Sell-Outs: Witcher 3 Free DLC Adds Nilfgaardian Clobber

We've sold out, Roach.

We’re on week three of little extra free bits for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [official site] from developers CD Projekt RED. This time, the two loads of freebies are a selection of unremarkable crossbows and a load of Nilfgaardian gear for folks who want to dress Geralt and his horse Roach like TOTAL SELL-OUTS and THE EMPEROR’S PATSIES.

The Nilfgaardian Armor Set gives Geralt a full set of Nilfgaardian leathers while Roach gets two-tone horse accessories. Roach’s blinkers, saddle, and saddlebags look pretty swish are pretty good for low levels too, worth picking up if you haven’t found a decent set yet. The armour doesn’t have any real special properties but it’s solid enough and I suppose some people enjoy looking like a narc. Supposedly it comes in both high-level and low-level versions, dependent on your level, but it sounds like that’s a bit wonky and not working out for everyone right now.

The Elite Crossbow Set does give some neat-looking arrowguns but their stats aren’t anything special. If you haven’t found one close to your level yet, this trio for levels 7, 14, and 21 might see you right.

The installation instructions from the last DLC hold true for this too. This here post explains where you’ll find the items in-game once the DLC’s installed.

We’ve still another ten loads of ‘DLC’ to come, to be released in pairs every Wednesday. We’ve seen one new quest so far, in the first week, and it’d be nice to have more. More horse armour wouldn’t go amiss either.


  1. Horg says:

    Bad guys always got the best threads. So where does the line to sell out start again?

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      Without spoiling anything, let’s just say that there are certain circumstances and choices that, if all goes as planned, turn Nilfgaard into the best thing ever happened to the continent.

      Besides, nothing can steal Radovid’s first spot in the douchebag’s hall of fame.

  2. Cinek says:

    I like how they made a free horse armor. For those who don’t get the joke: link to

  3. Robert Post's Child says:

    It’s not selling out if you’re wearing it ironically.

  4. BradleyUffner says:

    It’s starting to seem like a lot of this minor free stuff was removed from the game just so they could say “Hey look, we’re giving you this set of crossbows as free DLC!” 3 weeks after release.

    Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about it. I would have been perfectly thrilled if the game had stayed as it was at the time of release without ANY DLC. I’m just making an observation.

    • pepperfez says:

      It’s quite obviously a marketing move, but as such things go it’s a pretty benign one.

      • LennyLeonardo says:

        Yeah, if nothing else it shines a light on the current plague paid-for of micro-DLC.

    • Cinek says:

      Quite contrary – seeing what they release it looks like they’re adding stuff that they’ve done after their 3D team was free to do other stuff than a content for the core game.

    • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

      That was my sentiment aswell, but i feel that at least this particular one is a fresh idea at least and might have indeed been worked on after the game went gold.

      Can’t say the same about the beard set and the first armor, but hey, let them have their PR lined up, i’ll start complaining only if they use this stuff as an excuse to rub everyone in the face how good they are for 5 years to come.

  5. montorsi says:

    Woo, thanks for putting more of the game back in the game. I’m sure everyone who preordered and finished it really appreciates having those items stripped out so CDP could make these grandiose announcements weekly for months. Amusingly, there is actually a subset of fans who ARE grateful CDP did this. Because reasons.

    • Mrice says:

      Do we actually have any evidence that this was all stripped out of the original as opposed to developed post going gold. Or is this just people raising their pitchforks for no reason.

      Given the way people tend to behave on the internet and in games communities. I think i might know which one it is.

      • nearly says:

        Regardless of when they made it, it’s still incredibly trivial for a game/developer that seems pretty proud to offer 16 pieces of free DLC. Yes, this is free, and yes this is content I’m downloading, but what exactly is the big deal?

        Keep in mind that once they decided to start pitching “16 pieces of free DLC postrelease!” anything unfinished or that might have been cut otherwise suddenly takes on a lot higher perceived value for what’s likely not a whole lot of effort. They may not have removed it from the game, but it’s a lot easier to say “the 12 armor sets we have finished are enough” and then offer the other 3 that had been planned as DLC (paid or not).

        Regardless of any cynicism over when it was actually created, this is the equivalent to offering 16 pieces of DLC for a racing game and having it be 1 track with 3 additional paint colors for a couple of the cars. Sure, free stuff is nice but this just feels like a marketing pitch.

        • Cinek says:

          “but what exactly is the big deal?” – the fact that other companies charge you for DLCs like that and they give them away for free.

    • gunny1993 says:

      Well they could have sold it as cosmetic DLC; it was likely produced after the main game was finished and general feeling is that stuff produced in that period is legit to sell.

      In anycase, who gives a flying fuck, its free and unimportant

    • MiniMatt says:

      Code freeze X days before release as game goes through final QA leaves artists twiddling their thumbs. Having them draw new eye candy in that gap period makes sense.

      Course I have no knowledge this is the case, it may just be a cynical marketing ploy.

    • Renegade says:

      All the code would have been frozen a few months earlier for a multiplatform release to get past the Sony/Microsoft QA process. Plenty of time for bored artists to create some extra assets.

      • Hidden_7 says:

        This, pretty much. The game I work on hits art/content lock nearly 3 months before release, and it’s a title with a very compressed development schedule. Something big like the Witcher could have an even longer period where the game is just going through bug fixing / polish / certification, leaving all those artists and designers free to work on other things that cannot be put in the release candidate for the final game.

        And if anyone is curious, this is also the cause of Day 0 patches. Especially on multi-platform titles, you have to have everything locked down a fair while (a few weeks) before release while the game goes through first party cert. During that time not even bug fixes are allowed to be integrated into the main game. Unless it’s a big enough issue that it will fail certification, the change isn’t going to go in and restart the whole process over again. Instead it gets pushed off to the patch.

        It’s not cynical, it’s a necessary part of the process when strict timelines and Sony/Microsoft certification is involved.

    • Lord_Mordja says:

      Lol, one of the biggest. most content-rich games around and you’re bitching that they *might* have taken out a few items and doodads before release. Without any evidence of that, even.

      You must be a lot of fun at parties.

      • Gryz says:

        I fully agree.

        This game is amazing. Compared to everything. And I see people complain about every little bit they can find. “I encountered 3 bugs in 2 weeks worth of gameplay. It’s an outrage ! They sold us a beta-product !” Or “The graphics are better than anything we’ve ever seen before. But my verdict is: it’s still not good enough !”.

        Ungrateful little toddlers. We were happy to play with a few wooden splinters. Back in the day when we lived in our hole in the road.

      • Zenicetus says:

        Yep, I think it’s either minor content that wasn’t quite ready on release, or minor content they held back so they could get a weekly “Free DLC” bump on the gaming sites. And I don’t care.

        If it wasn’t such a great game, I might be tossing brickbats on the marketing angle. But this is a great game on its own merits even without added DLC, and I hope it helps encourage more people to buy it. This studio delivered, in spades. It’s a $60 game with more than twice that value in actual content.

        • TacticalNuclearPenguin says:

          Precisely that, i’m not totally happy with how they’re handling their PR after they tried to get TW2 pirates to get fined for over 1k while being the champions of no-DRM, or claiming the new consoles will make stuff possible that won’t happen on PC due to “latency”.


          They delivered something almost no one else ever even tried, and this absolutely must be noted. Rock throwing can wait, it’ll be resumed if they make some silly decision about CyberPunk.

        • derbefrier says:

          Yeah its obviously a marketing gimick. But its not a bad one in any way really. I mean they have to market the game and this way It creates customer goodwill( cause free stuff) and keeps them on gaming sites weeks after release. It pretty smart actually theres little down side to this. We as customers get some free stuff. CDPR gets some good press and everyone except the extremely cynical game website commenter are happy.

      • fredc says:

        I completely agree. There is an absolute shitload of content in W3, to the extent that despite playing the first couple of games I still have no idea what difference is supposed to be implied between the 30 different types of generic sword you pick up. Is there actually someone out there who feels robbed by not being able to don a Nilfgardian mankini on day 1?

        People are of course free to be offended by whatever takes their fancy, but the internet never ceases to amaze me.

    • vitaminTcomplex says:

      ” Amusingly, there is actually a subset of fans who ARE grateful CDP did this.”

      There’s a much, much larger subset of fans who really just don’t care one enough to be bothered.

  6. Thulsa Hex says:

    If this is indeed what’s happening, I don’t mind because we get Alice’s hilarious coverage as a result.

  7. Darth Gangrel says:

    Oh my god, that hideous hairstyle is following me, I see it everywhere! With that hairstyle it doesn’t take much to make a skin of Ragnar Lothbrok from the tv-series Vikings. Funny how a hairstyle can survive all the way from the Viking age and end up being popular now, lol.

  8. racccoon says:

    Awesome stuff This is the way to DLC! thanks Origin and thanks cdprojeck devs
    I actually went back to Velen yesterday to clean up all those contracts and secondarie’s.
    what a great game My character is so awesome now

  9. Lobotomist says:

    Heads up to people that dont know:
    Last patch 1.04, broke how experience is awarded. And most of main quests do not give any XP award.

    CDPR stated that they are working super hard on fix for that, but they will not be able to award XP retroactively.
    So if you are playing on hard difficulties you might be in bit of the problem.

    • Cinek says:

      Not most, but only some of the main quests and only under some circumstances. I’ve completed several main plot quests since 1.04 release and not even once seen this bug (and yes, I knew about it and was checking if I got the XP or not – everything worked flawlessly, including leveling-up after getting XP from main plot quests).

      • Lobotomist says:

        It does not happen to everyone and everytime. This is obviously why it slipped trough QA.
        I was oblivious to this bug. And didnt check. Yesterday I did secondary quest for Keira Metz and was not rewarded any XP for it. But was properly awarded XP for quest before that.

        So yes. Its something to pay attention too. Especially if playing on high difficulty.

  10. Ross Angus says:

    I misread this post title as “Sell-Outs: Witcher 3 Free DLC Adds Nigerian Clobber”, and thought immediately of this. The resemblance is remarkable.

  11. Monggerel says:

    Oh Geralt you greedy fuck, that’s brilliant. He just prances about with that… thing (it scares me) on top of his head and people around will put out a contract on his haircut so he can swordfight his own hair for quick moneys then repeat once he gets the hair back.
    That is disgustingly brilliant and also exactly the sort of thing that would make sense in The Witcherâ„¢ Multiverse. Amazing.

    Or maybe it’s metacommentary on CDPR being doushbags for ripping out DLC then patching it back free for a quick PR boost.