What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Monday is a holiday in the green and pleasant land the RPS rocketship crashed into. While we won’t be pumping out posts then, we do have a little lined up to tide you over.

Me, I’m excited that this will give me enough free time to finally start on The Witcher 3. I managed to squeeze Episode 3 of Life Is Strange into an evening (oh my gosh it is so good – I think we’ll be talking more about this soon) but my game time has been a bit limited lately. So it’ll be Monsterhunting Monday for me.

I’ll also make room for Mad Max: Fury Road because goodness me I am excited to see that film! Now spring’s in full swing, most of my evenings are spent at the swimming pond – probably too many – and I fall behind on games and films, though I do read a lot more in all the time on trains there and back. I did find time to see Pitch Perfect 2 with friends and it’s pretty fun but… yeah, Fury Road would’ve been my higher priority without pals prodding.


  1. Stellar Duck says:

    I’ll finish episode two of Life is Strange and then start episode three.

    Probably get started on Technobabylon as well. Tomorrow is for playing Scourge of War again in anticipation of Waterloo. Currently playing through Chancellorsville. Gotta get that generals star on the forums.

    • caff says:

      Mostly this but I’ve just finished off the main story in GTA V. Ended with a bit of a whimper.

  2. Bostec says:

    Max Payne 3 Again.

    “I was a fat sweaty bald mess” And in real life too.

    Minecraft but with the Regrowth mod. Its pretty good and has got me back into Minecraft with some purpose.

    Heroes of the Storm. This has suprised me somewhat. I bounced off DOTA 2 real hard. Couldn’t stand it. But this, nice quickest matches (20-25 mins) No items to fart arse around with and maps that look differant.

  3. Vacuity729 says:

    I’ve just spent my first half an hour with the beta for Arcen’s upcoming 4X, Stars Beyond Reach. So far it seems to be a game of numbers, but those numbers are starting to make some sense now, which isn’t too bad for half an hour into a 4X game. I expect that after a few hours I’ll discover I actually shot myself in the foot in these first turns, but who knows?

  4. Fredrik Sellevold says:

    This is of course the weekend of the witcher!
    Started it up on the launchday; haven’t put a lot of time into it yet, but I’m really enjoying it so far. Love the emphasis it puts on monster hunting, and the work they’ve done on the system and interface seems like great improvements. :)

  5. Henson says:

    Now that I have working sound again, I can stop playing Don’t Starve over and over and get back to System Shock 2. And I might get to Witcher 3, we’ll see.

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      What happened to your sound?

      • Henson says:

        Power supply shorted out. Fried the sound card. I got my new one yesterday, so I’ve been playing sound-less games for about a week. Don’t Starve was actually a pretty good choice for those circumstances.

        I’m just hoping the PSU didn’t damage my other components in more subtle ways. If that motherboard dies on me…

        • CookPassBabtridge says:

          Oh man that sucks. My laptop shorted out the other day, I am plucking up the motivation to take it to a repair guy. It might be utterly dead though :(

  6. axolotl_questions says:

    I want to be playing some Dragon Age: Origins. Having originally played it on the 360, but never finished it, I recently started playing it with console commands enabled, purely so I could concentrate on the story. Unfortunately, having procrastinated all year, I must spend the weekend frantically studying up on UK financial regulations for my CeRCH exams on Tuesday and Wednesday.

  7. Premium User Badge

    FhnuZoag says:

    Playing Invisible Inc. Secretly undermining corporate overlords. And in the game, too.

    • Kitsunin says:

      I beat it for the first time yesterday…I was positive I was boned, but it turns out having your agents sprint all over the place like idiots is just distracting enough.

  8. zakpack48 says:

    Project cars is one for me, but I dont think Gary Newman will be driving but Alice Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car! Have a good weekend :)

  9. Xyviel says:

    Definitely more Witcher 3 on the horizon. I intended to go through another playthrough of The Witcher 2 while waiting for The Witcher 3 to be all patched up, but I can’t… resist… the… call…

  10. Pazguato says:

    Played through Broken Age and I’m quite disappointed. John’s article was harsh but really spot on.

    • Ross Angus says:

      I loved the art, the characters, the dialog. But … yes. I known. I know.

      • Pazguato says:

        Me too. It’s a stunning beautiful game, and the dialogs have Scahfer’s spark, but the rest…. :(

  11. Horg says:

    Alternating between Invisible Inc. and Witcher 3, also the RPS Planetside 2 group have a server smash tonight so i’ll be playing in that.

  12. Palindrome says:

    World of Warships and probably some Dark Age of Camelot on the Genesis freeshard.

  13. supermini says:

    Gal Civ 3. Superficially it looks like just another iteration, but it significantly improved from a mechanical standpoint over the last game. It’s a really good 4x.

  14. Barberetti says:

    I will be playing the “Troubleshooting The Random Rebooting PC Problem That Has Now Annoyed Me Enough For Me To Finally Sort The Fucking Thing Out” game.

    • CookPassBabtridge says:

      Dusty PC?

      • Barberetti says:

        Nah, it’s been doing it since I built the thing, which was last summer. I completely stripped it and cleaned everything a few months ago as well.

        • bonuswavepilot says:

          Did you remember the important ‘turn it upside down and shake it’ final step? Might’ve ended up with a screw wedged somewhere conductive…

    • Henson says:

      Oh boy. That game was worse before they released the patch, but I still hate it. Worst game ever. 7 out of 10.

    • jrodman says:

      For me that game was called “Amiga 500”. I loved that machine but man my particular model was shite.

      • Geebs says:

        Was that terrible bit of plastic that went on the back called the “modulator”? The one that wobbled and lost the TV signal. That was part of the reason I got an ST. Which was, of course, a terrible mistake.

      • zinzan says:

        Oh Man i had a Amiga 600, 3rd “Game device/computer I owned. Tech was great –

        Interesting times sigh

  15. Premium User Badge

    Hodge says:

    Oh man so much stuff. Going to have a quick look a few things tonight (Home Is Where One Starts, RadOS, Neon Struct, Regency Solitaire, Southbank Porttrait, the new Carageddon remake thingy) while setting Sunday evening aside for Technobabylon.

    Plus there’s always Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth and GTA V.

  16. Azhrarn says:

    I’ll probably be playing Galactic Civilizations 3 mostly. :) Maybe a little Sunless Sea or a little Endless Legend, but GalCiv3 will most likely be the majority of my time.

  17. Ejia says:

    Anno 2070. Or at least trying to.

    Uplay is avirus. A cancer. A plague. But everyone knows that already. Oh, but I took a chance. “Surely things have been sorted out? It’s been years! And Steam and Origin work perfectly fine.”

    To this Uplay replies “Fuck you. And don’t call me Shirley.”

    • Gibster says:

      Oh hey, an old game that I’ve actually played recently. Yeah Uplay sucks, but I haven’t been having to much difficulty as once you can get it to consistently work, it just adds another loading screen. Earlier though, when I first tried to get it working, Uplay would crash everytime while trying to update and load. Found a fix on the Steam forums though, I just had to give something admin permission and it started updating fine and let me play the game.

      But yeah, Anno’s a really great game its just blocked by a terrible system that just needs to be put out of its misery.

      • montorsi says:

        I have never had a problem with Uplay but dear god the tales I read about it. It’s unfortunate so many good games have to run through the damned thing.

    • Barberetti says:

      I remember wanting to give Call of Juarez: Gunslinger a shot (ho ho) when it was released, and not having a Uplay account at the time I thought “What the hell, I’ll give it a chance”. 15 minutes later, and repeated error messages along the lines of “This account cannot be created” but zero indication why, and that was enough for me.

    • schlusenbach says:

      Trying to play Anno 2070 with Uplay was the thing that made me boycott Ubisoft. I haven’t played a game from them ever since.

  18. welverin says:

    No idea, maybe a little Evolve, maybe I’ll continue with Skyrim (finally got back to it and started the DLC I never played), maybe I’ll get back to Life is Strange (two episodes behind now), maybe random whim will carry me elsewhere.

  19. TobleroneRoloCombo says:

    I rarely go to the cinema lately, (haven’t watched a film in the cinema in over two years) but have been really been wanting to watch Mad Max: Fury Road.

    Hopefully, I’ll still have time on the weekend to start Borderlands with my partner, though. Had played through it once before, but the people I’d been playing with at the time… were kind of frustrating.

  20. CookPassBabtridge says:

    No one actually reads any of the replies in this thread so I will just say I am murdering kittens with extremely hot spikes all weekend and see if anyone bats an eyelid.

    • Llewyn says:

      That’s just disgraceful. Wasting precious resources on heating the spikes like that, when they’d work just as well cold, is the sort of pointless profligacy that’s got the world in the position it’s in.

      • Ross Angus says:

        Indeed. And the less said about what CookPassBabtridge does to eyebrow bats, the better.

        • CookPassBabtridge says:

          It was all environmentally friendly. I heated them up by placing them below several jam jars with the sun shining on them. Usually I only use this method to accidentally burn scorch marks into particularly ugly mahogany tables from the 1980’s but it seemed worthy of repurposing.

    • Henson says:

      Man, I gave up on that game when I got to the NyanCat level. Fucker won’t sit still and I can’t see a thing through all those rainbows he keeps shooting at me. I eventually ran out of spikes and had to use rebar.

    • Fnord73 says:

      We will hunt you down if you ever come near making that reality.

    • Ejia says:

      I’m sure if the kittens have extremely hot spikes you can pass it off as self-defense.

    • caff says:

      As a kitten myself (with very advanced technological skills and born with the genetic defect/enhancement of opposable thumbs) I would just like to say this:


    • jonahcutter says:

      As long as you eat them afterwards it’s all good.

      Kittens are delicious.

    • CookPassBabtridge says:


  21. Fnord73 says:

    Stil bouncing off Wasteland 2. Wtf with all the weaponjams?

  22. Kaine says:

    I’m not playing anything. I’m just spending money on collector’s editions and composing themes.

    link to youtu.be

    • fish99 says:

      Nice music and video :)

      • Kaine says:

        Thank you! Besides not having adequate free time to play it, I also need to renew my graphics card, which will not happen anytime soon. :(

  23. melnificent says:

    Installing the AMD 15.5 drivers to try and hit 60fps in Witcher 3 on my 270x.
    Wow, that’s a lot of numbers.

    Oh and helping my 5 year old draw maps in rpgmaker… because why not.

  24. Gibster says:

    Civ 5, trying out some new mods (3UC, 4UC, Advanced Air, and Advanced Naval) and praying that they don’t conflict and crash the game. Also maybe some more Anno 2070, progress on my 3 monuments game has stalled a bit due to a consistent war with one of the expanding AIs. Thinkiing of just scrapping it and doing the challenge on a peacefull map instead where I can expand unhindered.

  25. Premium User Badge

    Bluerps says:

    I’ve recently started a new XCOM campaign that I might continue. However, mostly I will probably play Technobabylon because it’s been ages since I played a new point&click adventure, and is sounds so good.

  26. fish99 says:

    I am still playing the Dark Soul 2 (scholars) DLCs but the remaining bosses are really annoying so I dunno if I’ll keep playing it. A forced 15 minute long fight (with useless helper NPCs) for one shot at the boss isn’t fun IMO. There’s also far too many reskinned or lazy (or both) bosses in those DLCs too.

    I did finish GTAV. Haven’t really started Witcher 3 yet due to my (EVGA 970 SC) factory overclock not being stable with it.

  27. kud13 says:

    Continuing my re-paly of the Witcher (1) Got to Act 3 last night. enjoying it as much as ever the 6th time around.

    • L3TUC3 says:

      Me too. Getting my saves in order, then once I finish 1 and 2, maybe I’ll get e new videocard and play 3.

  28. MrNash says:

    Still trying to do all the things in Skyrim, with a bit of The Long Dark and some pseudo retro games on the side.

  29. Zenicetus says:

    Witcher 3, but not too much, because I’m trying to pace myself. I’m still trying to figure out if I like the new GalCiv3, so I’ll spend a little more time with that. And probably some X-Plane helicoptering in the very cool Bell 412.

  30. teije says:

    Just picked up Sunless Sea and loving that – great atmosphere.

    I see some folks playing GalCivIII – would be interested to hear thoughts on that and whether it is a significant advancement from GCII.

  31. Blain says:

    Warframe! It’s double soup Tuesday! (Actually it’s double crafting material drop weekend, but the concept is similar.)

    I also picked up 140, Dustforce, A Story About My Uncle, and Consortium on the Humble Store spring sale, so we’ll see which strikes my fancy.

    Or I might just run around being a maniac in Postal 2. I picked it up again when it was $0.99 and played through another pacifist run of the five day week. I should probably play it “correctly” at some point…


    • Blain says:

      140 – short but sweet and aesthetically pleasing

      A Story About My Uncle – less short and less sweet. I felt it failed to develop a vocabulary / communicate what it wanted from me as well as it could.

      Postal 2: Paradise Lost – Meh. I don’t mind craziness for craziness’ sake, but I got enough of that from the first five days of Postal 2. Both of the expansions feel pretty pointless. When the world you live in feels like Mad Max to start with, nothing you do feels subversive or crazy. The pedestrians walking around like everything’s normal are the ones who seem out of place.

      Warframe – I leveled up my new twin axes. I found that a mastery test dropped a rare component I’d had a hard time finding, so I farmed materials and mods from a simulation. :P

      I didn’t have time for Consortium.

    • Blain says:

      Oops. I forgot Dustforce. I played a little over an hour. On a 360 controller it doesn’t have that addictive feel that would keep me coming back to find the perfect line. Maybe the keyboard controls are the way to go.

  32. Sarfrin says:

    Neon struct demo, then maybe the full game if I like it.

  33. laggerific says:

    I am and will be playing GTA V and The Witcher 3. I also have a modded nes that supports rgb out, so I’ll be putting that through its paces. Possibly some duck tales or metroid. I have almost all my classic consoles using scart, which is awesome, because I always read about the awesomeness of scart while growing up in the US, but to see it in person is a real treat.

  34. Morcane says:

    My wife bought me The Witcher 3 since it showed ‘role playing thingy like’ (bless her), PC version.

    However, I’m still trying to like it. The controls are abysmal, there seem to be this really weird latency in your actions. It’s soul destroying really.

    • Continuity says:

      The witcher has always been a love or hate game, its style isn’t for everyone.

    • jonahcutter says:

      In cities and tight quarters, I’ve been toggling to walk mode. And then sprinting with shift. I found being able to take smaller steps and let off from sprint into a walk helps navigate doors, hallways, stairs, and the endless shuffling for angles to loot.

      I like how it feels when sprinting and moving in the open. There is a sense of weight and momentum. But it can be clunky when finer control is needed.

      The swimming controls are flat out awful.

  35. Pootie says:

    I’ve been playing the new Witcher today. It’s really really good…

  36. bleeters says:

    I have no idea, honestly. I think Life is Strange broke me inside. I haven’t really felt like playing anything since I finished that last episode a few days ago.

  37. Shovedaddy says:

    DYING for my new new rig to show up so I can get down on the Witcher 3 in its full glory. Haven’t yet decided on my gpu, any gtx 770 players out there with a report? It is the high spec after all.

    This weekend however, I shall dedicate to my stalwart dwarven fortress of Destinedmoments, because losing is fun, and doesn’t require a gpu in this case.

    • Naum says:

      GTX 670 here. With foliage draw distance and shadows a notch down from Ultra, I get a comfortably stable 30 FPS at 1080p. Haven’t tried to go for 60; I’ll take the prettiness over a slight input lag reduction.

  38. aircool says:

    I was going to persevere with Witcher 3, but fucked off out on my motorcycle instead. Some days are for being outside. It’s gonna piss it down tomorrow, so I’ll catch up then.

  39. cvaldivia93 says:

    FTL. Odds are very very very good that I’ll be keeping my winless streak alive. I am about 0-for-30 thus far at defeating the flagship; I suspect I’ll soon be 0-for-31, alas.

    • Continuity says:

      I assume you’re doing this on normal? tip: defeat it on easy first, then you’ll have the experience you need to defeat it on normal.

    • sicbanana says:

      Ah! Also bought FTL recently and I’m havin’ a freaking blast with it!
      Some tips: I found out that evasion is veery important in this game and that a fully upgraded cloaking system with stealth weapons is pretty OP vs. the rebel flagship. You might want to dip into that. Managed to beat it 3 times until now with that tactic (on easy though, so far).

      • cvaldivia93 says:

        Thank you both for the tips! I have indeed been on easy… still no luck, although making it further along each time. I have tried stealth on a few games, but not consistently. I may need to give it another shot.

        Thanks again!

  40. rosemarytfernandez says:

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  41. Philopoemen says:

    Continuing my Grey Jedi run through of KOTOR2, after finally sorting out all the issues that wouldn’t let me play with all graphic doodads enabled. Playing with upgraded textures, difficulty mods, and the extra content from TSLRCM and M478EP – its like its a new, complete, game.

    Alas discovering that the “Grey” option, is basically the light side option, but with less perks. And making myself sad realising that all the subtle foreshadowing included leads to SWTOR, which was not a bad game, but it wasn’t KOTOR3.

  42. ExitDose says:

    Curious Expedition
    Combat Mission: Black Sea

  43. Continuity says:

    assetto corsa and maybe some Dirt Rally, though dirt rally still needs a lot of work.

  44. heretic says:

    Approve your choice of going to see Mad Max: Fury Road. Excellent.

  45. zinzan says:

    Sat – Was going to be CMBN (4 PBEM games) but ended being one of those Civ IV – I’ll do a couple of turns whilst waking up, then get into the serious stuff afternoons……………. 12 hrs later I decided to get food and realised the time.

    Sunday – Played my CMBN games way to early on a Sunday, then played “entertain your 5 year old daughter” – fun but worn out now. Trying to be productive/good dad but Civ IV is calling (just a couplle of turns)

    Mon – Dunno, but wild guess “some” CIV IV will be there somewhere.

    • Grim Rainbow says:

      You could kill two birds with one stone and make your daughter your military advisor. And I hear ya, Civ 4 is hands down the most addictive game I’ve ever played.

  46. jonahcutter says:

    Witcher 3. I’ve been loving it so much I’m finding I need to force myself to ignore some sidequests, contracts and investigating every last point of interest, as I’m outleveling the main plotlines.

    I do enjoy that there are tiny, hidden little details around that aren’t even map icons. Just little tableaus and sometimes hidden little loot chests and things. The game is dense with environmental detail, much of it easily missed if you don’t explore for the sake of exploring.

    That in conjunction with the incredible atmosphere, and the sense of needing to research and prepare in different ways for the different bigger fights, has been immensely appealing.

  47. jrodman says:

    I am finishing up my (first) playthrough of Thief of Fate after putting it down for about 6 months.

  48. Grim Rainbow says:

    Dues Ex.

  49. ToomuchFluffy says:

    I finally finished Alpha Protocol yesterday. Quite good! While I did find the gameplay somewhat underwhelming outside of dialogue, it is really great to have such a highly dynamic storyline. Choices and consequences could feel forced in some cases, just like the mechanics were a bit too obvious at times. What I mean by the latter is, that consequences (like a faction supporting you in a mission) could sometimes feel a bit too gamey. Same goes for some other things, like the stealth system.

    The latter is partly because I’m constantly comparing stealth systems with FC2s, which was just so extremely detailed and believable. Now I can’t really tolerate that nobody notices people being killed nearby. One of the reasons why people thought that there was no stealth in FC2 was that they assumed it was a gamey system (which it was not). If somebody is killed other than with a silenced headshot, he will cry out and the others will hear it.

    Great stealth-guide on steam. There are a lot of details in there, which I didn’t know about. And I have been playing the game for about 100 hours: link to steamcommunity.com

  50. pertusaria says:

    This weekend I appear to be playing Pushmo, aka Pullblox. It’s a very engrossing puzzle game on 3DS.