its first incarnation, it had a curved square sheet near the base, making it look like Ieyasu was going into battle wearing a giant paper spike on his head. That says “badass”.

  4. Prosthetics says:

    In other words, it will be another port with previous gen graphics, with “fan favorites” dictated by creepy Japanese individuals who love the fact that the game is turning into another anime. Most of the characters they chose are uninteresting, both in terms of their historical significance, and the persona that Koei gave them, but everyone Japan eats them up because they have skimpy outfits or look straight out of DBZ.

    Dynasty Warriors 5 and Samurai Warriors 2 were the two golden games of this franchise, but then the anime culture started to gather more prominence as the game sold better in Japan, as a result, character development stalled, the characters started looking younger, whiter, and had more flared hair. The weapons became extravagant. It started to turn into a kill count contest instead of a semi-strategic game where your troop morale mattered. They continued to devise quicker ways to kill grunts and turn the levels into linear progressions. I remember back in DW5 where I could go on a completely different route than the troops under my name, gather an insane amount of morale, and then my troops carve through wherever they were going…no more, its up to the player now to do everything in the mindless fashion its become /rant