Spelling It Out For You: Magicka 2 Has Launched

There’s something about Magicka’s sense of humour that makes the series instantly likeable. The first game and all of its DLC was daft and fun and refused to take itself seriously. It helped that it was a cracking good game, as well. Judging from the Magicka 2 [official site] launch trailer, the sequel looks to follow the same vein. Only 96 seconds long and I definitely caught myself mid-chuckle at least twice. Bodes well.

Launch trailers are so often accompanied by a game. Magicka 2 is now available on Steam. The sequel features much prettier graphics and a grander adventure which may or may not include giant enemy crabs. Come on guys, it’s been almost ten years. What next, a Leeroy Jenkins reference?

Adam has been playing the game and will be letting you know wot he thinks of Magicka 2 in the near future.


  1. Ishy says:

    Adored the first game, but… seeing quite a lot of negative reviews on the steam store page. A rate 30 points lower than the first game is not promising. Guess I’m waiting for the WIT.

    • Sian says:

      Unless they’ve added in a horde of bugs, I’d say most of those negative reviews stem from the changes to the casting system. The devs took out the ability to combine water with fire or cold to form steam and ice – you can still cast icycles and steam clouds, but the elements remain separate, meaning that you can’t have the almighty beam of steamy death-lightning and the ice spikes of flashy doom that made almost any fight trivial.

      The new movement system also takes some getting used to.

      • Sian says:

        Yup, after reading a few reviews, people are upset about the changes they made. My favourite review so far begins thusly:

        “This game is just like Magicka 1 only somewhat a little worse. It is still a good game and the goofy sense of humour is great, but the little changes mildly diminish this.”

        This reviewer does not recommend the game. He says he likes it, but the changes make it just a little worse than the first Magicka, so he doesn’t recommend you buy this one. Er… what?

        (Replying to myself feels kind of dirty, but for want of an edit button…)

        • darkath says:

          He’s not wrong this is basically magicka 1 with gameplay tweaks and better graphics.

          I’m appaled by the fact there is no new spell combination (it actually seems there are less of them because of the issue you mentionned before with steam and ice), and the monsters and levels are still very similar to the first game.

          Of course they added quite a lot of gimmicky stuff on the side, but it really lacks something new at the core of the game. They could have added new elements like wood or wind.

          Here i expected they would go even more crazy than in the first game, with the good systems they had in place but actually they did a lazy sequel.
          I preordered the eye closed but i can only recommend other people to wait for tests before they buy it.

          If i was reviewing on steam i’d put a thumb down too. Not because the game is not fun, but because i’m disappointed by the lack of new features.

          • wu wei says:

            I was kinda hoping to see more base elements, with each player choosing 8 total. Same gameplay, more variety.

      • Nixitur says:

        I’ve read in some reviews that they dumbed down the casting system significally. In Magicka 1, you certainly could just do a huge spell using only 2 different elements, but they weren’t as good as the more complicated ones.
        In Magicka 2, from what I’ve read, almost all spells have been generally nerfed, dealing fairly little damage. Also, the game seems to encourage really very simple spells like DSSSS or DFFFF or, hell, just FFFFF which is a bunch of fire instead of more intricate combinations.
        I don’t know how true that is, but if it is, then that’s a real shame. It basically drastically lowers the skill ceiling for very little reward.
        Same with the removal of the Steam and Ice elements. Yes, they were overpowered in Magicka 1, but you definitely could have kept them in and just nerfed them slightly. It hugely lowers the amount of combinations you can perform, making the game even simpler.

        Also, Magicka 1 was challenging in single player, but very definitely doable if you knew what you were doing. Magicka 2, on the other hand, seems to be way more co-op focused with huge hordes of monsters and enemies which are tricky to damage. In my opinion, that is actually really bad ’cause who knows how long this game will remain popular online.
        One example are the aforementioned crabs which are only vulnerable from behind. If you play with multiple people, they’re fairly simple to hit, but if you play solo, then getting behind them is just an exercise in frustration. And then the game just throws more of them at you.

        I was really excited for Magicka 2, but I’ll definitely wait for the WIT.

    • gfrenz says:

      Certainly not as deep, but I can testify that the simplification is great for a bunch of old drunks playing local co-op with a bunch of controllers. On a piss stained couch.

  2. WeltEnSTurm says:

    ESSSS + spam DSSSS. It won’t compensate for a missing QRQREAS, but whatever.

    • ribby says:

      I just remember spamming lightning bolt again and again and again

      • Tortillus says:

        Or laying down ARSE mines near your friends

      • xcession says:

        Myself and 3 friends finished M1 in a day through liberal application of gaming keyboards with macro keys. Lightening and Conflagration made the final boss fight last precisely 8 seconds.

  3. vlonk says:

    The first game and its addons where lovely, but the netcode oh god…. This is the game I wanted to share with friends but technical difficulties spoiled the fun with constant crashes and disconnects =/

  4. Monggerel says:

    Parodying other people’s trailers is always a solid idea, especially if it’s Witcher the Third.

    The “humor” in Magicka is so terrible it will make you feel bad about yourself. Which is okay, I guess. I don’t know anymore.

  5. ribby says:

    Love the glorious stupidity of Magicka.

  6. ribby says:

    Magicka2: Dunka-Dunka time!

  7. TekknoTroll says:

    I’ve installed it, but not touching it until they put in the option to change key bindings. It’s 2015, I don’t even…