Former Hawken Folks Announce Multiplayer FPS Burstfire

A group of folks who worked on ill-fated mech FPS Hawken have formed a new studio and announced their first game, a multiplayer FPS which sounds a bit like Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege. They describe Burstfire [official site] – which won’t be free-to-play – as a “slow paced” 5v5 tactical shooter where one team’s fortifying and defending a position and the other must crack it (with the help of explosives, obvs).

Unfortunately Hawken’s oh-so-pretty futuretrash look is left far behind, and Burstfire appears to be about surly men running around houses and places with wooden crates.

The idea is for tactical, cautious and deadly combat, with drones for scouting, and classless roles defined by whatever equipment you pick. Defenders want to secure a place and can erect barriers, while the attackers want in and can blow those barriers up – a bit R6 Siege-y. If this can be a more serious, cautious alternative to Siege’s arcade-y action, that might be interesting.

The Burstfire team at Nacho Games is headed by Dave Nguyen, who co-founded Hawken developer Adhesive Games and was the shooter’s design lead. Other former Adhesive folks are onboard too. Having worked on Hawken might be off-putting to some, though. Hawken became grossly neglected, with long-standing bugs going unfixed and silence from Adhesive and publishers Meteor Entertainment. It was never clear quite which part of the partnership was responsible for the mess, though it’s known Meteor had financial troubles. The game is finally getting attention again after the folks who took over APB also picked up Hawken in March.

Burstfire is slated to arrive this summer, and it looks like it’ll be an Early Access release. Alpha signups are open on its site, as are a few more “screenshots” which look staged.


  1. Deosl says:

    Seems like they are affiliated with Free Reign entertainment, who are the “masterminds” behind the WarZ/Infestation fiasco. I would tread carefully with this one.

  2. eljueta says:

    DAT CHARACTER MODEL on the first screenshot looks like a virtua fighter dude holding a gun. Creepy polygon hands.

  3. Kollega says:

    Look, I get that this game is supposed to sell to the mainstream market. I get that the developers behind it are just average Joes of the industry, not some risk-taking visionaries. I get that, in the end, the entirety of SWAT and counterterrorism tropes are a very present-day invention. But as soon as I read this line –
    “Unfortunately Hawken’s oh-so-pretty futuretrash look is left far behind, and Burstfire appears to be about surly men running around houses and places with wooden crates.”
    – I immediately thought: why couldn’t the developers make this, oh, I don’t know… a grim-and-gritty dieselpunk affair about the fascist dystopian policemen cracking down on heavily-armed rebels, spies, or gangsters? Surely that would inject some much-needed style in the proceedings!

    • Kollega says:

      And if you don’t give us the edit function, oh RPS hivemind, then give us the preview one.

    • ButteringSundays says:

      That would require creative, and perhaps more importantly, wouldn’t enable them to buy all of their assets from a marketplace – which I really hope is the only reason they’ve gone with this tired, monumentally-hackneyed, oh my god please stop with the cop/military fetishism already, theme.

      What you described already sounds so much better, and I bet you didn’t even need to sit through a meeting to decide on it.

      Unfortunately having the skills to actually make a game isn’t enough – and I think as an audience we’re finally starting to demand that things are written by people that can write, and designed by people with some modicum of creativity.

      • ButteringSundays says:

        *That would require creativity

        Seriously turning off the edit function was a, frankly, dumb solution to the problem RPS had. Talk about cutting off the nose to spite the face.

        Besides, the comments are normally at least 50% spam – you’d think they’d have bigger fish to fry than cheeky editors.

        • Phasma Felis says:

          IIRC, it was a technical move, not an editorial one; editing posts was causing some kind of forum glitches.

          RPS, I love you and I love your comments, and I know you know that you don’t have the time/money/whatever to properly maintain and develop your forum software. It would be really great if you just switched to something like Disqus and let everyone get on with it.

          • Smoky_the_Bear says:

            It’s PCG all over again, after 12 months or more of constant comments of “fix the comments section!”, “why not just use disqus”, they decided to implement disqus. Their comment section has become popular and vibrant since then. RPS used to be the far more popular comments section, that is no longer the case as stuff like no edit function is pissing too many people off and sending them elsewhere.

      • MrUnimport says:

        “cop/military fetishism”

        At the risk of opening a can of worms, I’m not sure it’s that outlandish to dramatize the activities of those elements of society most exposed to violence? Surely we can separate fiction from reality long enough to question the policies of the establishment while playing cops-n-robbers in our spare time?

        • Kollega says:

          I may not be the one who was asked, but my issue with today’s cop/military fetishism isn’t only, and even isn’t as much that it can come across as glorification of war/police brutality, as it is that it’s supremely boring. What I was asking in the original post is why doesn’t anyone make games that are cop/military fetishism in a more stylized and outlandish setting than “next Sunday AD”. Not only it would deflect some unfortunate implications (just as Wolfenstein is considered less problematic than Modern Warfare because World War 2 is farther away from us, even though the real-life Nazis were very bad people and it may be offensive to portray them as moustache-twirling supervillains), bu it would also be a hell of a lot more original and stylish.

          • Kollega says:

            Offensive to the people who actually suffered from the Nazis, that is. Damn you, lack of edit button…

  4. ButterflyRogers says:

    Burstfire will be Early Access release and it will forever stay in Early Access. These developers did not know how to manage Hawken, and I don’t expect them to know how to manage this IP either.

  5. Morcane says:

    Well, fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. I wish them the best of luck, but they just vanished into thin air with Hawken.

  6. Mimir says:

    Time between learning of this game and appearance of a crate: 1 second.

  7. Tei says:

    Can that idiot next to the tripmine with the laser move away from it? its making me nervous. Is one bad step away from killing himself, and his ikea-lover friend.

  8. Banks says:

    That last image Is clearly photoshoped with an stock explosion.

  9. mont3core says:


  10. Reivles says:

    Oh, good. Because the latest tactical innovation is depolyable chest high walls.

    A pity; I was so excited for Hawken when it first showed up on my radar. Combine with the Battletech free-to-play-sorta, and then Heavy Gear trying to go F2P arena combat (or something?) I’m starting to despair of someone managing to pull off an actually solid mech game. C’mon, World of Tanks hows there’s an interest in this stuff competently done, surely?

  11. The_invalid says:

    A modern military shooter with crates? Whatever will they come up with next? I’m really glad gaming’s increasingly mainstream acceptance has led to sone truly radical and inventive ideas being fielded. I was almost beginning to think developers were getting really lazy and short of any kind of creative thought, but gee, a modern military shooter full of guns and crates and men sure showed me!

  12. DHPersonal says:

    HAWKEN isn’t dead; it has been purchased by Reloaded Games, which has continued to support it. link to

  13. AsianJoyKiller says:

    Having been an Alpha tester for Hawken, and was put in a special testing sub-group, Hawken Heroes, I worked directly with the Adhesive developers on a level closer than most other Alpha and Beta testers.

    Given my experience with them, I’ll be staying as far away as fucking possible from this game.

    ” It was never clear quite which part of the partnership was responsible for the mess, though it’s known Meteor had financial troubles.”

    Meteor fucked Hawken good, but many of the problems Hawken had were purely developer issues. Basically, they had no clue who they wanted to market the game to and kept making huge, sweeping balance changes every few months. These changes always resulted in a significantly different game.

    • ironhorse says:

      Such as the limit on turn speed that caused such a low skill ceiling??
      I’ve always wondered who thought that was somehow a good idea… and blame that for why it never succeeded – no core player base to keep the rotating casuals entertained = a quick death.

      Also, why is everyone giving this a pass *at all*? It’s a direct ripoff of R6 Siege from devs affiliated with a game that directly ripped off Dayz. Why isn’t mass ridicule occurring already?

      • Ephant says:

        “Such as the limit on turn speed that caused such a low skill ceiling??”
        Every mech game needs turn speed caps unless you want mechs that feel like big humans (e.g. Titanfall). And “low skill ceiling”? Uh, not really.

    • M4st0d0n says:

      Your comment, beside being hypocrisy in the purest form, is a living proof that development is not possible when QA testing is left to unpayed attention seeking teens.

      I played Hawken and had fun with it the time it lasted. Wont play Burstfire because it’s not my cup of tea.

      • reaper1972 says:

        Agree with you completely M4stOdon,but I re-iterate from a gamers point of view i wouldnt touch anything these guys touched again,(But I think I played with or against you at some point when Hawken `was` awesome.You fight the fight pilot!

  14. reaper1972 says:

    I second AJK on this,I played Hawken in early beta,until they could`nt figure what the hell type of game they wanted,then thought meh…we`ll put it on steam for a few bucks anyway.They got a lot of bucks from what I remember & then everybody in development promptly vanished.(A)In retrospect why would you admit to having anything to do with that farce?(B)They`re saying this one “is not”,free to play?My advice…stay the hell away.