Butcher: Ultraviolent Prototype From Makers Of Soldat

I can think of lots of reasons why shotgunning your way through some 2D pixels might turn your day around, but whatever the cause I recommend Butcher. It’s a three-level prototype of an ultraviolent run-and-gun platformer from the makers of Soldat and King Arthur’s Gold. You can play it in your browser now and it is distracting me from the neighbours drilling, sawing, sanding and hammering their way through their walls and my patience.

Here’s a trailer:

I was able to complete the three levels in my first attempt, but I’ve gone back a few times since to tinker around with different weapons. Aside from the hearty shotgun, there’s also grenade and rocket launchers, a railgun, a pistol, a rifle of some sort, and more. Also there’s a kick button, for when you need to silence the wails of your fallen enemies. It’s pretty gross! Expect gibs, pixel blood dribbling everywhere, and I’m pretty sure at least one instance of people becoming intestinally stuck to a deathly sawblade.

Soldat was a similarly satisfying (though less gory) 2D shooty game that took equal inspiration from Counter-Strike and Worms and which was released as shareware in 2002, while King Arthur’s Gold took the team-based 2D multiplayer and made it about castle-building, digging tunnels and launching catapults. The team appear to have a few other new projects on the go at present, too.

Play Butcher in your browser here.


  1. Kefren says:

    Having just completed Expandabros (and Broforce before that) this could scratch the same kind of itch!

  2. tonicer says:

    Uuuuh nice i love Soldat … just the animations of the avatar are kinda meh tbh.

  3. Alien426 says:

    The image reminded me of Abuse; the video – with its tiny character and fluid movements – of N+.

  4. rezaka116 says:

    Those dark corridors remind me of Abuse

  5. Bull0 says:

    Ah, that was definitely fun. I hope they develop it further! Loved Soldat back in the day.

  6. RanDomino says:

    Soldat’s fun, but I gave up on playing online after hackers ruined it. The AI is serviceable, if you have them outnumber your team as a handicap. The attack/defend maps are a good time.

  7. FullMetalMonkey says:

    Soldat, that brings a back memories. I remember making a dark skinned character and dressed him in green coloured clothing so as to make me less noticeable in a bush when I’m camping there with the Sniper Rifle or whatever weapon I was using at the time.

    Need to take a look, when i get home from work, to see how many people are playing this.