Now Roaming: Noncombative MMO Wander Released

I'm as free as a bird now.

A game about exploring a magical land as a tree person with the power to morph into other lifeforms sounds just dandy to me, and yeah, I’d probably be up for doing that with other people too. That’s the idea of Wander [official site], a noncombative MMO which came out on Friday.

I’ve had my eye on the game for a while, obviously into trees and swimming and all that, but haven’t been quite certain what the finished game would look like. Sadly the answer for now is “a bit buggy” but its makers are busily patching away.

Casting my eye over user reviews on Steam I see an awful lot of complaints about bugs and glitches. Oh aye, there are a few folks who seem startled by the idea of curiosity-driven play, but equally there are many frustrated by e.g. troubles with the glyph-based language system that’s the only formal way to communicate. Nasty stuff, that. The team are working at it, though, sharing videos as they dole out fixes.

The idea of Wander – curious beings exploring a curious land, learning a language and new forms to transform into and searching out places to explore and play – sounds grand. It reminds me a bit of The Endless Forest [official site] by Tale of Tales [whom I know and like], which was (and is!) splendid. Hopefully the Wander team can fix it up. Anywho, here’s the launch trailer:


  1. mashkeyboardgetusername says:

    Looks lovely, although I’d hope extra creatures are planned (e.g. more than one flying thing, more than one swimming thing) as having everyone look the same in an MMO isn’t brilliant.

    Sadly, it’s a little expensive for me at the moment, think they may have aimed a little high with that price. Will look out for it in the sales though.

    • mashkeyboardgetusername says:

      Ah, having read their FAQ, I see:
      -Are there going to be more forms in Wander?
      -Definitely! We have lot of ideas we’d love to bring to life!

      I also enjoyed:
      -How do I fly as a Griffin?
      -Ensure you are in Griffin form…

  2. Pointy says:

    Here is a link to Mr Sterling wandering around:

    link to

    I get the impression that he wasn’t that impressed.

    • melnificent says:

      Was going to post this link.

      Really have no idea what this game is supposed to be. Non-violent MMO is a different thing to try, but Jims video made it look so empty and unfinished.

  3. Sc0r says:

    Wait wat, you dont run around killing thieves and random wildlife like the murderous psychopath you actually are?

    • jrodman says:

      I always find it terribly immersion-breaking how in MMOs I always have to run out round killing rogues, wolves and bears. I’m the sort of psychopath who prefers to murder shopkeepers, businessmen, and politicians. Where’s the inclusion??

  4. Choca says:

    The pitch sounded good but when I played it at gamescom last year it was actually pretty mediocre and a giant technological mess. From what the steam reviews seem to be saying, it hasn’t improved that much since then.

  5. eggy toast says:

    Two thirds of the Steam reviews are negative, that’s going to be a deep whole to try to climb out of for a pay to play online only multiplayer game.

    Personally I would definitely instal it and try it out, but I’m not shelling out 20 currency units for something that the overwhelming majority wouldn’t recommend.

    • eggy toast says:

      I just noticed it’s also not in Early Access, so they won’t be able to squash a bunch of bugs and add a bunch of content and do the whole “now it’s really out” thing for a fresh break and better reviews, either.

      Could be DC MOBA short lifespan for this game’s servers.

    • Baines says:

      Even some of the positive reviews complain about the bugs and similar issues.

      While some of the other positives just dismiss them as non-issues that will be solved because the devs are working hard. (That’s a rather optimistic viewpoint.)

  6. skyturnedred says:

    I’m curious, but not €20 curious.

  7. Moraven says:

    Saw some videos of it. Its such a mess of a game. Surprised even Sony let them release it on the PS4 in this state. Feels like an alpha. Unless they going with the goat simulator vibe with bugs and all.

  8. vlonk says:

    There is a review on steam that compares it to a normal MMO with all the npc and fighting cut out. Empty villages. No wildlife. Just a deserted place. Why do you communicate with other players with complicated sign language that is then spoken out in a foreign tongue? Why not build in a voice detection software that translates everything in that language? Then at least players who learned the language could communicate with each other after a while. And why on earth is that a fantasy language and not “esperanto” or a semi useful obscure language.

    If I had a PS4 I should get Journey instead I guess. The game that does literally everything better then Wander.

  9. Christo4 says:

    20 euros for a mmo where you can just walk around and look at landscapes while being a buggy mess and nothing else to do… yeah, no thanks.
    i think people fail to realise that even if there’s no combat, you could put up games in the game if you so desire (like say fair festivals), crafting (like i would like to be a firecracker and rocket artisan) and other stuff in your game. Those are not combat, yet the potential still exists if you need to explore caves that are dangerous or i dunno, climbing a high mountain filled with a lot of dangers to get an ingredient for a love potion to sell to people or something like that.

    • vlonk says:

      There is a tale of a MMO called Starwars Galaxies. In that galaxy far far away there where musicians and dancers who could perform real concerts and had ample artistic choices to be deemed a worthy occupation by performers and listeners alike. There where also image designers (who could change your hairstyle and reshape your face/body/tattoos) who would not give you a single buff or combat relevant stat. Fun fact about this image designer: HE gets to redesign you, not you yourself. You actually had to communicate with him to get the changes in the way you want. Some of them also sold you a fitting casual outfit on top. I wonder where those players – or their kind – found there home in gaming nowadays.

  10. racccoon says:

    Oh My God, lol
    Please NoOoo… ITs ONly .A Copy of Just Cause in Subtle mOde. :)

    • Phasma Felis says:

      I thought you were trying to convey a secret message in randomcaps, but OMGPNOITONACJCSO doesn’t spell anything.

  11. tonicer says:

    Do people really trust reviews? After what has happened.

    I say screw reviews and curators.

    Thanks to the new refund system we don’t need them anymore.