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The RPS Bargain Bucket: Basket of Fluff

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I really should be inserting something clever here, but all I can think about is how adorable that bucket of plushies is. There’s something mildly disconcerting about the setup, to be fair. Why do they resemble severed heads? Is that ice in the bucket? Are they being kept alive through supernatural means? Unnatural methods? Who knows. Questioning minds need answers to this cute yet uncannily strange bouquet. Only rgk has the answer. In the meantime, enjoy the bargains.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered
I feel like Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered requires no introduction, especially if you’re a resident of the Rock, Paper, Shotgun kingdom. Described as a “breakthrough in interactive narrative,” it has players investigating a series of peculiar murders and the convoluted plot that surrounds these deaths. A bizarre masterpiece, Fahrenheit isn’t without its flaws. The existence of QTEs, for one, leaves much to be desired for. (Can you tell I do not like them? Can you?) Note: As this is Nuuvem, don’t forget to check for region-locking and ways to circumvent various other restrictions.

Digital Combat Simulator Series
I’m utterly hypnotized by this store page, in part because it is bristling with strange vernacular, and military concepts I’ve only passing familiarity with. So many model numbers. So many weapon types. So many comparisons between aircrafts I have no knowledge of. I feel like this signifies excellence, although I’ve been wrong about such things before. But there are discounts here, so I’m flagging them for Bucketeer inspection. Those who have sampled their wares: what do you think?

Mount & Blade: Collection
Like everyone else worth their keyboard, we here at Rock, Paper, Shotgun enjoyed Mount & Blade to an impressive degree. At least, that certainly is what it feels like. Our archives glitter with approval, or possibly just approving nods. Regardless, if you have, by some miracle of circumstance, not played Mount & Blade or any of its variants, fix that. Seriously. It’s not particularly fetching compared to other games, but it provides something meatier than pretty countenances. It lets you lop off heads if you ride down the valley hard enough. It lets you make yourself a kingdom in the most satisfying way possible. (Unless you prefer the more hands-off approach of say, Crusader Kings, which is totally great too.)

Deus Ex Machina 2
Bonus Content: $1.41/£0.92/€1.29
Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Deux Ex Machina 2 is definitely not. But then again, why should it be? It’s not the same game. Wait. Don’t flee. Come back. I know the art looks bizarre. I know it’s making you question … everything. But you need to try it, if only so you can say you did. Besides, Christopher Lee will keep you company the entirety of the way. Surely that’s enough for anyone? More than anything else, however, how can you say no to scissor-handed bears, eerie human figures, and the opportunity to claw your way out from an electronic womb into a world of strange – yeah, I’ll stop.

Dying Light
I know, I know. Zombies aren’t fashionable any more. We’ve reached critical mass. We’ve made every possible joke we can make about zombies, tried every way to market them imaginable. But bear with me here. Dying Light isn’t necessarily the best game, but it is fun – at least, if you’re the sort who enjoys free-running through an open world rich in zombies. Sadly, the missions aren’t the most inspiring, and the protagonist’s cardboard-gruff demeanour makes me roll my eyes. But co-op in Dying Light is wonderful when it’s not otherwise bugging out and you’re paired with someone good. Don’t forget to apply the JUN-COUPITAD-WAIT20 coupon for maximum value.

Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000
I’m still waiting for a modern Aliens versus Predator… anything that won’t immediately have me sagging with disappointment. The movies made me cringe, honestly. Do you remember that almost-kiss scene? Between a human and a Predator? No? I do. It burns in the back of my mind. Gah. But let’s not think unhappy thoughts. Instead, let’s bear witness to this classic. Sure, the graphics are absurd-looking now, and the engine performance is… questionable? But it is worth revisiting.

Generative City Free Run
Pay what you want
Platforming has never been my strongest skill. I spend more time in video games falling than soaring, swearing endlessly as my character plummets into a dark abyss. Which is why anything that involves speedily traversing complicated landscapes is a thing of constant fascination. Generatve City Free Run looks like a sparse, strange nod towards the rigours of parkour. Get to the red… object. Do it with skill. That’s about the long and short of it, really.

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