Shoot Robots Until They Explode: Vektor Wars Released

Bleep bloop.

Name-checking ye olde retroe classices like Battlezone, Berzerk and Robotron, Vektor Wars [official site] launched last night. It’s an FPS where you blow up robots. Lots of robots. Loads of robots. You blow them up real hard. Aside from the robots you’re there to rescue, of course. But by and large, you’re exploding robots. It’s an arcadey affair, then, with nae cover systems or long cutscenes or… you shoot robots, I’m trying to say.

It’s now out on Steam with a 25% launch discount making it £3.74. No demo, sadly.

I’m quite charmed by low-fi, low-budget FPSs which go for this vector graphics-inspired look. It’s colourful and clear, and these games end up looking way better than similarly small-teamed games which shoot for ‘realistic’ but end up looking ‘old’. Stylise, y’all. For the love of gosh, will you all please stylise. I realise ‘muddy ’00s FPS’ is a style but it’s hardly a pleasant one now, is it?

£3.74 is about the that I’d take a punt on a game based on liking the little I know (it’s colourful and involves shooting robots until they blow up) but it is a shame that there isn’t a demo for folks who are a touch more cautious. Here’s a trailer:

Developers Super Icon are celebrating this launch by putting their last retro-y game, Life of Pixel, on Steam too.


  1. Spacewalk says:

    This looks and sounds like my kind of thing but I was hoping that by Battlezone they meant that one from 1998.

    • egattocs says:

      I am a huge fan of the 98 Battlezone. Played it right as I was discovering the amazing world of PC games. There is a game on kickstarter, inspired by Battlezone. Adam wrote some words about it, just found the old post in case you missed it were interested: link to

  2. Ejia says:

    Ooooooh! You mean I can shoot robots with lasers? Using lasers? Yes, yes that will do nicely.