Get Fresh: Splatoon Comes To Minecraft

I’ve been mighty envious of my pals who’ve been playing Splatoon on their Wii U. Nintendo’s squid-splatting multiplayer shooter, where victory is judged by how much ground your team covers with ink and killing enemies is just a way to help that along, looks fab. But as sure as Nintendo won’t bring it to PC, folks will make their own versions of it on PC. Oh look, they already have!

Now out for Minecraft [official site] is a map recreating the splattathon. Oh of course it’s not the same, but I’m always impressed by how people are inspired by things we can’t have.

SethBling has whipped together Splatton’s ink-splatting action on this here map, which you can run on any vanilla Minecraft 1.8 server. Splitting into teams, players have three minutes to cover the level in as much ink of their team’s colour as they can, going over the enemy’s ink and splatting enemies with a selection of splat weapons. It’s not Splatoon, but it might be a lark. Have a look:

Of course a big part of Splatoon’s appeal is its vibrant style and upbeat energy and charisma (and goofy squiddified video game memes), but look at you demanding that of a Minecraft world!

(I mean, sure, I could get a Wii U, but I already own too much ‘stuff’ and am trying real hard to pare my possessions down to an amount I could carry. A console and screen do not go well with this. REALLY I should just go bug some of my Wii U-owning pals.)


  1. LTK says:

    Wow, they made this without any mods? I didn’t know you could do that with Minecraft nowadays.

    • Wisq says:

      I have strong doubts that it’s possible in vanilla. They mentioned Mindcrack, which is a well-known mod pack full of all kinds of amazing stuff, so I’m guessing they used that.

      Still, it’s impressive that the modpacks have gotten advanced enough that you can program other games into them.

      • Haggard4Life says:

        Mindcrack is actually a group of YouTube Let’s Players, but you’re right that they did come out with their own mod pack.

        What SethBling has done here is use Command Blocks, which is an item you can get in vanilla Minecraft to code various commands. You can use dozens to hundreds of Command Blocks to do fun stuff like this game with vanilla Minecraft. Seth is well-known for pushing the boundaries of what you can do with Minecraft.

  2. Press X to Gary Busey says:

    I have this one weird trick to increase carrying capacity immensely – a plastic sled and a length of string. Alternatively, since it’s still kind of pre-apocalypse, it’s possible to get a shopping cart for cheap outside a lot of stores.

    • Ross Angus says:

      Another trick I frequently use is to store food in my cheeks, for consumption later.

  3. A Gentleman and a Taffer says:

    Splatoon! It’s great. AAA studio doing Indie dev levels of creativity and bravery. Nintendo win again and again and again, even if sales aren’t so hot nowadays. Glad I’ve got a PC to play everything else that doesn’t show on the little black box, mind. Any fellow RPSers secret Nintendo fans?

    • Sunjammer says:

      I’ve maintained for a while now that if you want the best games have to offer these days you’d get a decent PC and a Wii U and/or a 3DS. Nintendo meander a good bit but when they do hit they hit like a rhino driving a forklift attached to a pack of rhinos all driving individual 16-wheelers. Splatoon is compulsive in a way that rivals Tetris for me. I start looking at floors and corridors from a Splatoon POV, which is *weird*.

    • Vandelay says:

      I have always been a PC only guy for most of my life. There was a Sega Master System in our house when I was very young, as well as an Amiga a little later on, but from about 10 onwards I have been exclusively on the PC.

      Then for some reason I went and bought a Wii U on launch. Besides the few game droughts and realising that I should of waited a year, I have not regretted the purchase.

      I don’t really see why anyone with a PC would go for either of the other consoles yet (I expect PS4 will eventually have reasons,) but the Wii U is a perfect accompaniment. Splatoon is just another in a strong line of really quality games coming to the system.

    • Moraven says:

      Since the NES says. Have had every main system (not counting say, VirtualBoy or DSi).

      Got the Wii U when the price drop happened (and for the Windwaker bundle). At that point the system had a good amount of games and has had a lot of good releases since then.

      Its true, other than games like some JRPGs on Sony hardware, PC + Nintendo covers you rather well for a wide variety of games.

      Vita at this point is nice for the Japanese games and indie ports. Almost feels like a proper mobile PC with actual controls.

      Splatoon is pretty great and like most games Nintendo, we immediately see their gameplay copied. Wonder how well Splatoon would sell on PC.

    • wondermoth says:

      PC + Wii U = win.

      Splatoon is utterly magnificent. What’s particularly interesting is listening to FPS nerds trying to slag it off. “There’s no voice chat!” “Only two maps!” “It’s roughly eight billion times too entertaining!”.

      Piss off, FPS nerds.

  4. DizzyCriminal says:

    I have Splatoon on my Wii U and it is the best competitive multiplayer experience I’ve had for a long time.
    I’ve never played or seen anything like it before.
    I agree with the guys above the that Wii U + Gaming PC is a great combination. You pretty much have access to 98% of game releases. For PC gamers;the Wii U really is something special compared to the XbOne or PS4.