Spooky Voice: Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster Announced

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Biohazard 0, a poem by Alice O’Connor age 31

Do you cry, o hazard?
They call you a ‘Resident Evil’
Those nasty people
Then sneer that you’re ‘Zero’
But o hazard look at you now: a hero
You’re being redone by Capcom who make Devil May Cry which has a character named Nero.

Capcom announced this morning that they’re giving the 2002 prequel to Resident Evil the old updatearoo. They say this new version will be “a modern update similar to this year’s enhanced REmake”, the pretty version of Resident Evil that Adam really quite enjoyed.

I never played Zero myself, but heard not-super-great-things about it. It arrived three years before the amazing Resident Evil 4, at a time when the series had slumped quite nastily and was mired in Umbrella Corporation guff. Heck, it’s a prequel – the most tedious type of lorebomb. But I’d imagine you know more than me on this subject and would delight in telling everyone about it in the comments?

The new version of Resident Evil 0 will arrive in “early 2016”, Capcom say, but they don’t have much to say about it beyond that. We have one screenshot to peer at too, that one up top. They have, however, set the game’s original director Koji Oda working on it, along with other folks who worked on it back in the day, so we can probably expect it’ll be jolly faithful and loving.


  1. Chizu says:

    I personally liked Zero quite a bit. So glad this one is getting updated.

    • crowleyhammer says:

      Same here, it was quite decent, i never had a problem with old school res evil controls though, if i remember right one of the features was you could leave items anywhere so inventory management wasn’t as tedious, had some really cool environments like the train and another mansion lol.

      • Keiggo says:

        I recall it required an oversized save file to keep track of all of your items. For some reason, I found that all rather exciting!

        • Kitsunin says:

          It’s quite silly that the feature stands out so much, but for a game in which you’re often retracing your steps, and inventory management is such a terribly important thing, it is an absolutely fantastic feature!

          Unfortunately the single player cooperative aspect doesn’t work so well, and in the end Zero is probably inferior to 2, 3, and REmake. But man, that feature is unexplicably exciting.

          • dethtoll says:

            It’s also shit in implementation because once you leave something you have to go back to get it if you need it. This can become a problem when you have stuff sitting in the training facility lobby while you’re all the way over in the chemical plant.

          • Kitsunin says:

            Yeah, I have no idea where I got the idea, but before reading the comments here, I thought there were very occasional item boxes in addition to the drop-anywhere mechanic…seems like that would’ve helped.

  2. Spacewalk says:

    Resident Evil for zeroes, Silent Hill for heroes.

  3. TheTingler says:

    It’s good certainly, but actually felt like a step backwards after the great Resident Evil Remake. No Crimson Head zombies, the map didn’t mark which rooms you’d cleared, stuff like that. It was clearly made by a different development team. And it introduced the hated series standard of having an AI partner that you need to protect.

    • GameCat says:

      RE0 was supposed to be released on Nintendo 64, so they probably used some of old concepts that were made way, way before REmake.

  4. Keiggo says:

    Zombie baboons are scary. In HD!

    • Orix says:

      I think the gigantic throat chewing cockroaches put me off from ever trying this game. /shudder

  5. Premium User Badge

    Earl-Grey says:

    There once was a girl from Raccoon City,
    who was feeling a little drowsy and quite shitty.
    She whimpered and cried,
    then suddenly died,
    before quite unexpectedly awakening as an undead, flesh eating monstrosity.

    Ooooh, almost had it.

  6. PancakeWizard says:

    Slightly annoyed we aren’t getting a Resident Evil 2 remake (but then that would involve more than the ‘HD’ veneer), but maybe next time.

    • Jalan says:

      I expect them to announce this once 0HD is finished and out the door. If they don’t, I may have to resist the urge to fly to their offices and take huge chunks out of them with my teeth.

      • Kitsunin says:

        I hope you’re right, but I have a suspicion they’re still utterly done doing Resi games in this style, and they’re only going back and doing the HD to these two since they’re built on a similar engine, for which the process is very easy.

        • Jalan says:

          Well, I did write “announce”, with the inner optimist hoping that they’d be putting a great effort behind such an undertaking vs. what we’ve had so far (which again, isn’t an example of lack of effort but as you point out, isn’t exactly taxing their resources to the max either) and eventually, we the fans would be rewarded for our patience having sat through things like RE6 and Operation: Raccoon City with the ability to play RE2 all over again.

          I should ultimately know better though – each time I play the optimist, I always end up getting burned.

      • Eiv says:

        I believe they have hinted at it. They made a killing on REmake so that influenced them to continue doing so. Saying that, this remaster is a bit left field.

        • Jalan says:

          I don’t recall them having hinted at it, unfortunately. And like Kitsunin points out, that they’ve done these remasters is likely because they don’t have to pour a vast amount of effort into them (not to say no effort at all has been put into them, but certainly far less than would be necessary say if they were to remaster the likes of the original Resident Evil release or RE2).

    • Press X to Gary Busey says:

      After RE2 HD I vote for either a RE Outbreak 3 or a HD treatment to the existing two.
      They were a generation ahead of their time (console-wise), actual survival horror co-op for up to 4 players (you could even walk and shoot at the same time!) but released for a system with duct taped-on network support (and the first one got multiplayer cut out in the PAL release). If they only had been released console generation later… :'(

  7. Kefren says:

    Exciting, never played this! Would also like a RE:2 and RE:Nemesis remake.

  8. hugolefou says:

    Alice, you make me smile every time I check out RPS (which is about every day). Thank you for that! :)

  9. dethtoll says:

    Having just re-played this recently after not touching it in years (my old Gamecube copy, played on Wii) I can attest that it’s not held up quite as well as REmake (which I also played — GC on Wii, again.) In a way it’s a lot like the 2nd Hulk movie, the one that’s officially part of the MCU — weak first half, major improvement in the second half.

    The game’s primary hamstrings are threefold:

    A) The inventory system is straight up butt. Gone are the item chests — instead, you can drop a limited number of items on the floor, and if you want them back you have to go and get it. This becomes a problem when items in the lobby of the training facility (where you will be spending the majority of the game’s first half in) become necessary, though the game provides shortcuts to go back with minimal fuss.
    2) You have to manage not one, but two characters — their ammo, their health, their inventory. This can be quite troublesome in tight quarters with lots of zombies, as your buddy will be getting chomped on because they’re not as quick on the draw as you (or you turned off auto-combat, which you might have done to conserve the very tight ammo.) This actually gets even worse when the characters are split up and you have to leave one behind to wait for the other to find something or work their way back around. Unless you plan ahead, you run the risk of your buddy getting attacked while you’re derping around elsewhere.
    D) The enemies don’t fuck around. There’s the requisite zombies, of course, but there’s a whole slew of new enemies, with a lot of giant bugs. By far the worst ones, though, are Eliminators, which are basically these asshole little zombie monkeys that do a ton of damage for how small they are, and Leech Zombies, which are these weird rubbery shapeshifter zombies that are thankfully rare but very difficult to kill without fire-based weaponry and thanks to the game’s controls making dodging difficult will fuck you up no matter what you do. None of the bosses are fun to fight, either, though the worst two are by far the giant centipede and the giant bat. And did I mention the Hunters are back?

    However, once you’re through with the bat the game becomes easier, and starts throwing more ammunition your way. The game itself has a couple of cute call-forwards to Resident Evil 2, and Rebecca herself (despite needing to be saved multiple times by her partner Billy) gets a chance to show off how badass she really is after her slightly spacey performance in RE1. Billy himself is a neat character despite looking like a giant redneck with that mullet and that tribal tattoo (give him a shotgun and it’s even more pronounced.)

    Overall it’s one of the weaker entries in the series, but it does a good job of filling in a few blanks regarding the lore and it isn’t really a bad game once you get used to its idiosyncrasies.

  10. zentropy says:

    If only he had used his bow to make a swift escape under the camera…

  11. Rolento says:

    Can we PLEASE have a remake of Biohazard 2?