Audiosurf 2 Surfs Out Of Early Access With Demo

Audiosurf 2 [official site], the game which allows you to ‘ride’ your music on a neon futuristic racetrack, has left Steam Early Access today. It brings an updated Audiosurf experience, with new official game modes and skins alongside the 500+ already available on Steam Workshop. Not only that, but according to the developer the “UI is good now”, which is always a plus.

The game uses music tracks on your hard drive to procedurally generate each level. While it sadly doesn’t work with Spotify, you can play levels streamed from SoundCloud, including the Songs of the Day. Which basically means unlimited levels plus a fun way to discover new music. Other improvements over the original game include live leaderboards, prettier visuals and “additional layers of strategy tied to the song’s biggest moments.”

The first game was fantastic fun, so any improvement on that can only be a good thing.

At launch it’s £10.19 on Steam, or $14.99 (£9.70-ish) from a Humble Widget which gives you a Steam key and gives developer Dylan Fitterer a bigger share. Over on Steam you’ll find a free demo which will allow you to play any three songs of your choice. After that, you’ll be restricted to the Song of the Day, which you can continue to play indefinitely.

Check out this skin which makes songs look like moody city streets:


  1. Sp4rkR4t says:

    What is the name of the street skin?

  2. Hawkseraph says:

    Dusk, I think. It’s features on the homepage.

    I’m not sure If I’ll get this as the upgrades seem to boil down to “it looks prettier”. It does seem like the old ninja mode is back in, which is awesome.

    • draglikepull says:

      I’m in the same boat. I’ve played and enjoyed a lot of Audiosurf, but I don’t see myself shelling out for what seems to just be a graphical upgrade.

      • Premium User Badge

        keithzg says:

        That seems fair; contrastingly, I never got around to shelling out for the original, so this got me to buy it finally. I’m hoping the live leaderboards are per-song, because then I can sift through my hipster-y music collection and find tracks that, you know, are kindof obscure . . . so I’ll be the one to get the damn high scores (or more seriously, small enough that I can feel like there’s meaningful competition instead of just seeing my name somewhere in a huge, huge list).

        • Premium User Badge

          keithzg says:

          Addendum, as there is no edit: as I suspected, my hipster taste in music means that most songs I happen to have on my gaming PC (selected for the sake of GTA V; when I reboot into music and have it with full access to my music collection this might be different) there’s zero or 1 person so far with another score. One song, though (Austra’s “What We Done?”) someone apparently very near my newbie skill level was the only other score, and so it was a very tight race with their score and mine trading places constantly throughout. And the Dusk visualization was fantastic.

          Of course, going over to something like Carpenter Brut (hey out there, Crate & Crowbar listeners) and suddenly I didn’t even make the score screen, heh. Except for my region, that is, because apparently nobody in Canada like the music I’ve tried so far (IIRC even Austra, who’s Canadian!).

          I made sure to set my email in the game, though, so if someone’s out there with the same 80’s-child hipster taste in music as me, bring it! And I’m wondering, what songs have folks here been playing this to?

  3. drumcan says:

    I tried the demo and got dumped on a half-rendered track covered by error messages twice, so I think I’ll give this one a pass for now. Still fond of the original.

  4. Bobsy says:

    Meh. No Spotify = no sale. I haven’t purchased any music outside of my Spotify subscription in years now. I still have my MP3 collection, but it’s looking so old now… oh god I’m old.

  5. Jalan says:

    Funny, I got a fresh de-throne email for the original this morning for a song someone played that was the complete opposite of the one I originally held the throne on (the new leader’s song was all downhill, mine was a gradual uphill climb). I was really tempted to go back to it but then remembered this just broke out of its Early Access bonds. I’m so torn.

  6. trjp says:

    I tried the demo for this – immediate impression is that they need to EXPLAIN WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON PROPERLY – not just in hints and notes…

    The whole thing has an air of “you’ve played the first one to death – now play this one” but – amazingly – not everyone has done that. I played the first one just enough to realise there wasn’t an actual game in it – this one seems unable to surrender whether it contains one.

  7. mir22x says:

    Loving it so far. Old AS was a tool for me to listen to music while enjoying trippy-looking landscapes. AS2 is definitely a significant (and long-awaited) improvement on the original game.

  8. ninnyjams says:

    This game is not done. The UI is terrible, it only barely supports controllers and the mode descriptions are all placeholder text.