Mecha Sports: Regular Human Basketball Out For Free

Just shooting some b-ball outside of the school.

Basketball is played by giant robots, right? I must confess the sport is something of a blind spot for me, being raised in Blighty, so I’ll trust entirely in Crawl developers Powerhoof and their free video game adaptation Regular Human Basketball [official site], which is out now.

Basketball, I have learned from playing, is a local multiplayer sport for 2-10 players who scamper around inside a giant robot mashing buttons trying to make them move around, activating their wheels and magnet arms and rocket boosters, with the goal of slamming hot robodunks.

Powerhoof say it’s “inspired by the simple controls of QWOP and the relaxing co-operative gameplay of Spaceteam” which… yes. It is certainly like those things.

As happens in regular human basketball all over the world, matches in the video game are between two teams and their giant two-wheeled, magnet-handed, rocket-boosted mech. Their insides are teensy little platformer levels with ten buttons that control direction, rotation, power, and other key basketball robot functions. Coordination is tricky, which I imagine is why people find the sport so exciting, right? That and the towering robots.

I think I understand now why universities in the USA go so wild for basketball.

Regular Human Basketball is a free download for Windows, Mac, and Linux from


  1. SpinalJack says:

    That is so good, a mix of rocket slime and basketball XD

  2. Ashrand says:

    shout out to Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime, a game that’s been in development for a while and is basically this but for space combat

    • k47 says:

      I search for that game every few months and get dissapointed that it’s still not out yet :(

  3. Chunkypiglets says:

    Have any of the journalists ever tried to play with 10 Players?

    I host a regular monthly Local Multiplayer Indie [game] night, highlighting the best that the PC can offer atm.

    We have tried to player with 10 players, but the program only recognises 4 Gamepads. with maybe 1/2 on the keyboard. I have spoken out to the Devs, but as this was a distraction from their main game “Crawl”, they might come back to it, to address the issues, once Crawl is Updated.

    2v2 is still chaotic though :) Love how you can jump into the others ship… I mean Human, and cause them to falter haha…

    But yeah, 2-4 gamepads!