The RPS Bargain Bucket: Basket of Fluff


I really should be inserting something clever here, but all I can think about is how adorable that bucket of plushies is. There’s something mildly disconcerting about the setup, to be fair. Why do they resemble severed heads? Is that ice in the bucket? Are they being kept alive through supernatural means? Unnatural methods? Who knows. Questioning minds need answers to this cute yet uncannily strange bouquet. Only rgk has the answer. In the meantime, enjoy the bargains.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered
I feel like Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remastered requires no introduction, especially if you’re a resident of the Rock, Paper, Shotgun kingdom. Described as a “breakthrough in interactive narrative,” it has players investigating a series of peculiar murders and the convoluted plot that surrounds these deaths. A bizarre masterpiece, Fahrenheit isn’t without its flaws. The existence of QTEs, for one, leaves much to be desired for. (Can you tell I do not like them? Can you?) Note: As this is Nuuvem, don’t forget to check for region-locking and ways to circumvent various other restrictions.

Digital Combat Simulator Series
I’m utterly hypnotized by this store page, in part because it is bristling with strange vernacular, and military concepts I’ve only passing familiarity with. So many model numbers. So many weapon types. So many comparisons between aircrafts I have no knowledge of. I feel like this signifies excellence, although I’ve been wrong about such things before. But there are discounts here, so I’m flagging them for Bucketeer inspection. Those who have sampled their wares: what do you think?

Mount & Blade: Collection
Like everyone else worth their keyboard, we here at Rock, Paper, Shotgun enjoyed Mount & Blade to an impressive degree. At least, that certainly is what it feels like. Our archives glitter with approval, or possibly just approving nods. Regardless, if you have, by some miracle of circumstance, not played Mount & Blade or any of its variants, fix that. Seriously. It’s not particularly fetching compared to other games, but it provides something meatier than pretty countenances. It lets you lop off heads if you ride down the valley hard enough. It lets you make yourself a kingdom in the most satisfying way possible. (Unless you prefer the more hands-off approach of say, Crusader Kings, which is totally great too.)

Deus Ex Machina 2
Bonus Content: $1.41/£0.92/€1.29
Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Deux Ex Machina 2 is definitely not. But then again, why should it be? It’s not the same game. Wait. Don’t flee. Come back. I know the art looks bizarre. I know it’s making you question … everything. But you need to try it, if only so you can say you did. Besides, Christopher Lee will keep you company the entirety of the way. Surely that’s enough for anyone? More than anything else, however, how can you say no to scissor-handed bears, eerie human figures, and the opportunity to claw your way out from an electronic womb into a world of strange – yeah, I’ll stop.

Dying Light
I know, I know. Zombies aren’t fashionable any more. We’ve reached critical mass. We’ve made every possible joke we can make about zombies, tried every way to market them imaginable. But bear with me here. Dying Light isn’t necessarily the best game, but it is fun – at least, if you’re the sort who enjoys free-running through an open world rich in zombies. Sadly, the missions aren’t the most inspiring, and the protagonist’s cardboard-gruff demeanour makes me roll my eyes. But co-op in Dying Light is wonderful when it’s not otherwise bugging out and you’re paired with someone good. Don’t forget to apply the JUN-COUPITAD-WAIT20 coupon for maximum value.

Aliens versus Predator Classic 2000
I’m still waiting for a modern Aliens versus Predator… anything that won’t immediately have me sagging with disappointment. The movies made me cringe, honestly. Do you remember that almost-kiss scene? Between a human and a Predator? No? I do. It burns in the back of my mind. Gah. But let’s not think unhappy thoughts. Instead, let’s bear witness to this classic. Sure, the graphics are absurd-looking now, and the engine performance is… questionable? But it is worth revisiting.

Generative City Free Run
Pay what you want
Platforming has never been my strongest skill. I spend more time in video games falling than soaring, swearing endlessly as my character plummets into a dark abyss. Which is why anything that involves speedily traversing complicated landscapes is a thing of constant fascination. Generatve City Free Run looks like a sparse, strange nod towards the rigours of parkour. Get to the red… object. Do it with skill. That’s about the long and short of it, really.


  1. Scroll says:

    Is Funstockdigital a legit source? Anyone had issues with them?

    • Diziet Sma says:

      I’ve not dealt with Funstock Digital so can’t offer an opinion but their sister company Funstock I have had several dealings with and have found them to be consistently excellent in terms of advice, support and delivery vis: About Us.

      I’ve bought an android tablet, a joystick and a book from them in the past and even found them up for advice about a second hand Neo Geo X I bought on eBay, advice which they gave freely knowing that I wasn’t even a customer at the time.

  2. Vandelay says:

    As I mentioned in the What You Are Playing This Weekend thread, Distant Worlds: Universe is half price on Steam. Still not had time to actually play it, but Adam Smith was raving about it last year. Looking forward to getting stuck into it.

    • JustAPigeon says:

      I played a few hours of it last night, really enjoying it so far. I read a lot of recommendations to turn automation off completely, so I did. It’s complicated, but I’m starting out slow and designing all my own ships. Not even ventured beyond my starting solar system yet, besides a few exploration vessels, but I can see the whole galaxy there waiting for me and I’m gonna go and play it right now to see what’s there.

      • Joriath says:

        I find you feel the need for automation as the game develops and you extend beyond your star system. However I always keep technology on manual to make sure I can prioritise where I see fit.

    • malkav11 says:

      For a couple more hours, anyway. Act fast!

  3. Akke says:

    Free giant robot basketball game from Powerhoof:
    link to

  4. gself44 says:

    as Micheal explained I am in shock that a single mom able to profit $9957 in 1 month on the internet .

    read review…….

  5. AngoraFish says:

    Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville was officially released yesterday. 15% off for the first week post-release. Great zombie-themed 4X game that needs more love. Available from GOG, Steam and direct from the developer. Yes, I am a fanboy. :-)

    • Jalan says:

      I played the first two, though when I began the second I felt like I was playing essentially the first all over again just with little “enhancements”. Not to say the third will give the same sense but just in case that remains a possibility, I’ll wait till the discount gets a little better.

      • AngoraFish says:

        Yep. It’s pretty similar, but the enhancements are substantial, such as a full campaign.

        • Jalan says:

          Slightly more reassuring but not enticing enough to pick up at this current point (for me, that is).

    • cpt_freakout says:

      I played the first one over Christmas break like two years ago and it was a really fun way to avoid unwanted family interactions for many, many days. I had so much fun doing so from my tablet that I think I’m gonna wait for the Android version, but I too recommend giving it a shot. :)

  6. Frank says:

    About time indiegamestand got highlighted, though it couldn’t be for a weirder game.

    • Orix says:

      Aye, Indie Game Stand’s short term deals are really something. Getting Unrest, Parallax and Deus Ex Machina 2 all in one week has been pretty neat. They’re all indie games I probably wouldn’t have bought otherwise, so it’s nice to have a chance to try ’em.

  7. Urthman says:

    God, how I wish Unity would put the option to invert your mouse into their standard setup launcher.

  8. Jalan says:

    Some of (if not all) the Mount & Blade titles are cheaper through Nuuvem than they are currently on the Humble Store thanks to the difference in currency rates.

  9. whorhay says:

    IndieGala has all of the saints row franchise with DLC for $13.75

    link to

  10. Stellar Duck says:

    Goodness, that Fishbed is tempting! Leatherneck really did a superb job on that one.

    On a related note, it’s ridiculous that the Mi-8 is still in beta. Belsimtek is really not making me trust them to buy their products like that. At least the managed to finish the Huey I guess.

  11. Faldrath says:

    You can buy Dirt Rally with 25% off using the voucher “RALLY” at Gamesplanet. Get it and join the RPS league! (more info in the forums)

  12. Diziet Sma says:

    With regards to the Digital Combat Simulator games, they are of excellent quality… but most definitely not for the faint hearted. Expect to be overwhelmed, expect to spend a few evenings learning take off. It took me a few evenings just to successfully bomb a target in A10-C.

    Also take a joystick as required though I have played it with mouse and keyboard a decent flightstick will let you get the most. To that end I’m now playing it with a Warthog and TrackIR setup; but still find I cannot devote the time required to truly learn the games.

    With all that said, if they sound up your street go for them.. I intend to expand my collection with this sale having missed out on Black Shark 2. Do note that the keys won’t work on steam and the discounts aren’t on steam either.

    • Stellar Duck says:

      Steam sales often follow sales on the DCS site though.

      I’d advise getting them on the site in any case if for nothing else to cut Valve out of the loop. More practically, the Steam versions sometimes get updated slower I think.

  13. Ross Angus says:

    Thanks so much for linking to Generative City Free Run. That game scratches a very particular itch of mine. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must make an appointment with my GP.

    • Stellar Duck says:

      They need to make a Mirror’s Edge like system for that one!

      I’ve just played through ME for the millionth time today and by gods, I long for more of that particular style of game. And art direction.

  14. Didero says:

    Since Hola gets recommended a lot here, I thought this site could be of interest. It claims Hola turns your computer into part of a botnet, and they list all the scary stuff they found Hola does with your computer.
    So maybe stop using it, at least for now. Cheap games aren’t worth a compromised computer.

    • Jalan says:

      The price of anything free, really. The same way why, when using those free VPNs, anyone not smart enough to entirely disable them while accessing bank accounts/accounts with sensitive financial info/etc. is basically giving the okay for any gold chain and track suit wearing wanna-be mogul type to clean them out entirely.

  15. MrNash says:

    Mount and Blade taught me that I should never use a horse when going to war. Could barely wack the targets with my sword, nevermind actually using a bow and arrow. =S

    • MattM says:

      The blunted tournament lance was super good in warband. It took enemies down in a single hit and kept them alive so you could add them to your army.

    • cpt_freakout says:

      The trick’s in the wrist, my friend! Just twist it with a slightly sexy circular movement while charging into a full infantry formation (you need a super good horse, of course) and off with their heads you go!

  16. kalirion says:

    For variety’s sake, there’s also link to – A relatively expensive bundle of graphic novels, 3 of which have uncensored adult content.

    • Jalan says:

      That third tier price for anime naughty bits… there aren’t enough “nope”s to go around for that.

      • kalirion says:

        Manga, not Anime. Anime implies animation, which I assume those games do not have (though I could be wrong I guess.)

        • Jalan says:

          If we’re going to play Captain Rigid Definitions, manga traditionally wouldn’t be in color.

          And while we’re at it (because hey, why not?), any instance where frames change to show different expressions or actions could be considered “animation” at a very basic level, much the same way a .gif can be “animated” by consisting of only 3 frames.

    • kalirion says:

      Oops, I meant Visual Novels, not Graphic Novels.

  17. dpgsam says:

    Any chance I could find out more info about that specific bucket of plushies? ;0;
    where to get?