Rip And Tear: Brutal Doom V20 Released

Ripped and torn.

Brutal Doom [official site] may be the best evidence yet that our entire world is inside the mind of a child in 1995 in bed hallucinating gore, fatalities, mutilation, gore, guns, gore, and swear words, their Global Hypercolor t-shirt turning a lurid shade of turquoise around the neck and armpits to indicate a terrible fever.

Creator Sergeant Mark IV this weekend released version 20 of the Doom mod after 18 months of work. V20 brings new gore, new dual-wielding weapons, new gore, better stealth mechanics (no, really), new gore, fancier graphics, bullet penetration, more gore, and more. And more gore.

Brutal Doom may look a lot like Doom, but it’s a very different game. Most of its weapons are replaced or changed, enemies behave differently with new attacks (up to picking up and throwing explosive barrels), you can kick monsters and, of course, use gruesome melee finishers. The style of combat is pretty different.

V20 was supposed to bring a big pack of maps made especially for Brutal Doom’s different play, but some need a little work so that’s due separately in the next few weeks. Sergeant Mark IV is also already working on a V20b to fix some performance problems.

You can download Brutal Doom V20 over here. Plain old Doom won’t cut the mustard (or run the mod), so you’ll need either Zandronum 2.0 or GZdoom 1.8 (you might want to try the newer dev builds of GZdoom, as official releases are way behind).


  1. tonicer says:

    Just a mod but it’s my favorite game of 2015!

  2. thaquoth says:

    As always in Brutal Doom threads:

    I think Brutal Doom is fun to mess around in for 1-2 hours, but if you’ve never played actual Doom, play actual Doom. It’s so much better as a game.

    Also these days I need to perform some serious mental gymnastics to ignore the dev being a total knobhead at times.

  3. derbefrier says:

    I played around with it this weekend. Awesome mod and as bloody as ever and as always a blast playing co-op.

  4. The_invalid says:

    After having played vanilla Doom and Doom II throughout most of my childhood (most fathers and sons go camping or fishing or watching football, my Dad and I blasted imps with shotguns on a Pentium 166), I have to say, playing Brutal Doom doesn’t necessarily ‘feel’ like vanilla, but it’s the closest anything has come to replicating that same vibe I got playing Doom as a kid. Whether it’s the gore, the meatier weapons, all the various new tricks and tweaks or that anything higher level than a shotgun zombie feels dangerous again I’m not sure, but it’s an absolute treat to play.
    It’s the videogaming equivalent of eating a whole £1 bag of Haribo Tangfastics in one go and I fucking love it.

  5. Synesthesia says:

    Been playing this, it’s absolutely fantastic. Such a throwback, some levels are just pure fun. And the super shotgun is the most satisfying thing ever.

    How on earth do you play co op though?

    • Tee says:

      You can load the pwad (doom.wad) and the iwad (brutaldoomv20.pk3) in Zandronum ( link to ) and either join one of the many servers or just create one and let friends connect to your local server.

      Hint: for some extra punch, add the DoomMetalVol4.pk3 ( link to ) and enjoy :)

      • jmtd says:

        I think you got PWAD and IWAD mixed up, but I might be wrong, perhaps brutal doom *is* the base and the original doom date the patch, I don’t really know how it’s put together.

  6. jonfitt says:

    When you feel the need to put a tooltip in the video letting people know that the wobbling black thing beneath the shotgun is a carry strap and not the doomguy’s big balls swinging, then perhaps it’s time to remove it.

  7. dethtoll says:

    Another unnecessary release of an unnecessary juvenile mod by an unnecessary neo-Nazi.

    I try not to judge people for their tastes but I think less of people who like this, especially if they prefer it over classic Doom.

  8. Press X to Gary Busey says:

    I’m physically incapable of playing Doom 1 and 2 or even watch a video of them.
    It feels like my stomach is on its way to turn inside out through my mouth after ~30 seconds every single time. This video did not affect me for some reason, perhaps I can finally be Doom-Cool! :D

  9. The_Sleeve says:

    I played Brutal Doom for a while and had fun with it, but there is a problem: it pretty much destroys the balance of the game. Levels that were hard in the original can become easy, and levels that were of medium or challenging difficulty can become nearly impossible. The reason is that Brutal Doom significantly alters the way that the enemies behave, including the power of their attacks. There are also weird quirks, bordering on bugs, like that fact that you can basically become invincible for a short period of time. Brutal Doom also completely breaks enemy respawning, which takes away all of the fun of Nightmare mode or the Arch Vile, who can raise enemies from the dead.

    The particle effects and improved sounds are cool, I’ll give it that. It definitely creates a much more visceral experience. …but it sort of breaks the game. There are plenty of other mods that improve the visuals of Doom without changing the gameplay. One that I really enjoy is called Particle Fire Enhancer Mod (v0.8)… I use a wad editor to tweak it to my liking. It looks way better than original Doom with cool particle effects, but it doesn’t have game-breaking balance issues.

    Just my two cents. Brutal Doom is fun, but there are plenty of other good Doom mods that retain the original balance of the game.

    • The_Sleeve says:

      I just realized that I didn’t mention HOW one becomes invincible for a short period of time… it’s when you perform “Fatalities.” You can, for example, rip an Imp’s heart out of his chest, and for the period while the animation plays, you are completely immune to any enemy attack.

      • Nest says:

        That’s kind of necessary, though, because you can’t actually do anything while the fatality animation is playing. If you were vulnerable during the fatality animations then there’d be no point in using them. I agree that some of the tweaks in Brutal Doom can throw off the balance of the original maps, but the fatalities aren’t that big of a deal.

  10. Nest says:

    The only weapon that is replaced, as far as I know, is the pistol, which is now a machine gun. All the other weapons are from the original Doom 2 arsenal but with new sprites, animations, and in some cases alt-fire modes. There are also a couple of additional new weapons based on the guns used by some of the monsters in the game.