Schoolchild Action: Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Coming To PC

Every Final Fantasy PC announcement that isn’t Final Fantasy XV is a knife in my heart, a needle in my eye, and a spit in my face. I just want a fun-loving anime pop-punk boyband gallivanting around on a road trip to save their kingdom, fight monsters, eat fresh food, and discover the power of friendship. It’ll surely be coming at some point, right? Most other recent FF games are.

This latest boyband blather is sparked by Square Enix’s announcement that they’re bringing Final Fantasy Type-0 HD [official site] to PC.

Final Fantasy Type-0 is in the Fabula Nova Crystallis setting along with XV and the Final Fantasy XIII subseries. Originally released on PlayStation Portable in 2011, it sees a plucky class of children from a military academy who get caught up in a war. What we’ll see is an improved version of the ‘HD’ remaster that hit Xbone and PS4 last year.
Speaking of, the last of those – Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII – was due a spring release on PC last we heard. Spring’s almost over, so I wonder what’s up.

All Squeenix have to say for now about the particulars of this port is that it’s “coming soon” and “It has had new graphical options for high-end PC users added, as well as improved battle and camera controls and Steam community features.” Okey doke! Here’s a look at the console version:

Anyway, where’s my anime boyband?


  1. Zeno says:

    Soon you, too, will be able to experience terrible voice acting and having too many characters to care about.

    Bretty gud game though.

    • RedViv says:

      At least they do seem to have realised that allowing to switch to original VO is entirely possible on PC.

      And yeah, by far the most fun mostly-solo Final Fantasy title in a long time.

      • Mokinokaro says:

        The VO is about par (awful) in either language because Square was extremely lazy/cheap and didn’t hire a director. Everyone was working from scripts only containing their characters’ lines without context.

        The worst English voices funny enough are the closest ones to their Japanese counterparts in style.

        • Mokinokaro says:

          Also, hopefully it’s easy to mod the motion blur down/out in the PC release. That nonsense causes motion sickness.

  2. Orija says:

    What’s the story in these Final Fantasy games like? The artstyle doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

    • Fnord73 says:

      Long, intricate, very japanese to sum them up. Varies in quality, 8 is a masterpiece.

      • Fnord73 says:

        Curse you, lack of edit button, FF 9 is a masterpiece, not 8. Wich is mediocre.

        • amateurviking says:

          Yes, your first comment was a bit of an eyebrow-raiser! iX is my favourite I think, but then I kinda liked XIII so my opinion is instantly invalidated.

          • Kitsunin says:

            I like XIII too! Not as much as IX, but more than VIII, X and XII without a doubt. Its story is convoluted, but for a game of FF length that really doesn’t matter, you get more than forty hours to take in all the stuff which makes zero sense in the beginning, after all. It seemed like people’s biggest other complaint was about Lightning’s personality being drab, but I think the brooding was really well contrasted with motherliness and a little humor. Sazh was also great. The rest of the cast were just varying degrees of fine, though.

        • tiltaghe says:

          Yes I would say the same of FF9. This game is perfect, it is the quintessential Sakaguchi/Uematsu episode. A beautiful enchanting journey, masterfully paced, with great contrast between the epic, the mundane, the mysterious, the humorous… shining at different moments of the adventure.

          This is funny because when it was released in 2001 I had 12 years old and, though I put 50 hours in it, I dismissed it as childish in tone and mood and it was clearly a letdown compared to episodes 7 and 8. Boy, I was wrong. I completed it for the first time a few years ago. Now I know it’s the best game in the serie and in fact the most mature and authentic of all in its storyline. It saddens me when I see what the FF are like now.

          • Smoky_the_Bear says:

            Same, the silly little cat-boy and the rest of it really put me off, coming from 8 which had a more believable cast of characters that were relatively similar age to me.
            Only properly played it a few years ago and really enjoyed it though. Still prefer 8, I really don’t understand why it gets bashed so much, I thought it was fantastic.

        • Ejia says:

          Except for the music. FFVIII’s soundtrack was fantastic.

          I despise Eyes on Me, though.

          • Blad the impaler says:

            To this day, I hear the music from Balamb Garden in my darkest nightmares.

        • theoriginaled says:

          Personally Ive always found 9 to be overly long and uninspired with weak one dimensional characters and a barren empty world. Kuja’s a great villain though. It’s got character in spades but everything else about it is so empty.

    • Tukuturi says:

      FFVI (called FFIII in original Western SNES releases) is a masterpiece of the genre and of storytelling in games in general. It also had the best score in the series. FFIV and FFV were also good, although I think V was more interesting for its systems than for its story. FFVII gets a lot of hype, but the 90s era 3D makes it unplayable for me. I found VIII and IX to be mediocre, never played one after that. The plots of the first three are not really worth mentioning

      • sicanshu says:

        Couldn’t agree more about FFIII/VI. Recently replayed it on iPad, and was pleasantly surprised to see the story holds up as well as I remembered. For my money, Kefka is the single best villain in FF history, because he has an actual character arc: he goes from being just kind of a laughable clowndick at the beginning, to a child-poisoning monster in the middle, to this world-consuming demi-god by the time you reach the end. Sephiroth may have been prettier, but really he starts out a bad guy, continues being bad guy, and dies having chosen to be, surprise, a bad guy. Sure, he has his reasons, but there’s not much in the way of evolution to him.

        • Kaeoschassis says:

          Or more acurately, Sephiroth has had a decent amount of evolution, but most of it was bolted on afterwards and wasn’t actually anywhere in the original game.

          I agree wholeheartedly about VI. Honestly it’s one of the absolute highlights of the series and of the genre as well, to me at least. And there have been a lot of times when I’ve been playing VII when I’ve felt like they were just trying to retell VI and falling flat. Or to put it another way, VI comes closer to doing VII right than VII did.
          It’s a shame, I love VII to bits, but I’d love it a hell of a lot more if its eco-warriors storyline of the first third didn’t just disappear into the ether in favour of a prettyboy with a sword. Uh. Prettyboys. With swords.

    • vorador says:

      The story? Usually terrible.

      Oh wait, you’re asking about the entire series.

      Well, Final Fantasy is a very looooong running series (since NES) so there’s been a lot of entries, varying in quality. The latest ones (the FFXIII trilogy) have been lacking imho, with pretty graphics, boring stories, annoying characters and passable gameplay.

      As a rule of thumb, the best era of the series is the SNES-PSX era. FFIV to IX. Special mentions FFVI and FFIX, in that order.

      FFXI and XIV are MMOs. Quite grindy if i recall.

      And that’s about it. In PC you can get a few of them on Steam, but you will have to get a 3DS to play the rest. FFIX in particular has never been remade, so only original PSX copy or a digital copy off Playstation Network.

    • EhexT says:

      The new one has the most hilarious set-up: Rich trendy boy band goes on a road-trip to the Redneck South of Final Fantasy Land, has adventures. They’ve got french-designer clothes (seriously), american south old-school gas stations and cars, hilarious redneck stereotype dialogue, but also giant dinosaur monsters and summoning 100 foot gods to fight.

      • Kaeoschassis says:

        How can anybody hear this and think it sounds anything other than absolutely brilliant?
        It’s batshit. I love it.

    • MikoSquiz says:

      Absolute inane melodramatic dribble that takes itself incredibly seriously when it’s not taking a detour into sub-Scary Movie “comedy” territory. Some of the worst writing ever, not just in games, but any medium.

  3. SlimShanks says:

    I’m no stranger to JRPG’s, but the only one of the “main” FF games I have played is 10, and I really enjoyed it, I wasn’t even scared away by that scene with all the aggressively manic laughter. I can see why the series is so popular.
    I am curious about how FFX holds up compared to the best games in the series. If it wasn’t one of the best I would be surprised, and would also have to immediately play whichever game was deemed superior. Any opinions?

    • Abndn says:

      Lots of people with very extreme opinions on that topic. I’ll try to give you a balanced one. You’ll find that FF7 is the most widely acclaimed one — in many ways Final Fantasy’s Ocarina of Time. Some think it’s overrated, which is probably is, but only because the praise is so incredibly high.

      FF8 and 10 get mixed reviews. They’re usually either hated or loved — personally I thought both were great.

      FF9 is almost never mentioned, but when you do hear about it it’s almost exclusively praise.

      FF4 is generally considered good, and 6 ranges from good to “best Final Fantasy ever” for some people.

      1-3 and 5 are almost universally ignored. I never played any of them, and I’ve never had anyone tell me I should.

      12 and 13 were considered lackluster by most fans, I think. I played 12 and I thought it was alright, but it bears the mark of a game produced at the peak of WoW, and it feels a bit singleplayer mmorpg-ish. I actually liked 13, because I never cared about the exploration aspect of Final Fantasy games (which it has little of). People usually range from hating it to thinking it was alright depending on what they want out of it.

      • Tukuturi says:

        You should play V. It has a really interesting job system for party customization and combat, and the story isn’t terrible either.

        • Kaeoschassis says:

          PLAY. FIVE. NOW.

          It has great characters (for its time, they’re admittedly a little underdeveloped) and a fantastic class/battle system. Also a crapton of content and three(!!) world maps.

      • hemmer says:

        Very good balanced roundup actually!
        For completeness sake:
        1 is only interesting historically, the same goes for 3 and only for its job mechanics.
        Both are somewhat charming, but mediocre. (even with 3DS remakes in the mix)

        FF2 actually has a pretty good story but not so amazing gameplay. (no idea if there’s a remake that might improve on that)

        5 is above average, solid mechanics, fun characters, zany story. Generally a tad more lighthearted in tone than most. I liked it.

      • SaintAn says:

        Don’t forget Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions. It’s the true best Final Fantasy.

      • Truemas says:

        well, i have played all final fantasy games behalve 3 and 4 and the online games. And this would be my personal sum up:

        1 and 2: Can be ignored and just mark the birth of the serie. Especially the gameplay in Final Fantasy II was very unbalanced. I liked the rough beginning and thought it would stay that challenging but after the 2nd boss or so the game gets easy until you hit a wall in the final boss. Never beat him. (I was much younger back then)

        IV: Can´t remember much of it, but i remember that i liked the job mechanics.

        VI: One of the best in the series. I enjoyed its soundtrack a lot. Great Villain and jaw-dropping story twist midways, when you played it back in the day. There wasn´t a game pulling off something like this.

        VII: My personal favourite. Many call it overrated but i think it has the best mix of character depth and main story progression. The music also is great.

        VIII: After VII beeing great for me, VIII had some problems in convincing me. I liked the idea of having a card-minigame that also led to sidequests. I wasn´t impressed by the combat mechanics. Spell-drawing was super boring. The plot had a nice focus on the main characters but the overall arc wasn´t that exciting.

        IX: Played it, adored its characters. Stopped playing when the Necron appeared. Not because the game was boring but iets battle-loading times and moving to a new house kept me away. If this would be released for PC with faster battles i would buy this because i heared it has , beneath its super-deformed cute graphics a really mature meta story. I liked the music but it was noticeable that Uematsu had a lot of pressure on this OST because some pieces lack depth.

        X: I really liked X. It focused hard on the 2 main characters. Nothing special about the battle system. The Minigame “Blizball” was a bit confusing but a nice idea. For the music i liked the experiments that Uematsu did. I wasn´t hyped for “Battle against Seymour” the first time i heared it , but it grew so much that i made a drum cover of this one. I liked the way how the assumed main character isn´t the most important in the story (Thats no spoiler) and how that game handles the nature of “growing up”.

        XII: The most boring game i played, i have never been able to finish it (twice) because the characters had no progression and the main plot was kinda predictable. Also, you see the MMO approach troughout the whole game and it stretched the game to much. If you like a grindy game, this one is for you. I also liked the idea of letting the main character (or at least the first introduced) be no one of importance but merely a witness of a time period. I watched a 6 or 8 hour cut on youtube to see if i missed something due to not ending the game but i wasn´t impressed by the ending.

        XIII: I REALLY liked XIII. It is criticized for its used-to-much-make-up-characters and linearity. BUT the latter REALLY fits into the meta-concept of the game and i liked this idea (Don´t wanna spoiler to much). This game does an INCREDIBLE job at story telling. By the end the story is explained in 2 or 3 sentences but the way getting there (because nothing makes sense at the beginning) kept me really hooked. There also IS character development though it is shallow but reasonable (for the most part). The music isn´t the best in the series but enjoyable, and i enjoyed the times when it got experimental, electric and wild.

        XV: I think this has one of the best concept ideas for a long time in the history of J-RPGs. I hope they don´t ruin it.

    • Guggenheimlich says:

      FFXII is most similar to PC/Western RPGs, so you’ll probably like that one. I’m a fan of JRPGS, but it’s also by far the best Final Fantasy. (if you don’t count Final Fantasy Tactics, by the same director, which you should because it’s awesome, if unbalanced.)

      Great dialogue, inventive systems without much mindless combat, sort-of-open world. BUT! The original version is a little slow and has a terrible skill system. The Japanese-only update, characteristically and cruelly titled “International Zodiac Job System” fixes those problems almost perfectly. You can play it on an emulator in English if you have a disc of both this version and the English version of the game. It’s worth the hassle, but the original English version is also great.

      • Guggenheimlich says:

        It’s also somewhat likely FFXII will get a remaster with the Zodiac Job System fixes soonish.

    • Kitsunin says:

      I think X was quite possibly the game in the series with the best gameplay overall.

      Personally, I think IX is the best game in the series, because it has solid gameplay and a proper focus on said gameplay, as well as an absolutely brilliant story, at the level of VII, but without feeling so melodramatic.

      XII is great, some people dislike the gameplay because its progression makes it so the characters aren’t differentiated much, I didn’t mind. The story is a bit too concerned with political nonsense and not enough with its characters though. I stopped ten hours or so in, for a few months, when I came back I had no idea what the hell was going on in the story, and it didn’t seem the game was going to help me get back on track.

      A lot of people hate, or at least act like they hate XIII, and I can understand why — it’s ridiculously linear and you feel like you have practically no direct control in the combat (that isn’t really true, the combat is pretty fun after the early bits where you don’t even have paradigms (which suuuuuuck), but it’s definitely odd). Personally, I think it’s one of the best in the series, but you’ve got to approach it expecting some sort of big-budget Japanese movie, rather than a proper video game. If you don’t mind the way it hurries you through the plot, not allowing you to have a look around or think too much about the gameplay, the plot is fun and, for once (well, XII too), very well voice acted.

      I can’t really speak for VI, I played that so long ago…it seems like it was amazing and its most fans’ favorite, but I don’t really remember.

    • malkav11 says:

      10 is my favorite. And I’d much rather hear about them porting that to PC than an entry in the series that isn’t out yet and could conceivably turn out to be garbage, personally. The fact that it got an HD remaster (along with X-2, which was less good) suggests to me that it’s not outside the realm of possibility.

  4. MadMinstrel says:

    This seems to come out on every platform except the one I actually want to play it on – the Vita.

  5. OmNomNom says:

    I always expect a rainbow flag with FF games.

  6. racccoon says:

    I’m interested if it works not like a crappy port.

  7. tintinmayo says:

    I enjoyed Type-0 (its ending is easily one of my favorites in the series), but the one big flaw I found in it is that the characters won’t be fleshed out if you just do the bare minimum needed to finish the game.

    With other main FFs, you’ll get the full main story and get to know all the important characters even if you just breeze through the game without doing any sidequests. With Type-0, you won’t even know anything about some of your main characters unless you do their side quests.

  8. shoptroll says:

    “I just want a fun-loving anime pop-punk boyband gallivanting around on a road trip to save their kingdom, fight monsters, eat fresh food, and discover the power of friendship. It’ll surely be coming at some point, right? Most other recent FF games are.”

    They’ll probably make the announcement after it’s released on consoles as seems to be the trend. It seems like PC is getting a lot of titles from Japan lately, most likely due to consoles not faring well over there this generation and the ever increasing costs is driving publishers there to look at other platforms like mobile and PC. Plus, there’s been a handful of successful indie games (ie. the ones by Zeboyd Games) that drew inspiration from older JRPGs which likely proved there’s interest in these types of games by PC gamers.

    Hopefully we’ll eventually see Square-Enix bring Dragon Quest over at some point. Would be great if Atlus followed suit with Shin Megami Tensei and Etrian Odyssey as well.

  9. SaintAn says:

    I don’t like the new Final Fantasy games because they’re not Final Fantasy games in anything but name, but I’ll buy it in hope that they eventually decide to port Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions and others to PC because of the support their games get. The emulated version of FFT has already had a modding community for years.

  10. bill says:

    “I just want a fun-loving anime pop-punk boyband gallivanting around on a road trip to save their kingdom, fight monsters, eat fresh food, and discover the power of friendship”

    Oh god. They are making a game of the drek that makes up 90% of Japanese TV?? (except the fight monsters part… that would be replaced by inane patronising infantile explanations or interviews with weird foreigners)