New Order: League Of Legends Getting Big HUD Changes

In news that could feasibly enrage the sensitive denizens of the Internet, the minimap in League of Legends [official site] is being moved from the top to the bottom of the screen as part of Riot Games’ big HUD update on the Public Beta Environment.

Essentially you’re going to be seeing a lot more game and a much more streamlined HUD, if these early images are anything to go by. And so far it looks lovely, very clean. All your important information and abilities will be at the bottom of the screen, including stats that were previously only accessible through Tab menus. Stuff like the match timer, kill/death ratio, group score and creep score are now part of the minimap. In other changes, gold and items are swapping to the right side of your abilities bar, while a small set of icons showing each player’s level and health sits atop the minimap in the corner.

Riot’s also moved things around on the scoreboard. The two teams are now listed horizontally and you’ll be able to drag and drop players around to line them up lane versus lane. You can alternatively list player items in order of cost – “meaning you can figure out who’s packing the bigger punches, or who can take the most punishment out of the team’s tanks,” says the team.

No word on when the HUD update will go live; but if you’ve got PBE access, the team is looking for feedback.


  1. menthol_penguin says:

    “the minimap in League of Legends [official site] is being moved from the top to the bottom of the screen”

    Wasn’t it always on the bottom?

    • menthol_penguin says:

      Ah, I see why you say that. “in the current HUD, this information is scattered across the entire screen from the minimap to the top right corner, the left side, and even the TAB menu.”

      So, from whatever is in the top right, ping and fps iirc, to the minimap on the bottom (whichever side the user puts it on).

      That said, Dota 2 could really learn something and give it’s users some more HUD options too.

      • Vandelay says:

        Was thinking the same thing about Dota too. HUD takes up far too much space as it is. I’ve also always wanted them to let us zoom out a bit. Not to the extent of the spectator mode, but it could definitely do with a notch or two further out.

        I can’t see Dota making changes like that though. The community is far too stubborn.

        • skyturnedred says:

          Also, they have HUD skins, so it would require a lot more effort on their part.

          • Xerophyte says:

            I can buy Valve’s reticence for other reasons than just the skins. Dota sees the limited on-screen vision as an intentional aspect of gameplay in a way that LoL doesn’t. The perspective and aspect ratio are chosen to make sure that the vertical and horizontal visibility are sameish (there’s only so much you can do with a perspective camera) for the weird 2:1 viewport.

            What I’m more surprised that Valve haven’t done is a proper spectator UI rehaul, where those factors don’t apply. Given how popular spectating the game is it feels like there’s a lot of low hanging fruit they could be reaching for to make that experience more pleasant.

      • gpown says:

        I still can’t see how one can describe “moving ping, FPS and KDA from the top right corner” as “moving the minimap from the top of the screen”. It’s a bit misleading.

    • vahnn says:

      The minimap has always been on the bottom of every iteration I’ve played, and I’ve been playing the game for at least 3 years, maybe 4. I think they meant that most of the HUD elements will be moved to the bottom of the screen.

  2. skyturnedred says:

    Love me some clean UIs.

  3. SlimShanks says:

    Slow news day?

  4. mickygor says:

    Basically Dawngate’s UI. Why couldn’t they take Dawngate’s gameplay :'(

  5. Wings says:

    LoL’s UI can be customized through editing files on your computer. Looks like this UI change us heavily inspired by what high skill streamers do to their UI.

  6. Zankman says:

    The only relevant update – adding the Cooldowns of your allies’ Summoner Spells and Ultimates to the UI – is not going to be in this update.

    Whats more, they are only “thinking about it”.

    Pfft. Literately pointless update without that.

  7. OmNomNom says:


  8. ssh83 says:

    “the minimap… is being moved from the top to the bottom of the screen”

    oh emily… do you even game, gril?