TITANS! Dawn Of War Ultimate Apocalypse Does Epic 40K


I would love to froth at you about the new release of an ultromod for the original Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War – Soulstorm, which transforms it into a simalcrum of Epic / Apocalypse 40K. Genuinely would love to. Epic was my first Games Workshop game, and because the first things we’re exposed to are always the ones we believe to be the best, its grand-scale, massed army, enormous Titan-centric battles remain the only way I think 40K should be played. Unfortunately I’ve had more luck trying to elicit empathy in cats than I have trying to download ‘grand release’ of Ultimate Apocalypse at a sensible speed, so can’t tell you much for at least another three hours. But I am going to point at it and say ‘look! Look! Wouldn’t it be amazing if this was as good as it sounded?’


That is Epic, or Apocalypse as Games Workshop now call it. Maybe that’s just as well – the word ‘epic’ just makes me think of insurance adverts now.

The 1.8 ‘grand release’ of Ultimate Apocalypse, which came out on Sunday, is referred to as The Hunt Begins and adds two new factions and an overhauled skirmish mode, and focuses on mod-made factions Inquisition versus Chaos Daemons. This means there’s support for 11 different armies. I guess the original Dawn of War remains the go-to RTS if you want a maximalist adaptation of 40K. This is all multiplayer and skirmish stuff, mind. Singleplayer is further down the line, theoretically, in case that’s your main interest.


The mod’s been around for several years, and is popular enough to even have its own mods.


This is quite an old trailer, but gives a sense of what Ultimate Apocalypse is going for:


I’ll try and lob in some hands-on thoughts if and when this accursedly slow 1.1GB download finally finishes crawling down its tiny tube, but in the meantime you can grab it from here. You’ll need the Dawn of War 1 expandalone Soulstorm, but don’t need any other DoW games.


Thanks for the titan tip, James.


  1. kikito says:

    I am sorry but it looks unplayable. Way too much particle effects, and too little unit differentiation.

  2. KastaRules says:

    The frame rate looks stellar! That’s epic alright, an epic SLIDESHOW!

    • tellemurius says:

      Runs fine for my machine, the mod is very cpu intensive but even my laptop was running the game fine. Just make sure to use the NTCore mod which gives extra ram to work with and that cuts down on alot of the crashes.

  3. Soulstrider says:

    Tried to play it, it is fun but keeps crashing in the late game.

    • tellemurius says:

      Are you using the NTCore executable? That gives the game alot more ram to use and it cuts down on alot of the crashes. You can still login to multiplayer and everything

  4. PancakeWizard says:

    It’s worth pointing out, (regardless of the mod playing nice or not) that the Dawn of War multiplayer had a shot in the arm in recent months thanks to Sega giving Relic carte blanche to keep the game (and its sequel), updated and supported post-GFWL removal (on DW2 obviously, DW1 never had that). It’s now got full steamworks integration. Yay! *waves Space Wolves banner*

  5. Asurmen says:

    Man, I miss the wide eyed excitement of starting to get into GW with Epic 20(!) years ago and then 2nd Ed 40K. Epic 40K and 40K 3rd Ed were just pale imitations.

    • protorp says:

      2nd edition Epic (Titan Legions set) was my first GW love too, and the only one I ever played lots of for the fun of playing.

      The rules really did do a good job of capturing the relevant scale and allowing fluid manoeuvres across the battlefield, and the fluff in all the expansion books I picked up was always as suitably epic as I wanted the 40k universe to be (at age 14; , my favoured inroad to the universe now, a couple of decades on, is at the other end of the scale with Gaunt’s Ghosts, Eisenhorn and Ravenor).

      I do, however, remember spending ages planning / rule scouring and showing up to my gaming group with an ultimate cheesy army that consisted of a space marine scout company in 3 thunderhawk gunships (free charge move before first turn), an imperial artillery company of basilisks (2 shots per turn) and bombards, and 2 (count ’em!) Imperator titans with a space marine devastator company spread across their firing port spaces… I think even teenage me had a shameful inkling of having been a right dick when walking away from that match :/

  6. thekelvingreen says:

    The Epic games were brilliant — well, the first and second editions were; once we got to Epic 40K it got a bit rubbish — and did a great job of capturing the, er, epic sweep of vast battles. The modern equivalent, Apocalypse tries to do the same with 28mm miniatures, but because of the increase in scale, the table is no longer big enough and instead the game looks and feels more like an exercise in car park management.

    Still, that’s not a problem for a digital version. TITANS.

  7. wr0ng1 says:

    I just wish there were a turn-based version of Epic. I’d love to muck about with some 2-4,000 point tyranid armies.

  8. fuggles says:

    I forgot – there are tyranids! BIOTITANS! Oh and Dreadknights….

    The ingame is not especially jerky if you have a semi-decent PC, there are many youtube videos of the various versions. To be fair though, this is an extraordinary mod for a 10 year old game. Dow1 Modding, still going strong!

  9. Zankman says:

    Soulstorm? Really?

    Why not Dark Crusade?

    • fuggles says:

      Despite the rough start there is no real reason to play Dark Crusade over Soulstorm, it has much more in the way of usable code. Granted, aircraft are still crap, but SS is basically DC + 2 new races + aircraft.

      • JamesTheNumberless says:

        Hm, I thought SS had a much better singleplayer campaign mode. Anyway, this titan thing looks awful I’m afraid :( Big units were always unwieldy to play as, and boring to play against, in the original DoW. As a showcase of somebody’s modding ability it’s pretty cool (although they could tone down the effects a bit) but as somebody who returns to soulstorm for the skirmish/campaign gameplay every now and then it doesn’t strike me as something I’d enjoy playing.

  10. Bfox says:

    *Seeing units getting tossed around* Ah yes the constant stun locking, now I remember why I don’t play Dawn of War

    • Bfox says:

      But that header screenshot looks awesome, I want a proper RTS with Titans so bad