Full Steam Ahead For The Curious Expedition

In the six months since I wrote about The Curious Expedition [official site], a great deal has changed. The shiny new trailer below shows some of those changes, including dicey combat, a world map, yawning great chasms that swallow expeditions whole, and a victory screen. It’s possible that the victory screen was in the build I played last year but I certainly never saw it. I was too busy pondering the strange appeal of cannibalism and befriending a donkey.

The latest version is now available via Steam Early Access as well as direct from the devs.

If the trailer and my previous words aren’t enough to convince you that The Curious Expedition is almost certainly worthy of your time, here are a few things I wrote in my notepad when I was playing.

“H Rider Haggard: The Roguelike.”

“Jules Verne’s Faster Than Light.”

“The fucking tigers just won’t stop.”

“Of course there are dinosaurs.”

I didn’t write it down but I did see Marie Curie triggering a series of volcanic eruptions that threatened to tear a continent in half. She did that by lobbing dynamite all over the show because she needed to clear a path to a golden idol that she was keen to pillage.


  1. Premium User Badge

    Arnvidr says:

    Trailer below you say?

  2. SanguineAngel says:

    I mean, the trailer isn’t present but even so, I am obviously going to get straight onto this tonight

  3. Harlander says:

    Ohh man, I’m pretty enthusiastic about this. Not enough to get it in Early Access, because I’d either get burnt out by it by the time it comes out, or not play it to avoid that and thus waste the whole EA idea.

    But pretty sure I’m gonna end up getting this when it’s out, as I’ve got most FTL-alikes.

  4. Chiron says:

    Really enjoyed the demo for this so may have to grab it, combat could have been explained a little better though so hopefully thats rectified in the full release.

  5. lowprices says:

    This looks right up my proverbial alley, so I’ll be getting this. I’ll wait until it’s out of Early Access though, as I still need to put more time into Sunless Sea, The Long Dark, Neo Scavenger, and Invisible Inc. All of which were also right up my proverbial alley.

    • Harlander says:

      There’s quite a lot of stuff up your proverbial alley, it’s sounding more like a proverbial street

      • lowprices says:

        Well let’s just say the proverbial thoroughfare of my videogame taste is currently quite crowded, thanks to a number of early access games, and that I’m not sure there’s space for more right now.

  6. Arglebargle says:

    Looks to be an updated version of the old boardgame, Source of the Nile. Piques my interest. Will keep an eye on it as it goes through early access.

    I do recall once discovering the giant inland sea of Africa, from which all the Niles sprung. Ah, my glorious days as an explorer….