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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Bundles of Happiness


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‘Tis the season for game bundling, money-money-money. We’ve got good games a-plenty, ka-ka-ka-ka-ching-ka-ching. *ahem* With both the United Kingdoms and the United States celebrating various holidays on Monday, it seems like an excellent time to put diversions within easy reach. The Bargain Bucket usually squints appraisingly at individual deals, but it feels like a time to poke at the bigger, badder things on the discount market right now. (Enjoy dosbox’s plushie! And send me new ones!)

Humble Sale
Humble’s Spring Sale Encore is, I think, the most obvious candidate here. There are about 300 games or so going for cheap, many of which fit into the ‘you totally need to get this’ category. We’ve got absolute classics like Jet Set Radio, indie awesomeness such as Don’t Starve: Reign of Giants Complete, and the usual triple-A suspects. Personally, I’ll keep tabs on the site for the rest of the week, just in case a killer flash deal rolls through the digital divide.
The landscape of GOG is a bloody place this weekend. Games of MAY(hem) – clever pun, ain’t it? – heavily discounts a variety of viscerally violent titles, including the first volley of Mortal Kombat games and more recent releases like Shadow Warrior and Rise of the Triads. My pick from the litter is probably an unconventional one. Crimsonland isn’t a particularly deep game, but the top-down shooter is mindlessly satisfying in the right situation.

Bundle Stars
Bundle Stars has always bewildered with its ability to provide great games at ludicurously low prices. Unfortunately, nothing good lasts forever. But sometimes, however, sometimes they come back. Clawing from the abyss of the World Wide Web. Hungry for the contents of digital wallet. For a limited time only, Bundle Stars has made some of their best bundles available again. Marvel at the Indie Legends Bundle. Be terrified by the awesomeness of the Fear Bundle. Raise questioning eyebrows at the Mortal Kombat X Special Kombo Pack. It’s all here for your perusual.

Stunfest Indie Bundle 2015
I’m a little bit surprised by how much I like the Stunfest bundle, even taking its 11 dollar price tag into consideration. In particular, I’m fascinated with the art of Lije, and intrigued by Synchrom, which mashes together shooter, musical, and puzzle game mechanics. It’s all a little pricey for an bundle, I suppose, but I’m personally happy to pay a little extra to encourage local development scenes.

Shadowrun Weekend
When Shadowrun Returns first came out, I was disappointed. It wasn’t a bad game, but it didn’t proffer the freedom or the experience I had expected of the franchise. But Harebrained Schemes persisted. They built on the original model, made a slicker story, streamlined some other ideas. The result was Shadowrun: Dragonfall, which is absolutely fantastic. (You’ll also have the opportunity to pre-purchase the upcoming Shadowrun: Hong Kong edition, although we’d advise to hang tight and wait for the first onslaught of reviews later.)

Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds
Phantom Breaker: Battle Grounds is probably not going to be everyone’s jam, although I suppose that could be said about anything in the world. Filled with chibified characters, the arcade-y beat-em-u is an amalgamation of influences from the SNES era and Japanese culture. Those who loathe twee pixel art should stay clear, because the design is rather wondrously saccharine. As this is an offer from Nuuvem, you’re going to need some Hola-fu to make it all work.

Civilization V: Complete Edition
Have you ever felt this urge to lose hours of your life in an obsession? Do you enjoy strategy games? Do you relish navigating the intricacies of desktop politics? Are you keen on seeing Gandhi go mental? You are? Excellent! You’ll find that Civilization V is totally up your alley. I’m slightly amused that this is being pitched as a complete edition, but whatever works. Also, if you do pick it up, be certain to snag the community-made mods because some of them are just amazing.

Last but not least:

Contraption Maker is free this weekend! Yes. 100% free. All you have to do is enter your email so they can send you a game key. Of course, this opens you to being bombarded by emails, but that may be a small price to pay for the opportunity to build perpetual motion machines and automated dog walkers. The possibilities are almost endless.

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