More Touhou? Publisher Polls Fans’ Fan-Made Favs

When we posted about the Touhou Project games starting to receive official western releases, I was surprised by quite how many of you are fans of the Japanese bullet hell shoot ’em up series. If you have Strong Opinions on this subject, then you can now offer them to Playism, Touhou’s western publisher.

Playism are polling fans to see which ‘Touhou Derivative’ games (fan games, basically) folks would like to see get western releases. They promise nothing, but are curious what you think.

To briefly explain all this in a way that’ll get confusing and I’ll probably make mistakes with: while the core Touhou Project games are the work of one chap under the name Team Shanghai Alice, he lets other folks make and sell their own things based on them. This has lead to a huge web of fan games, books, manga, music and more that draw from official games and fan works and forums and… it’s a phenomenon. Some derivatives are shmups too but others wander into other genres, so who knows what might come of this?

Perhaps you’re a huge fan of Fantasy Puppet Dance Performance, or maybe Fantasy Maiden Wars E, or even Lacking the Perception of the Natural Laws of the East ~ Chase the Enigma of the Gargantuan Guignol.

“With all the attention that Touhou is getting, we decided to get your opinion on some of the Touhou Derivative titles. What Touhou Derivative would you all like to see in the west?” Playism ask. “Please note we do not guarantee the release of these games, we are simply gathering opinions!” The poll is this-a-way.

Playism have released two games so far, Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character and the fan-made platformer Takkoman -Kouzatsu World-.


  1. Kitsunin says:

    I’d find it pretty hilarious (but also very, very excellent) if the Gensou Shoujou Taisen series got a legitimate English release, considering Super Robot Wars has never gotten to come to the west.

    Seriously though, I’d love to see them get a legit English release, seeing as its creator has made the games after the first too heavily encrypted to see a fan patch.

    • Haborym says:

      That would be kind of ironic wouldn’t it? They’d have to fix all the ctd bugs first though. I could not even get past the first stage cause of that.

      • Haborym says:

        And that’s not entirely true, OG1&2 for the gba both got localized, as did at least one of those Endless Frontier games. Shame that’s all though. I would’ve liked to have at least played those OG remakes.

  2. cuc says:

    For your information, among the games on their list, Touhou Suimusou (Immaterial and Missing Power), Touhou Shinpiroku (Urban Legend in Limbo), and Touhou Hisoutensoku (the one with the longest name) are actually official Touhou fighting games co-developed by Team Shanghai Alice and another developer, Twilight Frontier. Since as the publisher, Playism needs to negotiate with each developer individually, it makes sense from their perspective to group these games with other fan games.

    • cuc says:

      Other than the fighting games, their list now includes a decent selection of RPGs, platformer/action games, a strategy RPG series often said to have surpassed its own inspiration Super Robot Wars, and a comedy soccer game. Seems the only major fan game genres not represented here are fanmade shmups, the Mystery Gensokyo roguelike series, and puzzle platformers like Marisa and Alice’s Trap Tower.

  3. Kentauroi says:

    I’d love to play Double Spoiler, that and Shoot the Bullet were great fun.

  4. Bugamn says:

    Is Alice related to Team Shangai Alice?

  5. Eriol says:

    Genius of Sappheiros has a huge cult following, and for good reason– it’s a very neatly bound, classic JRPG. I can easily see it being one of the top contenders along GST/the official .5-ish games.
    Never been a fan of the Soku-styled fighters but seeing as IaMP is there I’d like to see that one get a re-surge.

  6. MrUnimport says:

    Lacking the Perception of the Natural Laws of the East ~ Chase the Enigma of the Gargantuan Guignol (Touhou Hisoutensoku, or just Soku to its mates) is probably the best way to go here, being as it is one of the official games and the one which perhaps sees the most active play and conversation, thanks to the fact it’s a head-to-head 2D fighter.

    To be honest, I’m quite disappointed with Playism’s decision not to translate its Touhou releases at this juncture. Maybe they’re gauging demand before embarking on that weighty task, but offering a first official translation would add value to what is currently a purchase for sentimentality’s sake.

    • MrUnimport says:

      After having a look at the list, might as well mention I’m tendering a vote for Adventures of Scarlet Curiosity, which is a Touhou-themed Ys clone with lovely 3D graphics.

    • Kitsunin says:

      Oh…they aren’t translating anything?

      In that case, it’d be kind of pointless to release anything (especially the RPGs) which hasn’t gotten a fan translation…but relying on that seems kind of exploitative to the community?

      • MrUnimport says:

        If I recall correctly they’re translating the options menu, but the game itself remains in Japanese. The menus were already in partial English though, so at least you can play it just fine, and isn’t the gameplay the whole point?

        I’m not sure “exploitative” is the word I’d use. With a gameplay-oriented genre like shmups, the story is often secondary. Even with a setting as rich as Gensokyo, there are bound to be people interested in the gameplay alone.

        • Kitsunin says:

          Yes, I’m definitely not talking about the shmups, but Gensou Shoujou, Nightmare of Rebellion, etc. are going to pretty boring games even if they did translate every gameplay element. Genius of Sappheiros would be likewise, but might actually sell because of the fan patch.

          But I suppose exploitative isn’t the right word, I mean, the people who created the patch did it so English speakers could purchase the game and play it in their native tongue. If it did end up selling well because of it, cheap and lazy would be better terms, offloading the work onto unpaid folks, even if it was their choice to do said work. Of course, if they properly localized ’em, that’d be a different story.

          • Kitsunin says:

            Not meaning to, or shouldn’t be talking about the shmups, I should say.

          • Kitsunin says:

            Although when I think about it further still, it’s probably fine. If Genius of Sappheiros (or anything else) sold really well because of the English patch, that could potentially lead to games getting official translations, games which haven’t been translated by fans.

  7. Haborym says:

    I’m not surprised, Touhou is extremely mainstream among weebs these days. It’s not the obscure little Japanese indie game it used to be 10 years ago. I myself am only a casual fan. I liked the various spinoff games better than the main series. You know, StB, IaMP, SWR and it’s expandalone. I also kinda liked PoFV cause that played quite differently from the other games. I like the characters, they’re pretty neat, even if they are all essentially just moefied versions of various folklore monsters and whatnot.