The RPS Bargain Bucket: That New Car Smell


My gloves smell like new car. I finally caved in and purchased myself a set of boxing gloves after weeks of dealing with someone else’s old sweat. If my hands have to become habitats for grotesque amounts of bacteria, the least I can do is ensure they’re my bacteria. Or something. Ew. Anyway, moving on, here’s this weeks bucket of bargains! (P.S: I can’t, for the life of me, remember who sent me this picture. Claim your plushie in the comments, please!)

Tropico 3: Gold Edition
It seems a little odd to be recommending an older version of a game, especially when the Internet seems enamored of its younger, slicker sibling. But there’s something to be said about nostalgia. Those looking to invest in the series, to properly value the changes that it has undergone over the years, may find themselves wanting to pick this up, regardless of what common logic might prescribe. As with all the games in the franchise, Tropico 3 puts you in the role of a dictator. Despite the negative connotations often associated with the title, you don’t actually have to be a jerk. Benevolent dictatorship is a thing. But you can be awful anyway, because why not?

Tropico 4
Now, with extra social media functions! Tropico 4 is Tropico 3, and then some. No longer are you just stuck between the United States and a Soviet Union of hard places, Tropico 4 will have you manhandling other foreign powers while tending to the needs of your people. This iteration of the cheery city-builder could be construed as slightly less sandbox-y than the last, but that might be exactly what the El Presidente ordered? Who knows.

Civilization V
Civilization: Beyond Earth was slightly lacklustre, especially when made to stand beside the (at least, to me) surprisingly excellent Endless Legend. But Civilization V? Oh, that’s a whole different ball game. The strategy title has been described as a time machine by some, capable of teleporting the unwary through a weekend, to make weeks vanish in a clicking of the left-mouse button. Some whisper that it even devours significant others. (True story.) Regardless, this might be a great opportunity to join its batallion of fans, if for no other reason than a) it’s going for considerably cheap right now and b) there are more mods than anyone knows what to do with.

Paradox Bundle Pay What You Want
Beat the average of $6.95/£4.55/€6.25 to get it all
Do you want this? I don’t know. Do you? The games listed certainly aren’t part of Paradox’s more illustrious roster, but that doesn’t mean they’re necessarily bad. One of the great things about pay-what-you-want bundles is simply that they allow you the opportunity to pick up stuff you wouldn’t otherwise have considered. Personally, I found A Game of Dwarves oddly compelling, and others tell me that Majesty 2 isn’t half-bad either. Whatever the case, here’s your chance to pick up a new set of pretties if the desire so strikes you.

Also of note

Dreamfall Chapters – $17.49/£11.45/€15.74
I haven’t really gotten around to playing anything but the first edtion of Dreamfall Chapters, but what I’ve played is excellent. Mysterious, gently moody, it is gorgeously atmospheric and offers some surprising moments. (Of course, I might just be biased towards the amount of inventive swearing common to one character in particular.)

Bundle Quest – $11.95/£7.82/€10.75
My affection for this bundle knows no bounds. It incorporates the King’s Quest series, Quest of Glory games, and also Quest of Infamy. All sterling adventure games, really, although Quests of Infamy is considerably clumsier than its predecessors. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, it looks like you’ve got a full hour to pick this up before laughingly transforms it into a memory. On the bright side, that also means you’re probably on track to seeing what else has on offer.

Ready for Summer Bundle – $3.00/£1.96/€2.70
Ten indie games, most relative unknown. I’ve some amount of experience with Call of Cthulhu, which I’m told is actually decent if you’re willing to put in the hours. Hamlet is adorable too. But everything else? I can only offer a moderately suspicious shrug. Let us know if you’ve sampled the rest, of course.

Memory of a Broken Dimension – Pay What You Want
A curiosity if there ever was one, Memory of a Broken Dimension made Alice raise her eyebrows ever-so-slightly when she wrote about it last year. A first-person puzzle-platformer, it demands that players explore strange programs and investigate a curious desktop. Does it make sense? Probably not. The “game” currently available is actually the prototype, and is supposedly not representative of the finished project. But if you’re curious, why not?


  1. Andy_Panthro says:

    The GOG Quest bundle is over it seems, but now there is a Descent/Freespace bundle and a Broken Sword bundle instead.

  2. syllopsium says:

    It’s GOG, so they’ll probably repeat the bundle in a ‘bundle of bundles’ before the end. Did get QfI, already had the rest (still not played most of them).

    I was distracted by Long Live The Queen, which after months of not having an extended gaming session, ate at least six hours of yesterday albeit not in one stretch. Managed to win three times, including the Cthulu ending, though.

  3. Yachmenev says:

    Massive Chalice. Was a backer, but didn’t have much time so spend with the beta. But I am enjoying it now. Lots of interesting mechanics and choices to be made.

    Als really love the music in it. :)

    • Yachmenev says:

      Wrong article, was supposed to post in the “What you’re playing…”. No edit function?

      • Darth Gangrel says:

        Massive Chalice is currently on sale at GoG (20 % off), so it’s coincidentally fitting that you’re talking about it here

  4. April March says:

    Test Drive Unlimited 2 is on sale 75% at the Humble Store. I’ve had the desire for a pretty, arcadey racing game lately – should I bite?

    • trjp says:

      Probably not…

      TDU2 isn’t ‘arcadey’ as much as ‘doesn’t drive ANYTHING like a car should-y’ – some people don’t mind that but it really is jarringly-poor in the driving dept.

      The other issue is that it’s an online-required game that the servers sometimes disappear from and which – one day – they’ll disappear from forever.

      I’m also reasonably sure it uses DRM – even on Steam – Securom IIRC

      If you’re still keen – well that’s upto you

      For arcadey driving games – Grid2 is cheap at GetGamesGo atm, it’s the arcadier older brother of Grid:Autosport.

      The arcadiest driving game of all is Driver:SF tho, if you can stand UPlay and deal with the random potluck of whether it will work online (not essential as the offline game is fine) then it’s the one to get.

      • April March says:

        Thanks for the tip. I already have Driver: SF, so perhaps I should just play that again. It was very fun, as I recall…

  5. Moth Bones says:

    The Humble Slitherine bundle warrants a mention. Not often discounted games including Battle Academy, the excellent Qvadriga and Close Combat: Gateway To Caen. $6 for the first two is a real bargain.

    link to

    • hunsnotdead says:

      Im quite saddened RPS remains hush abut this bundle. One of the most notorious “full price or bust” wargaming companies ventures out into the real world with a decent offering and its met with total apathy. Its a nice bundle even for casual passers by, and its very much possible this will be an all time low price for these games. :D

      1$ Minimum
      – Conquest! Medieval Realms – DRM Free + Android
      – Frontline: Road to Moscow – Steam
      link to
      – Battle Academy – Steam
      link to
      – Rise of Prussia Gold – Steam
      link to

      Pay $6 or more to unlock!
      – Qvadriga – Steam
      link to
      – Hell – Steam
      link to

      Pay $10 or more to unlock!
      – Close Combat: Gateway to Caen – Steam
      link to

      • manny says:

        Definitely be buying this, wanted to get into wargaming but multiplayer is an important facet that I don’t feel comfortable doing without a legal copy.

    • malkav11 says:

      Battle Academy’s actually been pretty strongly discounted in Steam sales past. Just not the $100+ worth of DLC. Which you don’t get here either. Still, $1 for that and three other games is a lot -more- of a discount.

  6. Talahar says:

    For those who are still not in on the Fallout goodness:
    The entire line is one of the weekend deals on Steam.
    Needless to say: well worth the look.

    • malkav11 says:

      At pretty anemic discounts. I mean, I paid full price for them myself back in the day and regret nothing. But if you’ve waited this long, they’ll probably be cheaper again soon.

  7. Gap Gen says:

    Somewhere a soft toy maker is saying to each Stitch “Ah, you don’t have a family. I made you.”

  8. mgardner says:

    I quite enjoyed Bionic Dues, an Arcen game that is part of the Ready for Summer bundle. You get to customize a handful of mechs, but only pilot one at a time, during increasingly challenging turn-based missions.

    • Llewyn says:

      I also enjoyed Bionic Dues quite a lot, though I suspect it’ll be a while before I get the urge to play through it again. It’s typically Arcen, and it also strongly appealed to the loot obsessive in me, both of which might put others off, but I thought it was a couple of quid and a few hours very well spent.

  9. mgardner says:

    Also, if you enjoy comics / graphic novels, I highly recommend the Joe Hill series “Locke & Key” which is part of the . Spend $1 to try volumes 1-3, and if you like it you can donate more to purchase volumes 4-6.

    • mgardner says:

      Sorry, URL fail. Was supposed to be “part of the Humble Comics Bundle”.

  10. Skian64 says:

    I feel tit’s worth mentioning that hopelessly optimistic people (such as myself) can preorder fallout 4 for $46 on GreenManGaming using this code: 23PERC-ENTOFF-48HOUR at checkout. Should be valid until the 8th. Be warned though, it’s just a digital steam copy.
    Also, if fallout 4 isn’t your cuppa, that code should work on anything to knock the price down a bit.

  11. Wulfram says:

    Hmm, the “pay what you want” paradox bundle has a minimum of $5

  12. Orix says:

    The Be Mine 20 bundle on Groupee has a few interesting titles (link to

    I’ve had both Hektor (first-person horror set in an environment that is forever shifting/changing behind your back) and Morningstar (point-and-click about a downed spaceship) for a while now. Pier Solar and Shadowgate, both with recently suped up graphics look good. However, ZAR and Lightrise look a bit crap.

  13. Banyan says:

    “others tell me that Majesty 2 isn’t half-bad either” – Those people hate you and are lying. Majesty 2 is as disappointed I’ve ever been in a sequel. The first was an original take on management sims that was mainly notable for its relaxed vibe and character. You could spend time in a mission watching priests go around the map planting herbs, and then other characters pick up the herbs to make healing potions, if you so desired. The sequel took out the humor and vibe, made every UI and gameplay element worse, and you have to memorize spawn points and set events after failing each mission a few times in order to progress in the campaign. I have to think the makers of the sequel had never played the original and basically made an RTS without the ability to control units. Majesty 2 is the WORST.

    • malkav11 says:

      There are a few features in Majesty 2 that seem like qualified improvements but it just doesn’t capture the spirit or joy of the first game at all and there’s a lot of ways in which it becomes super frustrating.

  14. AngoraFish says:

    For what it’s worth nowadays, the Steam Summer Sale looks set to start 11 June this year.

  15. FudgeCremes says:

    Don’t recommend Dreamfall Chapters without recommending the other two games in the series. In fact, DO NOT BUY Dreamfall Chapters without at LEAST playing the second game in the series- The Longest Journey: Dreamfall. Even better if you play the first game, too- The Longest Journey. These games build up a fantastic world and story throughout these games, you really can’t just jump into the last game in the series and expect to understand it. Plus, the other games are amazing.