Dungeon Of The Endless Meets Team Fortress 2 Characters

Meet the aliens.

That rag-tag gang of mercenaries from Team Fortress 2 are at it again, “it” being “appearing in other games made by other people.” This time they’ve popped up in Dungeon of the Endless [official site], the really very good roguelikelike tower defence game by Amplitude Studios.

The free Australium update launched yesterday, adding the TF2 Pyro, Medic, Heavy, and Engineer to Dungeon’s lineup of playable characters. But wait, there’s more! It also added five new TF2-y items. The game’s on sale too.

Dungeoneers can now wear the Towering Pillar of Hats, deploy the Gas Mask, stash Archimedes the dove in their dungeonpockets, pore over the jPad for technical information, and munch down on a Sandvich. Oh, it’s all a load of fluff, but it’s fun fluff. Think to yourself “It’s just a game, I should really just relax.”

Amplitude explained in a developer livestream that while their Endless 4X strategy games Endless Legend and Endless Space are epic and serious things, Dungeon of the Endless is a bit of fun, so they feel fine larking about with characters from other fictional worlds.

You can see the update in action in the livestream which I shan’t embed because Twitch’s player does often get over-excited and autoplay videos even when I sternly tell it not too.

A 33% discount brings Dungeon of the Endless down to £6.69 on Steam until Thursday.


  1. Shadow says:

    Honestly? Really?

    This doesn’t make any sense. Are they going to be playable characters in XCOM 2 as well? In Darkest Dungeon? Just as ridiculous…

    • GamesBrit says:

      Whilst it doesn’t bother me personally, I can understand why some might be upset. I play both Dungeon of the Endless and Endless Legend and even though the graphical differences and the “feel” of both games is different, it is made abundantly clear that they are set in the same universe. Therefore, by adding them into Dungeon of the Endless, they are essentially telling us that TF2 characters can exist in Endless Legend and Endless Space as well.

      • Shadow says:

        Yeah. I understand Dungeon of the Endless is more comical and less serious than its cousins, but there’s no place for TF2 nonsense in that universe.

        It seems the developers disagree, but at least they had the sense to make the “update” a DLC-like construct I can completely ignore if I want to. That’s good, at least. My anger subsides.

        • MrUnimport says:

          Yeah, that saves them some of my ire-on-others’-behalf too. And I was all ready to complain about the ongoing memeification of TF2’s player classes, too. What a shame.

          • toastengineer says:

            I’m not sure how anyone can complain about what is largely a game full of extremely dumb jokes having added a handful more extremely dumb jokes. That’s a bit like having a cooler full of assorted sodas and getting pissed off when someone throws in a few cans of Mr. Pibb.

        • Coming Second says:

          Indeed. What mortal man could stand such besmirchment of a game whose four starting characters are Samus Aran, Duke Nukem, Nurse Ratched and Bloke O’Beard.

        • Lim-Dul says:

          Welcome to the Internet, AD 2015, where people whine about getting free content to an excellent game.
          I don’t know if you read any of the flavor text in DotE (which I’ve been playing since the beta) since in this particular game even invisible pink unicorns wouldn’t be out of place.

      • jonfitt says:

        I can’t understand why some people would be upset. It’s a bit of free fun.
        It’s not serious business.

  2. frightlever says:

    “A 33% discount brings Dungeon of the Endless down to £6.69 on Steam until Thursday.”

    Then the Steam Summer Sale starts on Friday, according to Paypal, so ya know, maybe hold off.

  3. wyrm4701 says:

    Ah, TF2. The story of a team of mercenaries endlessly cloned throughout some neverending purgatorial skirmish, while their parent company rakes in massive profits while producing very little of value.

  4. Banks says:

    It doesn’t make much sense, true, but I’d gladly take any excuse to return to such a fantastic game.

  5. Rymdkejsaren says:

    Oh, shit. Bye bye, money (what little I have).

    • Rymdkejsaren says:

      I pressed reply on the comment about the steam sale :(

  6. dorobo says:

    No scout? Anyways a good oportunity to come back to this games.