Downward Trailer’s Post-Apocalyptic Parkour-portunity

Obligatory lensflare because apparently camera crews survived the Book of Revelation. Good for them.

Earlier this month, Alice saw the announcement info for parkour-heavy game Downward [official site] and was all “something something worlds as adventure playgrounds something something I like leaping around”. There was probably a subsection about ponds as well. WELL, there is now a teaser trailer so we can better see what Caracal Games Studio actually envision for their game.

To recap the original post info in slightly more detail than before, the world you’re leaping about in is a post-apocalyptic landscape set after the events of the Book of Revelation. i.e. after those jerk locusts with human faces and after the seas of blood and after the Last Judgement. So I’m guessing this is maybe somehow set on new Earth where there is no death (which I guess helps out with justifying all those respawns you get in games nowadays etc etc)?

Anyway, the idea is that you’re exploring this deserted and ruined landscape as a traveller on a pilgrimage in order to collect mysterious artefacts. That’s where the parkour comes in – you must parkour your way to these artefacts.

I sometimes wonder if parkour-ists are as unbearable as they seem in videogames, insisting on making everything more complicated just so they can show off on a ledge or series of walls somewhere.

“Babe, could you nip over the road to get some milk?”

“Certainly! Let me just get my parkour shoes.”

“No. In that case I’ll go.”

“But why? I just need to get my shoes and…”

“No. Because I see how this is going to go. Not only will it take twice as long to get the milk, I’ll also have Mrs Wells from next door on the phone complaining about you vaulting over her car and I’ll have Neighbourhood Watch over about whether I saw a shadowy figure clambering up the side of that old guy opposite’s house, and then I’ll go to use the milk and you’ll have frothed it so much with your leaping it’s like a bloody bubble night at the club in there.”

“Just you wait until the Book of Revelation comes to pass. We, the parkourists, are God’s chosen people.”

“I’m going out. Don’t parkour on any of my things.”

There’s a bit in the trailer which switches into first person and looks like Temple Run before switching to third person as the character scuttles up a wall. It still doesn’t really give me a sense of how it feels to play – there was also a moment in the trailer which felt a little less smooth, when the guy lands the other side of the ravine and pauses before scooting onward – but it’s caught my eye enough that I’ll be joining Alice in being potentially excited about this if they can pull off the joy of movement.


  1. John O says:

    I’ve never met a Parkour-ist, but I’m absolutely convinced they are all carbon copies of the guy / female guy you described! IT HAS TO BE THIS WAY

  2. Bull0 says:

    the book of revelation must be the abridged version

    • aurious says:

      The basic copy of the videogame bible only has one revelation. You need to buy the season pass or wait for the GOTY edition for the rest.

      • Bull0 says:

        And even that one “revelation” is pretty clearly telegraphed at the beginning of the game.

  3. CaracalGames says:

    “I’m going out. Don’t parkour on any of my things.”
    With the many many things we are working on, it is good to make a good laugh from time to time, Thanks!

  4. Morte66 says:

    Don’t like: third person camera, the slide with the front foot not touching the ground to brake, the lack of weight in the landing roll after the big opening jump, the music, and how the cacti look like Wallace-and-Grommet-o-vision.

    Do like: it’s parkour, and it might work out ok in the end.

  5. AriochRN says:

    Is that a girl Death Star in the header image?

    • Harlander says:

      That’s no moon, that’s a…. planet-sized bowling ball?

  6. default_name says:

    I’ve been practising parkour a bit some time ago and I have to say that SOME tracers are actually just as you described. I guess it’s the ones that are new to parkour or guys that do parkour mostly because they just want to show off.

    • Ross Angus says:

      “Tracers” is such a cyberpunk name (this is not criticism).

  7. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Oh, man, I would totally be that guy frothing up the milk every day, if only I liked hanging out in cities and didn’t mind the occasional accidental damage inevitably caused by even the most fastidious traceuoai(andsometimesy)r due to downspouts and things not being built with that kind of stress in mind. However, I’d secretly be doing it for the challenge and because it’s probably fun as balls. The closest I’ve gotten is rampaging around a trampoline park with other 30-somethings. Or maybe glade skiing, but I generally like staying on the ground for that. I’d also be that guy because milkshakes are delicious and because that is the best domestic squabble I’ve ever heard.

    In lieu of actual parkour, though, I am thankful for District/Banlieue 13 (+/-U) as well as these rare emulators that are coming out every so often. I’m especially keen on the environment in this one. I hope they forget to add enemies so it ends up like a less-cartoony, more-parkourey Windlands! Although I might need new pants if they add VR support…

  8. Maver1ckZer0 says:

    Just for a little clarification: practitioners of parkour are called traceur(s) (male) and traceuse(s) (female). I am definitely excited that parkour has been getting more exposure lately, I also appreciate that the traceur in the trailer didn’t triple gainer off the top of that wall when he jumped.

  9. Siresly says:

    We should take this moment to appreciate Jackie Chan.

  10. Robert Post's Child says:

    What’s David Belle up to these days, anyway?