The Preposterous Awesomeness Of Everything Is The Strangest Thing I’ve Seen In A Good Long While

When a game’s website leads with the words, “Oh god I hope I finish it before I die and/or go mad,” that’s a hint. The Preposterous Awesomeness Of Everything [official site] is a point-and-click adventure that returns to the early-90s LucasArts’ verb interface, but comparisons to anything else end there. Describing itself as a game about “progress, politics and propulsive nozzles” what it doesn’t immediately mention is the abundant nudity.

The art style is a sort of cross between cartoon and horribly skewed photography, seemingly beginning in some sort of less-than-ideal Eden, but quickly becoming about ranting politicians, something about space, and seems to be set on an island. You’ll need to watch this:

Alongside traditional verbs like “look at” and “talk to” are somewhat different options. “Disrespect”, “Turn Inside-out”, and “Pray For”. It, well, it looks weird enough to have me post about it.

A couple of concerns at this stage. The interface in the early areas of the game (I love that it changes) looks a touch scratchy, and could probably do with some tidying. And, well, if you pause the video there’s a couple of bits of text in there that aren’t so lovely. It could do with another draft. But this is early days, and it’s looking for love on Greenlight. He’s aiming for a Summer release.


  1. Borodin says:

    “what it doesn’t immediately mention is the abundant nudity”

    What is “propulsive nozzles” if not a reference to nudity?

    • WJonathan says:


      • noom says:

        You know, if something’s clicking down there you should probably see a doctor.

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      phuzz says:

      If you can use your genitals as propulsive nozzles then I’m not sure whether to be amazed or appalled.

      • Ejia says:

        I thought propulsion was achieved with stuff coming out of the rear, not the front? But I suppose one’s bottom isn’t very nozzle-like.

        Or maybe they’re supposed to be shaped like nozzles. I don’t know.

    • Chorltonwheelie says:

      It works like this….

      link to

  2. Cantisque says:

    Checked Greenlight for the first time in ages this morning. This was one of the few games that made my “Yes” list.
    This game should have a clear advantage over most of the other Greenlight competition, in that it doesn’t appear to be stealing assets like the rest of them.

  3. Cyrano says:

    Could it be Frog Fractions 2?

    • Verio says:

      I can’t imagine Frog Fractions 2 would be this weird directly out of the gate. Unless it’s nuts up front, and turns into a vanilla platformer or something partway through, and it’s FF in reverse…?

      But I suspect FF2 will be innocuous up front…

  4. Lars Westergren says:


  5. MrFinnishDude says:

    Reminds me of one strange french satirical cartoon i once saw. Definitely considering this.

  6. Banks says:

    It probably Is a better game than Broken Age.

  7. Al says:

    Cyriak: The Game.

    • Synesthesia says:

      I would play that until the inevitable crippling nightmares.

  8. Sic says:

    Is there actual nudity in the game, or is it also censored?